Archive 8    
The Bus Stop (FF, Exhib, TV, oral) Late night encounter revives old memories and creates a new one
A Taste of My Own Medicine (MF, Spank, Bd, toys, anal, oral) He wants anal, she says yes, but he's on the recieving end..
Thrill (MF, rom, oral) His gift of Lingerie helps revive his desire for young lover.
The Scarlet Robe (MF, rom, oral) Her love of her flatmate is unrequited, or so she thinks, until one day....
Mr March (MF, dream, magic, oral) After a magical night Rosie loves her new calendar.
Becky (MF, rom, oral) A night on the town, a stranger at the bar, some 'lost' keys and life is looking good once more.
Naughty Outfits (MF, toys, oral) Friday night is 'dressing up night' and there's a treat waiting at the end of the traffic jam.
The Best Of Six (MFFFFFF, oral) Every man's dream. Being on the recieving end as six girls go 'head to head' in a competition of oral skill.
A Cottage In Norfolk (MF, rom, oral) Husband and wife get away to a country cottage for some much needed time together.
Wanting You (MF, cheat, oral, dream) A man's desire for his sceretary fills his dreams.
London to Brighton (MF, cheat, oral) A woman feels taken for granted, until a fleeting encounter with a stranger on a train.
Whiskey and Lemonade (M solo, MF, 1st, inter, size, cheat) Bored 'Southern' housewife seduces an inexperienced young man.
Job Satisfaction (MF, job, cheat, F solo, M solo, oral) It's hard to keep your boss satisfied. Even harder when your co-workers start making demands too.
A Presence In The Present (MF, oral, dream) A dream car, a dream lover?
Second Coming (MF, oral, rom) Passionate tale of long distance lovers reunited once more...
Passion (MF, cheat, oral, ) Bored with her life, bored with her man, then Georgia meets a mysterious stranger on a night out..
Saving It For A rainy Day (MF, Exhib) Frustrated by lack of privacy, the rain, the pool and an opportunity to satisfy their passion.
Cinema Fun (MF, Exhib, oral) Naughty encounter in the dark of the cinema.
A New Life In France (FF, Oral, MFF) A new start includes a new start to their sex life when they involve the hired help...
Detention (Mf, Oral,cheat) Imposing discipline on older students can be hard work.
Unexpected Night (MF, Oral, mc) She thinks it's her Boss, he knows what she's thinking.
The Birthday Present (MMF, Oral, Cheat, Voy) Sally's fantasy is to be screwed by another man and have her husband 'catch her'. It's her birthday soon, so Peter organises her present.
The Birthday Present Part II (MFF, Voy, Fsolo, Oral, cheat) Sally's turn to watch as she arranges for 'two sluts' to give him a really good seeing to.
Roadside Assistance (MMF, Oral, Exhib) Car trouble on the M6. Sabrina is stuck until two breakdown guys find another way for her to pay the bill.
Dominant Pleasures (MFdom) Bored Executive follows a card in a phone box and finds it leads to his loss of control.
Internet Encounter (MF, cheat, oral) Chatting on a 'social site' leads to a real life meeting.
Carpe Diem (MF, oral) ‘Carpe Diem’ means ‘Seize the Day’ and someone certainly did...
Please Sir (MdomF, oral) Disobedient lady gets her punishment....then her reward
Carl (MF, inter, oral, size) He's tall, black, irresistible and satisfies Natasha's desires.
Clock Watch (MF, job, oral) Steve finds a memorable way to count down the hours on his last day at work.
My First Foursome (MMFF, swing, oral) Natasha and Mark entertain their new American friends.
Shopping (FF, toys) Extra special service when shopping for a new toy.
Champagne On Ice (FF, oral) Her husband delayed, Sarah is kept busy by a confident stranger.
Tammy's Present (MMF, oral anal) For her 30th, her husband needs the help of his best friend.
Shop Fitter (MFF, oral) Friday comes and so does he. A job well done.
Secretary (MF, oral) A Personal assistant with a personal touch
Karen’s Arrival Exhib, M solo, F solo An innocent party game leads to a group masturbation session
New Forest Hotel (MF, rom, oral, anal) A weekend away together, but it's certainly not quiet.
Sabrina (MF, toys) A long awaited meeting gets off to an unusual and memorable beginning
Afternoon Delight (MF, oral, Voy, Swing, Cheat) A Special Invitation leads to a memorable afternoon with an unexpected end.
Gang Bang - Women In Heat (MMMMMMFF, oral, anal, inter) A cameraman's perspective of the Porn Movie industry.
Jo's Birthday Treat (MF, oral, inter, cheat?) Her husband can't be home, but his present is delivered perfectly.
The Bridge (MF) Passion boils over during the walk home.
Birthday (MMF, oral) Anna's present is just what she wished for...
Lucky Thirteen (M+F, oral, anal) No time to be superstitious when you're the centre of attention.



Last Update 1st June 2009