Archive 7    
Trial By Sperm (MF, 1st, oral, cheat) Even a lawyer can be tempted, especially when she's an 18yr old virgin
In The Family pt 1 (MF,oral, cheat, true) His wife has gone off sex, but her mother hasn't.
My Cousin (MF, 1st, oral, cheat) Away on a family camping trip and Lisa and Steve become more than 'kissing couins'
Panty Face (MFdom, oral, creampie) An innocent purchase of crotchless panties brings out a different side in his wife and he has no choice but to obey.
The Women I Loved (MF, Rom) A reminisce and tribute to the beautiful women who were part of his life
Fiftieth Birthday Party (MMMF, Rom, swing, nosex) Her husband knew Kelly's secret fantasy and arranges a special birthday surprise.
Time Machine (MF, Rom, Oral, Cheat) Neglected wife dreams of her lover. Does dream become reality?
Fiftieth Birthday Party pt 2 (MMMF, Oral, Swing) Kelly continues to enjoy her party and friend Marta joins the action.
Getting to Know You (MF, BD, Fdom, Oral) Casi handcuffs her new lover to the bed so she can explore his body
Two's Too Much! (MFF, Oral, Anal) Three in a bed is every man's dream, especially when her best mate is hot for both of them.
I'm not that kinky... (MF, bondage, Oral) I'm not that kinky. Or so I thought....
Madame Kon's Daughter (MFF, Oral, toys, FF, MF 1st) Her virginity was not to be given up lightly and wasn't the only prize to be claimed.
Charlie & Co., P.C. (MF, Cheat, Oral) Lawyers have a habit of screwing people over. That's exactly what Charlie was counting on when she met hers..
Lolling With Laxmi (MF, oral, Rom, cheat, slow) The first in a series detailing the sexual adventures of a boss and his secretary
End Of Story (MF, Rom, inc) Is Val's ex just trying to spoil things between her and Joe?
Coastal Highway (MMF, Cheat, Oral, Anal) When you leave the girlfriends at home there's fun to be had on the road.
Bye Janice, Hello Danny… (MM, cheat, oral, anal) When Mark loses interest in Janice, it's not for another woman...
Lolling With Laxmi II (MF, cheat, nc, cuckold, creampie) In the second of the series, Lamxi hears what happened to her bosses wife while staying in a hotel.
Feeling The Ether (MF, oral, rom) A love so intense that it fills the air.
The Awakening… (MF, oral, first) At fourteen his hormones are set alive by his visiting cousin, but it's another two years before he gets his desire...
The Passion of Karma (MM, oral, tragic) A love so demanding they know nothing of what surrounds them
Anticipation (MF, oral, rom) Lust fuelled by seperation is finally satisfied
Silken Goddess (MF, oral, rom) A Silk Sarong, a 21st birthday and a magical love
Playtime (Fsolo, oral, MF) Relaxing with an Ipod and a vibe is so relaxing, till interupted
Underground (FF, exhib, oral) Anonymous encounter when temperatures boil over on a commuter train
It's Not Fair (Fsolo) Getting horny while alone...
Babes In The Wood (MF, rom,oral, cheat) Ten year on they meet again. Some things have changed, but one thing hasn't...
Double Dare (MF, job, exhib, oral) An unusual approach to 'Team Building' and harmony in the workplace.
Dream Lover (MF, dream) Taking her dream to another level
The Estate Agent (MF, job, bondage, oral) A dishonest Estate Agent finds the tables are turned..
Banged To Rights (MF, cheat) Another side to the eternal triangle...
Fossil Fuel (MF, MM, FF, cheat) Amy suspects her husband is having an affair, but a dinner invite produces a surprise.
Picnic (MFF, oral) Two friends on a picnic with a guy who's 'Big' in the city....
Annie (FF, oral) ''Girls shouldn't love girls, but she was beautiful.....''
Sam & Katie (MF, oral, anal, spank) Sam finds further education is so much better with the right teacher.
A Jump With Molly (MF, slow, oral) ''Jamie was like most men and could be talked into almost anything by a pretty girl''
For Art’s Sake (MF, slow, oral) How far would you go for the sake of your art? For Christine there's no limits..
Fossil Fuel II (FF, oral, MFF, anal) Having found out something about their men, the story continues with Amy and Cara finding out about each other.
The Sauna (MF, oral) After checking out her prey in the hotel bar, the steamy sauna is the hunting ground.
Hotel Heaven (MF, oral) With it's extra special service it is indeed Hotel Heaven
Lolling with Laxmi III (MF, nc, voy, oral, MFF) The third of the series and now her sister Lilly is getting in on the action.
Come For Me (MF, toys, oral) A journey full of anticipation, building desire and finally release.
For They Didn't Know (Exhib, Fsolo, MF, oral, cheat) A walk alone interrupted by surprise, but welcome, company
Linda (MF, cheat, oral, job) Tired of computer chat, Linda finds the plumber is 'on tap' and just what she needs





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