By Paris Grey
(MF, cheat, oral)

Same old, same old, she thought, get up, get washed, dressed, breakfast, and then off to work at Messrs. Fields & Co. for another day of boring legal work. Conveyancing, why did she ever think it was a good idea to study this at college.

Georgia really had wanted to do a beauty course, but had listened to her father, and now regretted it. That was the story of her life, listening to men. They never got it right, and she saw that reflected in her personal life.

She had just come out of a two year relationship. John was o.k., she had sort of loved him, but he was boring with a capital B. His idea of a good weekend was sitting at home with the TV and a large pizza…and then a quick fumble in bed afterwards. He was so typecast it was unreal, kiss, squeeze breast, rub her down there and then enter. She smiled to herself and thought if only he knew…..

John was working away at the time…she could not understand his job. He was only a Contracts Manager for a construction company, but his phone was constantly ringing, and he was expected just to drop everything at all hours. It wasn't as though he was a doctor on call - why could these things never wait…However, it did give her some much needed time away from him…and she realised that towards the end of their relationship she had needed that badly….she had also needed some good sex badly too…what was the matter with John, did he really think his idea of sex was the way to please a woman.

Georgia knew she was not conventionally beautiful, but had something that men wanted. She knew how to flirt to laugh at their pathetic jokes. Her eyes were one of her best features, intensely dark, framed with long lashes…her skinned slightly tanned due to her heritage and her lips full and soft. Her hair curled softly around her face and neck and she knew that men found her very sensual and alluring.

It was one weekend that John was working away again that Georgia found herself at a lose end. She had told John she was going to bed early, well she was - at least she hoped she was, but certainly not alone. Her friend, Abby had been on the phone and really wanted to go out to a new wine bar. Georgia was dubious; she knew that if she went out with Abby she would be in dangerous territory, for the two girls together made an arresting sight. Abby was blond as Georgia was dark and both girls were a magnet for men.

Entering the wine bar with Abby, Georgia felt slightly nervous…She had not been out in a very long time without John. She had made a special effort for this evening, as she wanted to be noticed. She had on her new thigh high boots, short leather skirt and black satin blouse. Her new push up bra showed her tits off to their best advantage, and she knew it. The ensemble had cost her a week's wages, but it was well worth it. Her legs looked really toned in the boots and already she had some admiring glances as she entered the wine bar. Abby looked pretty hot too in a white short dress, her blonde hair flowing over her shoulders. Georgia knew that neither of them would go home alone tonight….her stomach tingled with anticipation at the thought.

Both girls ordered from the bar….Georgia was just about to pay for her drink - when she heard, "its ok, I will get these"…she turned her head…..A very handsome dark man was paying for her drink…he must have been in his early forties….He was dressed impeccably in a designer suit, he smelt wonderful, woody and masculine. His face, she could only describe as a portrait. He had large dark brown/black eyes, a strong aquiline nose, and full lips. His skin was dark, he really was quite beautiful. The man extended his hand, "pleased to meet you" he said with a hint of a Spanish accent, "I am Carlos". Georgia looked across at Abby, who seemed now to be engrossed with chatting to the barman….

Carlos took Georgia's hand, and their drinks to a nearby table. He sat incredibly close to her….she really could smell him…he was a beautiful specimen and for the first time in a very long time she felt flushed and aroused….What a stark contrast to John he was…..He was tall, muscular, sexy, everything that she had always desired in a man…

They started to talk….she noticed that this beautiful man could not keep his eyes off her….he was touching her arm softy as he spoke to her….Her legs were almost touching his….she wondered what it would be like to touch him and have him touch her….He seemed so worldly, a true man and not a boy…

Carlos was now holding her face….she felt nervous and excited at the same time…she knew he was going to kiss her and wanted him too.

His lips were soft, sensual and warm, and as his tongue found hers, she felt the beginnings of a stirring she had not felt in a very long time… Carlos was also kissing her neck, which had always drove her mad. The amount of times she had told John that….not that he took any notice….

There was no doubt, she wanted him…she wanted this beautiful specimen of a man to take her, to fuck her….to give her what she had been missing….she wanted to feel his hard cock inside her…she wanted him to lick her cunt….she was very aroused and already she felt wet. Carlos whispered in her ear, something about going outside….She was mesmerised. She let him take her upstairs by the hand and into his car…Carlos kept his eyes on the road as he caressed her smooth legs, and edged up towards her cunt. She felt her breathing hasten. His fingers eased into her wet panties, all the while never taking his eyes of the road, she gasped as they sought out her clit….this man was a sexual god…Georgia was really turned on.

They pulled up outside a large house….Carlos helped her out of the car…They walked through the front door, she was amazed, what an imposing house. The floor was marble tiled and there was a spiral staircase in the middle…Carlos was behind her as she went to climb the stairs….She felt him rip her skirt from behind, she was taken aback. He started to caress her naked backside from behind…working his hands under her into her cunt. She could not move, she was so turned on and so wet, she moaned when he put his fingers inside her wet cunt, deeper and deeper, this man certainly new what he was doing….With his other hand, he ripped open her blouse and in one swift movement, tore open her bra…Her tits were free…her nipples erect…He started puling them and tweaking them, kissing her neck all the while. He was so strong she could not move even if she wanted to….He was so masculine…she fucking wanted him so badly…

In the next moment he stopped…took her hand and led the almost naked Georgia to the bedroom….He lay her down gently as though she was a prize…and started to kiss her tits and suck her nipples. Georgia moaned she was in heaven…She felt his erection through his trousers pressing into her leg….she had to feel his cock…wanted him…

She slowly undid his trousers and released him, what a wonderful cock he had, so erect, she wanted him inside her…Carlos now was working his way down her body…kissing her rib cage, stomach, naval and then cunt. She moaned as he licked her…she moaned as his tongue entered her….she grinded on his face….his fingers working her clit all the time….she was so aroused, she had never been seduced like this…

She felt so close to her own climax, but she stopped herself, she wanted to come with him inside her. She reached down and touched his straining manhood. What a fine specimen of man he was….She gasped as he entered her, he fitted her cunt perfectly, he thrust into her strong and hard…Before she knew it, she felt herself coming, she came all over his gorgeous cock, she moaned his name and felt so fulfilled, the sex was wonderful and she had missed good sex so much…

Carlos was relentless, he kept fucking her and fucking her, she did not want it to stop, he was such a powerful sexy man, when he came the intensity in his face was captivating…he looked like a god...

When it was over and Georgia had got dressed, Carlos suggested she use the back entrance of his house…She didn't question it, but had a feeling there was a very good reason for this.

She thought she heard something like a camera shutter as she left the house, but thought nothing more of it until the next morning.

John had his head buried in the paper when she woke up. "For goodness sake he said" "that Count of Spain is such a randy bugger, three marriages, one mistress and still picking up sluts at night clubs, its disgusting…"

"You are so right, I can't believe some women would cheapen themselves like this" said Georgia…..But in her heart she had no regrets, none at all, just a wonderful memory of the most erotic and sensual encounter she had ever had.

It was no wonder that sex with John paled in significance after her encounter that night…  


© Copyright 2008 Paris Grey

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