By Natasha
(MF, inter, oral, size)

Well, it finally happened to me! I’d got to the age of 31 without ever fancying a black man, and it was fine, I never felt like I’d missed out on anything, Of course all the stories you hear about black men and their huge cocks always intrigued me a little, because let’s face it everyone wants to be challenged don’t they?

Then it happened, from nowhere this sudden surge of yearning for a black cock, to the extent that I even got my boyfriend to take me to the sex shop in the hope of finding a big black dildo! I could improvise couldn’t I?

Well we never found one big enough, to make it worthwhile, so I went without.

Then I met Carl, he was gorgeous in every way. His hands were absolutely huge and set my mind wandering in unsavoury directions.

He was so tall I imagined I could practically suck his cock from a standing position.

He was married and I decided to leave my fantasies where they belonged in my head.

At least that was until yesterday when it all changed.

Carl was drafted in to help me with some work I’d been doing rather badly, and when I found out he’s be helping me, I smiled a little at the different scenarios I could use in my fantasies when touching myself alone.

On this particular day I had deliberately decided to wear a completely see through top, without a bra, and I’d been too embarrassed to take off my jacket. If felt so good though to know that if I was brave enough to take it off, he would have been able to see everything.

It was just me at work when he turned up, and I wore a skirt in the hope that he’d be able to smell my sopping wet pussy, when I sat beside him, completely fucking horny because I had a filthy mind, and a very, urgent need to discover whether all the stories were true.

Of course I never would have tried anything off my own back because I was never very good at dealing with rejection, so a platonic work relationship was fine with me. When he was sat beside me I could smell how good he was under his clothes, just the smell of him alone made me want to sidle up close to him, and have a good old sniff! And I’d never really been one for smells before.

At every opportunity I leaned in close, making eye contact, which I hoped, said “fuck me in the nicest possible way”. Of course I could have looked like the desperate whore I was fast becoming. Every touch however innocent made me gasp a little. If I squeezed my legs together I could stimulate my throbbing clit, and I hoped it wasn’t too obvious what I was doing and that my breathing wasn’t becoming too heavy or fast. What happened next both surprised and embarrassed me beyond all belief or previous embarrassments in my life so far.

I squeezed my legs together and to give my clit some much needed attention, and with that I began to orgasm, I threw back my head involuntarily, and gasped a hot loud moan as my juices began to gush from my pussy. I couldn’t disguise it, or hide the fact that I was having an orgasm there and then, and there was no point in trying to hide it now! My skin was flushed pink, probably partly due to the humiliation of it all. I leaned back on my chair and just enjoyed it, unable to stop myself grinding my pussy into the chair to increase and draw out my pleasure. Moaning and writhing in the company of a practical stranger, he was witnessing one of the most personal experiences you can have and just sat there with a look or total shock on his face! It was probably the most embarrassing thing to have ever happened to him as well.

Then I noticed how his massive cock was bulging out through his trousers, without a sexual word spoken between us, the situation was becoming the strangest yet!

Carl turned me round in my swivel chair to face him, He forced open my legs and put his huge hand between my thighs, immediately feeling how soaked my knickers were, he roughly forced his thick long fingers around the soft wet fabric of my knickers and into my sopping wet pussy. I gasped in appreciation and he groaned deeply in return. I opened my legs wider, completely abandoning myself to him. My skirt had ridden up and there I was, legs spread wide open, getting finger fucked by Carl with the most massive hands and fingers I had ever seen or felt. I undid my jacket and squeezed at my exposed breasts.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my pussy and my dignity being violated, then, I lost control completely. I begged “Finger Fuck me hard” in what I assumed to be my voice but it sounded hoarse and desperate! He used his weight and forced his fingers into me harder and deeper, he was watching his fingers disappearing into my pussy and then watching my face to see if I approved - I definitely did! Sod the thing about black guys and their huge cocks. What about their god damn hands? I’d never before been touched like it and doubted I would be again.

I came again as his fingers rubbed on my g spot, this time my pussy was full and as I began to come he fingered faster and faster. His fingers glistening with my juices trickling from any escape route they could find. I didn’t need to and couldn’t grind myself into him as he had me pinned by my pussy to the chair. He continued to thrust even though I begged him to stop. Still I wanted more and more of him.

I was desperately keen to return the favour and dropped to my knees in front of him, releasing his cock was a bit frightening, because I realised that it was bigger than I was expecting. I wondered whether I’d actually be able to get my mouth around it. I could, just about! Without taking my eyes away from his gaze I started by using my tongue on the tip. I could taste the glistening pre cum that seeped from him. Then I became hungry to fill my mouth with his cock and his cum and I took his cock as far into my mouth as I could. Still I couldn’t take all of it, in fact only about three quarters of it, but he seemed to be enjoying my enthusiasm. Faster and faster I sucked, trying to take more of it deep into my throat. I actually gagged at one stage, but this just excited me more. Then he grabbed my hair and forced my head hard into him, shaking me, thrusting me faster and faster onto his cock, he fucked my mouth until I couldn’t take any more and then he shot come down my throat by the gallon, hot and delicious.

I was delighted that his cock stayed hard afterwards, because by now I was desperate for something more. I pulled down my knickers and leaned over the desk, pulling my skirt up to reveal my ass, which I pointed into the air. I feared for a second that this probably wasn’t the best position considering the size of his cock but I was too late.

His massive cock found my pussy and forced its way in with one smooth thrust. I jumped in discomfort as his cock reached its limit and, although I couldn’t physically take any more of it into me, when he asked me if I wanted more, I cried “yes” and spread my legs wider. I braced myself as he almost pulled out entirely and thrust back in hard, causing me to wince. The pain was good, how could it not have been? “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I begged and gasped and he did. He didn’t seem to mind the fact that he was hurting me; probably he could see that I liked it. The begging for more probably suggested that, so here I was bent over the desk my hair wet with sweat, gasping like a whore who’s been celibate for a year, getting fucked by the biggest cock, the only black cock I had ever seen!

I was whimpering into the desk feeling as though I’d never been fucked this much in my life when Carl grabbed my hair and wrenched my head backwards, he bit into my neck and it sent me over the edge, I came hard and at that moment my pussy opened up to take more of him, I practically screamed with the intensity of my orgasm, to be that full while coming from every place inside me was the best feeling in the world. The screaming must have been enough for Carl as well, as he shot hot cum deep into my hungry pussy and we collapsed there on the desk, with him still inside of me.

Afterwards we carried on with our work, and pretended with the sweet smell of sex all around us, that nothing had happened.

© Copyright Natasha

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