The Birthday Present – Part II
By Paris Grey
(MFF, voy, Fsolo, Oral, cheat)

Sally woke up suddenly; she could not believe what had happened last night. Of course it was her biggest fantasy, but the mere fact that Peter had let her have her own way was a big turn on. Ricardo had been amazing, a real sex god, and although Sally felt slightly guilty, she also felt so fulfilled as a woman, so desired and so horny still.

She reached down to touch herself, she was still moist from Ricardo’s thrusting’s. She quivered at the thought of coming in his mouth; he definitely had the most gorgeous tongue and had known exactly how much pressure to apply to her clit. She loved the look on Peter’s face as she came in Ricardo’s mouth, loved the look on his face as Ricardo sunk his tool into her…

But, for now, she had to get up. Peter had already left and as she went downstairs she found an empty whiskey glass next to some papers. On closer inspection, she realised that Peter had left her a note. “Remember our promise” it read. Of course she remembered, she had had her fantasy, and as it was his birthday coming up, she knew exactly what he wanted.

It really was the same fantasy as hers, but with an added twist, she knew for a long time, like most men, he had fantasised about screwing two women. Sally was really not sure she could handle it. Of course she knew the type of girls that Peter preferred, young, blonde, sexy, but a promise was a promise and must not be broken she thought.

She noted that Peter had also left “that magazine” on the table, and as she was alone in the house for once, she thought she would make the call. She felt strangely turned on as she phoned the company, and listened to a description of the girls on offer. There were so many to choose from, but in the end she chose two very sexy girls, and had checked out their pictures on the internet. The price was outrageous, but again, money well spent to give her husband ‘his present’. Ok, so she could not get the dates she wanted and it would have to be this weekend, but she knew that Peter would not mind, in fact she was sure of it!

Peter was dreading coming home. He knew that Sally was going to be going on and on about Ricardo, and he just did not want his face rubbed in it anymore. He had felt insanely jealous all day, and very annoyed at himself for being so jealous. When Sally greeted him at the door, she had a very coy look on her face. She sat him down, and explained what she had booked for him…Peter could not believe it, after all those years of discussing it, she had finally done it, what a 50th birthday present this was going to be. The thought that maybe Sally would be a bit jealous of him and these girls stirred him immensely.

The week flew past and Sally made the preparations for Saturday. She was going to be in the supermarket and come home ‘supposedly unexpectedly’ to discover her husband being screwed by these two sluts. She was very turned on, but nervous as well. The girls were gorgeous, real dollies, but she had to remind herself this was just a fantasy and not real life, and if it was not for the money, she was sure they would not look at Peter twice.


Peter felt excited and nauseous when Saturday morning came. He had been to the barbers this week, made sure he was clean and well presented. He wanted the girls to want him. He new this was a mad thought, as they were being paid anyway, but he knew he was still an attractive man for his 49 years. He still had all his hair, and it was only slightly greying at the temples. He didn’t have a beer belly like most of his friends thanks to his passion for squash. From time to time he got admiring glances from women in the street and it made him feel desired still.

He found Sally attractive, but often wondered what it would be like to fuck another woman. Now he had the chance and not one but two, what a bonus he thought!

Sally thought she was going to be sick as she browsed the supermarket shelves. This was such a sham, she had to appear shocked when she got home and she knew that it would be hard. To be honest she thought she would probably be more turned on than anything. To see her husband of 25 years being screwed by two tarts was a very arousing thought.

Peter looked at the clock, eight bang on. His heart was banging so loudly, he kept twitching the curtains waiting for the girls… Then he heard the doorbell, and as he went to open it, he felt extremely apprehensive but very excited as well.

Midnight and Sapphire stood on the doorstep, they had been told to dress to kill and they had. Both were wearing full length faux fur coats, black stockings, very sexy underwear and high shoes and nothing else. Midnight was half Italian and had gorgeous dark skin and long curly black hair. She had intense dark eyes and a very sexy pouty mouth, which was emphasised by her intense red lipstick. Her figure was gorgeous, she knew that most men wanted her, wanted to fuck her senseless and that turned her on a great deal. Sapphire on the other hand was like a beautiful ice queen. Her skin was pale emphasizing her large baby blue eyes, her long blond hair the colour of light straw; she knew she had the “slutty look” that most men loved.

Peter’s jaw literally hit the floor when the girls stepped inside…absolutely gorgeous, they both were, their perfume was very heady, but he loved that, they smelt like real women... He opened his mouth to say hi, but nothing came out, and with wry smiles, both girls went past him and sauntered upstairs. Quick as anything he followed them upstairs, and it was there he found them sitting on his bed.

Before he knew it the two women were undressing him, he was totally in their power. He was also sure he heard Sally’s keys in the door, but this was part of the present, and he really wanted Sally to watch. Midnight and Sapphire laid Peter down on the bed; he was almost fully undressed apart from his boxers.

Sally opened their bedroom door. What an erotic site she was greeted with. Her husband was lying on the bed with these two gorgeous girls. The darker girl was undressing right in front of Peter and she noticed the glint in his eyes as she undid her coat and unhooked her bra.


She had the most gorgeous tits, not too large, but firm with upstanding red nipples, and even though Sally had never been with a woman, she had often fantasised about it. Sally noted that the woman was wearing very sheer black stockings and suspenders and that was it. Her pussy was in full view for all to see, and Sally noted that Peter took full advantage of the view. Then, almost as if it was her turn, the blonde girl totally undressed as well. My goodness, Peter’s cock sprang immediately to attention, Sally could not believe how hard he was. This girl was gorgeous too; she had such a slutty look and an amazing figure too.

Peter could not keep his eyes off Midnight and Sapphire, both of these dollies started to go to work on him, and all the while Sally watched. He was so turned on; his erection was straining to be free of his boxers. He moaned as both of the girls slowly pulled down his boxers and in full view of his wife, began to lick the shaft of his cock, suck his balls and take it in turns to suck him. This was amazing, better than he had ever hoped, his only worry was that he would get too excited and spurt his cum over both the girls.

Midnight stopped what she was doing and sat up, very carefully she inched up Peter’s body and slowly lowered herself so her pussy was right in his face. He wasted no time and immediately began licking out her cunt. Midnight was so wet, he hoped that Sally had a really good view of him tongue fucking this gorgeous slut.

Sally was aroused, this was not meant to happen, but the sight of these two gorgeous girls, one sucking her husband’s prick and the other girl sitting on his face was a bit too much. She reached down to touch herself, and could not believe how wet she was. She let out a tiny moan and for a few seconds the two girls watched Sally touching herself. She was even more aroused at this, and moaned even more loudly. Her pussy was saturated, and she was sure she saw Sapphire lick her pink full lips appreciatedly.

Midnight was very aroused, this did not normally happen with a client, but this was not an ordinary booking. Peter really did have a marvellous tongue and she felt it deep in her cunt, the mere fact that his wife was watching was a massive turn on her for too, and as he licked her clit repeatedly, she could not help herself she climaxed on his face, her cum juice running down his cheeks.

Sapphire wasted no time and left Peter’s throbbing cock and licked all the juices up from his face. The girls then shared a long lingering kiss, and Peter watched this wonderful sight of these two gorgeous girls passionately kissing. As he carried on watching as Midnight and Sapphire got into the 69 position, and all he could hear was the girls’ tongues lapping as they licked each others pussies out. Either they were very good actresses or they were enjoying it he couldn’t tell, they both climaxed at the same time on each other’s faces it was absolutely the most erotic sight he had ever seen.


The time was ripe, Peter sat up, he pulled Midnight onto his throbbing cock and began fucking her, he grabbed her marvellous tits as he did that, while he was fucking her, Sapphire rubbed her tits in his face. Peter kept on fucking Midnight, she was riding his cock like the professional slut she was. He was in her so deep, her cunt was so wet and tight he loved it, loved the experience of being in another woman. He sucked on Sapphire’s tits at the same time, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sally rubbing her pussy.

Sally was so turned on now she did not care. She had in fact removed her skirt and panties and was fully exposed; she wanted the girls to see her wet pussy. She could see Peter’s cock thrusting in and out of Midnight’s cunt; he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Peter was so far gone, he couldn’t stop fucking Midnight if he tried, she was tireless she kept riding and riding him, moaning little noises, he had Sapphire’s tits in his mouth, and could only watch as his wife exposed herself to these two sluts. Peter made sure Sally could get a good view of his cock sliding into Midnight’s pussy, back and forward, in and out, he loved it, this fucking slut was giving him a really good seeing to, what a fabulous birthday present this was…

Sapphire then got hold of Midnight and with Peter’s cock deep inside her, she began passionately kissing her, their tongues intertwining, this proved a bit too much for Peter and he wanted to come. Oh my god, was he going to shoot his load, right in Midnight’s cunt. Both girls were simply gorgeous, but most importantly Sally had seen it all. He felt his climax rising and rising, Midnight moaned his name loudly, he felt her pussy grip him tightly as she climaxed; and with a hard thrust he shot his creamy load deep inside her.

Afterwards, he lay on top of her, panting loudly, as her long legs remained wrapped tightly round his back. She was slightly taken aback as she rarely climaxed with a client; and it was sometime before she broke their coupling. Peter’s cock continued to throb inside her for a minute or so and then slowly softened and slipped out of her wet cunt. He then sat back watched as Sapphire licked the remnants of his come out of Midnight’s slit.

Peter and Sally both sat together in the darkened lounge this time after the girls had gone, Sally had heard Midnight on the phone taking her next booking and wondered who the lucky couple would be, those girls certainly delivered.

Peter smiled at his wife, “well, thank you darling, that was quite a birthday present…I do love you” he said. “Oh by the way you do know it’s our wedding anniversary in two months’ time, let’s make it one to remember darling... Sally smiled adoringly at her husband as he put “that magazine” on her lap….


© Copyright August 2008 Paris Grey

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