Roadside Assistance
By Paris Grey
(MMF, Oral, Exhib)

As usual, the M6 was jam packed, Friday afternoon, nothing changes she thought. Why did her boss have to pick the most difficult of days to ask her to deliver these documents? It was just as well she was going out straight from work and had got dressed at the office, for there was hardly any time to go home and get ready now.

Sabrina was wearing the outfit she had brought especially for tonight, she was full of anticipation, she had been chatting to this man for weeks on-line, his profile looked great and his picture just as intriguing. There was something about his eyes; she could always read someone well by their eyes, ‘windows to the soul’, that is what they said, and she hoped it was true. She wondered if he would not find her too tarty. She was wearing a short denim mini skirt, white t-shirt and really high stilettos. The higher the better “fuck me” shoes as her friends had called them, but they were very sexy, and she could not resist them. The post boy did more than a double take when she sauntered out of the ladies; she laughed as she imagined him wishing he could have her, as if she thought!

Sabrina pulled out into the fast lane, does no-one know how to drive she thought as she accelerated past 90 mph. She had the music full blast, and felt really good; she noticed some appreciative glances from lorry drivers and men in their cars as she hooted them out of the way.

Birmingham 12 miles she noted, oh she was doing fine for time, and she thought she would just stop for a coffee; she needed to stretch her legs. She pulled off left at the services sign and settled for some horrible coffee in an enormous cup, but at least she could read the paper and be left alone.

The services were practically deserted, but she was glad of the quiet. Her office seemed to be so mad busy these days, everything was so urgent it drove her mad. However, it was a good position, and she had the company car and health care included, which were great perks.

A few tables away from her, she noticed two breakdown guys chatting, both were young, and they kept looking in her direction. Both their hands were full of engine grease and their overalls were quite dirty, but Sabrina found that quite appealing, she was attracted to rough men for some reason, and loved to be manhandled from time to time.

As she got up to go, Sabrina heard them say “She’s going” and she saw them both look up. She walked slowly towards the door, purposely taking her time giving them an eyeful of her long legs and shapely behind. She loved to tease and was a terrible flirt, was it her fault that most men were led by what was in their trousers??

By the time she got to the car, she was perked up and ready to hit the M6 again, but on starting the engine, it turned over then nothing. She must be imagining it; it was a fleet car and was regularly serviced and attended to. This was all she needed now.

Sabrina tried again, but this time it sounded to her very much like a flat battery. She was in a right pickle, not that she cared about the documents; but she did care about her date, and did not want to be late for him. She tried to contact her boss from her office, but of course he had disappeared off home early, so now she was really stuck. Should she leave the car there, get a taxi and sort it out on Monday? A taxi would be extortionate, but she wanted to meet her date, she really needed a man, and had felt incredibly horny recently.

Just as she was about to get out of the car, she saw the two guys approaching her, aah, this could be the answer she thought. She explained her predicament to them, they were very understanding, and Sabrina explained that she had no money just a company credit card, if they fixed the problem, how would she pay them?

Blake looked at her, this woman was absolutely gorgeous, and it was not often he was blown away by a lady, but on this occasion he was. He was a very particular man when it came to women, and hated the way that most of them threw themselves at him, ok so he was very good looking, and had been quite a successful model until he realised there was no money in it. His name always attracted the girls, thanks to his Mother watching Dynasty all through her pregnancy, he had hated it at school, but now he liked it, strong, just as women liked.

He took in Sabrina’s appearance; she was a very sexy girl indeed. She had long wavy brown/blonde hair, enormous eyes, and a very pretty nose and mouth. He could just about make out her figure and it was very appealing... He thought her to be about 30; he was so fed up with 23 year old little girls of his own age, so immature and daft.

Scott took in the view too, he knew that this girl was Blake’s type; but he was also intrigued by Sabrina. He wondered if they could sort out this small matter of ‘payment’, he was sure that Blake and he could come to an agreement!

Sabrina watched as the two men lifted up her car’s bonnet and pulled and pushed a few spark plugs around. “Look”, Blake said, “It’s a flat battery you need to leave it running off a charge from my vehicle; is that ok? It will take an hour or so, we will all have to find something to do”.

Sabrina was sure she saw a glint in his eye, and was more than sure they would all definitely “find something to do!”

Sabrina suggested they all go into the picnic area at the back of the services, that way they would not be too far away from both vehicles. It was deserted, and she sat down on the bench.

Blake now thought he would take his chance; he sat right next to Sabrina and pressed his muscular leg next to her slim brown leg. Scott sat on the other side, he knew Blake and knew what he had in mind and it was a very arousing thought.

“Ok, for this payment, this is what I have in mind”, said Blake, and he began running his rough hands up the inside of Sabrina’s smooth legs, higher and higher until he felt the warmness between her legs. Very slowly he began circulating his fingers over her panties, he felt her breathing hasten. There was absolutely no-one in the picnic area so he undid her skirt and she was sitting there in her t-shirt and tight white silk panties.

His fingers found their way under the hem of her panties and he began stroking her wet pussy softy first and then a bit harder; he immediately found her swollen clit, why did so many men have a problem locating it, he was always right on target!

Sabrina knew this was very wrong, but she was so turned on, Blake was so good looking she could not help herself. He certainly knew the way round a woman’s body. It was so dangerous being exposed in the picnic area but she did not care. She loved feeling the rough mechanic’s hands in her cunt. She moaned when he started to finger fuck her, she was so randy and horny.

Scott looked on in amazement, he felt his cock getting hard in his trousers, she really was a tart, this woman, but absolutely irresistible. He could not stop himself, he started to lift up her t-shirt and undo Sabrina’s bra. He loved nipples, and Sabrina’s were amazing, large, firm and red, he and began playing with them, and started to suck them. Sabrina moaned, two men working on her was so erotic, she loved it, she was a bit worried about being so exposed; and as to read her mind, Blake covered all three of them with a picnic blanket that was nearby.

Sabrina reached down and started to touch Blake and Scott, their cocks were rock hard, and she felt a total tart but she undid both their overalls, and in took turns to suck their cocks. She loved it, loved the power she had over these men, they were moaning and each time she sucked them, they pushed her head further and further onto their cocks.

Scott was really turned on now, he wanted to cum in her mouth, “The dirty slut” he thought; he pushed her head right down on his cock and after much sucking and sucking he emptied his ball sack right down her throat.

Blake looked on, he wanted to cum too, after all he needed his ‘payment’ too. He was very turned on as he saw Scott kneel down and start licking Sabrina’s cunt. She loved it; she loved having her pussy eaten out. Scott had an amazing tongue and he was tongue fucking her deeply, occasionally stopping to lick her clit, the thought of being so exposed, was so exciting and Sabrina knew it would not be long before she came on Scott’s face.

Scott loved the taste of Sabrina’s cunt, he wanted her to cum in his mouth, she gripped his head tightly with her long legs and shed moaned loudly as her cum juices spurted down his throat..

Blake did not waste a minute, after Sabrina had cum he beckoned her to sit on his lap, he was going to fuck her really really hard. His cock was aching for her. He slid into her wet cunt with ease and began fucking her. She was a beauty, had the most perfect cunt he had ever had, he felt his cock right tight inside her pussy and began biting her neck as he was fucking her.

Sabrina rode Blake’s prick with a passion, she loved it, it had been a while since she had been fucked and fucked so passionately. What a gorgeous thick cock he had. It felt so wonderful to be screwed by a real man. Blake was so strong, so masculine and Sabrina was so very turned on.

Blake kept pounding and pounding Sabrina’s cunt, he loved the way she was riding him, she was an absolute sexy piece of ass and he was going to cum right in her juicy wet cunt. He was actually quite turned on by Scott watching as well, Blake was usually the one that got the girl when they went out, and this time certainly was no exception!

Sabrina loved the thrusting, and wanted it to go on forever and ever, but she felt the thrusts getting shorter and harder and then she felt Blake’s juices spurt right into her cunt. He moaned her name and pulled her hair very tightly as he shot his cum right inside her…

Afterwards as she got dressed, she actually felt a bit self conscious. What had possessed her, she had enjoyed it but felt incredibly guilty. But what was done, was done. Both men kissed her on the cheek and left her sitting at the bench.

When she got back to her car, she noticed that Blake and Scott had left her a note on the windscreen, she had to laugh, and it read “Payment received with thanks…… xxxx”


© Copyright August 2008 Paris Grey

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