By BossyBint
(FF, toys)

The sex shop down the road from my house has the kind of window which makes you look, but at the same time appears to be a bit seedy. It displays the kind of PVC outfits which I would love to wear but have never had the courage, or the occasion. Suffice to say that I have never been in. It is the kind of place I think grubby men in stained coats would frequent. I have this horror of, once inside, being the only person in there and having to buy something I don't want, like strawberry flavoured condoms or edible knickers, before I can leave. Imagine the complete opposite to an Ann Summers shop.

On this particular occasion, I wanted to buy a new vibrator. My body had got used to the ones that I have and so I thought I would treat myself to something different. I had heard that the new smooth stainless steel model would do the trick and so I set off to the one place I hoped would be able to satisfy my longing.

I approached the front door of the shop and my heart was pounding. What if someone I know sees me, what if, what if...............

The door had a bell like one of those old fashioned grocery shops. 'Ding'. Oh well, too late to back out now..........

It is gloomy but I can see that there is a counter to one side and shelves of what appear to be DVDs and magazines along the other two walls. As I had thought, I am the only person in the place. Nightmare of nightmares, there is a woman behind the counter.

I had thought, if it's some middle aged, balding man in a stained vest, I can cope. Oh no, this is worse - she is young, about 30, 5'8" or so with short, cropped dark hair. Not butch but with the kind of athletic body which comes as a result of hours in the gym. She has chiseled, strong features and a wide, sensuous mouth.

'Can I help you?' she asks. Her voice is deep and husky. A 20-a-day and malt whisky voice if ever I heard one.

Taking my courage in my hands and knowing that I would never forgive myself if I left empty handed, I explained why I was there. I could feel the heat of embarrassment in my face, but also the heat of another kind seeping through my lower body and my nipples were hard against my shirt.

' No problem' she said, 'I think we have just the thing'

She went to the rear of the shop and I watched her walk away from me. Black jeans, slightly baggy and low cut, revealing a tattoo design on her lower back. I wanted to touch her.

As she came back towards me, I could see that she was holding a long, smooth, shiny vibrator in her hand. It must have been 10" long. I felt the juice of longing starting to seep into my knickers and my legs starting to shake.

She looked me straight in the eye and, with a faint smile, said, 'I think you'll like this'. After a moment's hesitation which seemed like an hour, she said 'Would you like to try it for size?'

'Oh yes please' I managed to whisper. Something made me add, 'Would you help me?'

She came round to my side of the counter and stood very close. I could smell cigarettes and a dark musky perfume. She was lovely.

She walked away and went towards the door of the shop. 'Don't go' I silently begged. She must have heard me as she stopped, then locked the door and turned towards me.

I had never kissed a woman before that moment. Oh, I had often thought about it and imagined it to be soft, warm and sensual.

She stood before me and I could feel her body against mine, soft and yet hard at the same time. She looked at me and then slowly kissed me.

This was like no kiss I had ever experienced in my life. I have had my share of male, demanding, urgent 'let's get on with it' kisses, which I knew were just the pre-amble to the main business. This was different. This was warm, soft and unhurried. This was sexy, this was dynamite! I felt her tongue starting to explore my mouth and I responded. God this was good.

I felt her hand reach inside my shirt and find my erect and begging nipple. I heard a long, low moan and realised that it came from me.

I opened my eyes as, still kissing me, I felt her reach under my skirt and her cool fingers found the inch or so of bare flesh at the top of my stockings. She held my gaze. Reading my thoughts, I felt fingers inching towards my knickers. Yes, yes, my head was screaming.

She eased one finger up inside me. I was hot, wet and aching. I felt my clit growing as she gently massaged with a wet finger. I could hear her breathing in my ear, 'oh that feels sooooo good'.

Suddenly she stopped. I was dripping. She took my hand and led me over to the counter.

'Bend over' she said. I did as she asked and leaned over the rough wooden counter which smelled of old polish, cigarettes and something more earthy.

I closed my eyes - I had reached the point where I no longer cared what was going to happen. I felt her remove my knickers very slowly to my ankles and then caress the back of my legs. I could feel the rough material of her jeans against the backs of my legs and then I felt the cold, velvety smoothness of the vibrator being pushed very slowly inside me. My heart was pounding and I was breathing hard and fast in little gasps. I was being filled with 10" of pure sex and it felt GOOD.

I felt the tell-tale rush of an oncoming orgasm. 'Oh my God' I moaned. Just at that moment, I heard her flick the switch on the vibrator and she gave a low throaty chuckle as she knew exactly what was happening.


Ten minutes later when I had regained my composure, I said, 'Thankyou, I'll take it'

As I was leaving the shop, I asked,'By the way, what's your name?'

She smiled that lovely, sexy smile and replied,


Copyright BossyBint October 2008

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