Archive 6    
Kicking The Blue's (MF, rom, oral) Brett finds a way to 'kick the blues', first on the golf course, then off it...
Highland Fling (MF, exhib) A vacation alone to Scotland looks like it will be a disappointment, then Anita meets Alex.
Kiss And Make Up (MF, rom, oral) After the tears comes passion
Pleasing Him (MF, oral, rim) Tonight only Steve mattered. All Karen's efforts were on pleasing him.
Molly's Visit (MF, cheat) Molly comes for more than a reunion.
Creative Writing (MF, rom, oral) Amy finds that Steve gives her more than just 'inspiration' as he helps with her research.
Addicted (MF, nc, oral) Sex is better than any drug.
Molly's Return (MF, cheat, oral) Molly goes in search of a man to 'scratch that itch'
Something In The Air (MF, rom, oral) It maybe a cliché, but when that feeling is there you have to act on it.
Customer Service (MF, oral, job) Maggie takes a new job in the Book Store
Strawberries and Rum (FF, oral) Recollection of the girl she met at the complex.
Letter to my Lover - I (MF, cheat, stroke) First of three letter from Lolita to her mystery man.
Letter to my Lover - II (Fsolo) Lolita gets hot in the shower
Letter to my Lover - III (Fsolo, toys) Further thoughts of her lover as she plays with her vibrator
My Wife's Fantasy (MMF, BM, oral) Gene helps his wife live out her fantasy with the aid of Mike.
Sandra's Dad Part III (MF, anal) Six months after their encounter in Majorca they meet for Christmas. One present leads to another..
My First Bi Experience (MFF, oral) Singer Katie gets friendly with another band member.
The PA (FH, oral, anal) Singapore for the conference and a tour of the local sights ends in a memorable experience.
Molly Entertains (I Dare You) (MF, oral, rom) Molly entertains Joanne's cousin and begins a game of 'Dare' with Adrian
Pleased to meet you... (MF, oral) Strangers in the rain
Just The Sound Of Your Voice (MF, oral, cheat) That accent.. Just the sound of your voice makes me wet.
Remember Me? (MF, oral, rom) Remember her?
It wasn't like I could forget...
You Ever Get That Feeling? (MF, bondage, oral) A country hotel, a four poster bed and a fantasy that comes true.
The Piano Teacher (MF, rom) Greg's fingers can play more than the piano.
You Ever Get That Feeling? II (MF, bondage, oral) A year on they repeat the encounter, but she still doen't know what he looks like...
Call Me (MF, oral, rim, anal) How well can you fuck me for a fifty dollar tip?
The Waves (MF, Voy, Fsolo, toys, oral) A late night walk leads to a window of opportunity.
A Naked Ride Home (MF, oral, rom) A cheeky suggestion made for a dare leads to a thrilling experience.
Recreation (MF, Fsolo, oral, dream) Lost in her thoughts as she watches a late night swimmer and then a sense of Deja vu...
My Favourite Teacher (MF, oral, uniform) You never forget your favourite teacher and now Beth teaches him how she's grown up..
Gresham Street

(In memory of Disey)
(MF, oral, job)

A very 'Personal' Assistant who knows how to 'work hard, play hard'




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