A Taste of My Own Medicine
By Lucy Felthouse
(MF, Spank, Bd, toys, anal, oral)

The fact that he was begging me to stop just spurred me on. After all, he’d agreed to this, now he was going to see it through. I knew he was loving it really.

I reached between his legs, past his balls and grabbed his cock. Yeah, he was loving it. That cock was fit to burst. The only reason he wanted me to stop was so he could fuck me. I drew back my arm again and cracked his ass hard with the paddle. The resounding slap was music to my ears. The skin was starting to turn a really dark red, the kind that doesn’t fade after an hour. I continued the assault on his ass and thighs and for good measure reached underneath him once more and gave his dick a volley of slaps. He moaned, pre cum oozing from the shiny purple head of his shaft.

Finally I was satisfied. I smoothed cold cream into his flaming skin, massaged it right into the crack and into the tight pucker that was his anus. I slid a finger in, testing the resistance. I found little, so entered another finger inside his ass. I thrust them slowly in and out, loving the tightness around them. He whimpered, so I picked up the pace, stretching him wider as I got deeper.

The sight of him there, on all fours with his wrists handcuffed to the bed was the biggest turn on. My pussy was drenched; it almost squelched with every move I made. He started to push back on my fingers, so I readjusted the straps, lubed up my strap on cock, and replaced my fingers with it. I slowly slid into him, not wanting to hurt him, but wanting to fill him.

Buried inside him to the hilt, I reached for his cock and began to stroke it with my still lubed hand. I knew I couldn’t keep that up for long without him cumming, and there was no way that could be allowed… yet. Still I tormented him, slowly massaging his cock, not going fast enough for him to climax, meanwhile fucking his ass. I knew it was driving him crazy, he started to wrench at the handcuffs that made him vulnerable to me. I knew he wanted to touch me, to tease me, to give me a taste of my own medicine, and that made it so much better. He continued to struggle as I screwed him. Satisfied that he was used to the size, I started to move more quickly in and out of his tight hole, my pussy constantly twitching with every moan or groan that passed those sweet lips of his. Knowing he was turned on just made me even hornier. God I really wanted him inside me, and I think he knew I couldn’t last much longer, as with a final wrench; he managed to get his wrists out of the handcuffs. That was the third pair we’d broken between us. It was getting a little expensive, but god it was worth it.

He grabbed the base of my strap on cock and eased it slowly out of him, then turned to me and the look on his face was so wild that I knew exactly what kind of a fucking I was going to get. My pussy responded by getting even wetter. He grabbed me and threw me back on the bed, pulling the strap on away from me, and discarded it, forgotten. It was my turn to be teased.

He parted my legs and ran his tongue up the length of my dripping cunt. He moaned at the wetness and the taste, sending vibrations through me. He began to gently probe around my vulva, licking away some of my juices, and even coming up to my lips to give me a taste of myself. Then he was gone again, nibbling my outer labia, rimming my ass with his tongue. Anything but touch my clit. And I knew he was doing it on purpose. But I didn’t care; as I knew he would eventually. And he did. His tongue finally started to caress my clit, slowing lapping over it at first, and then withdrawing to give it slight flicks. I started to feel that familiar warmth in my groin and I pushed myself harder onto his face. He responded by taking my little nub of sensitive flesh between his lips and sucking gently but quickly. I responded by cumming all over his face. He moaned and rapidly began to lick up all my juices.

Satisfied that I was clean, he came up to give me a kiss. A long lingering one, which left me tingling all over. Then, suddenly, he entered my cunt with his still rigid shaft. I screamed with the pure pleasure of it. Our mouths collided once more in a volley of kissing, nibbling and sucking as he thrust in and out of my tight hole. I begged him to go harder, faster, and I thrust towards him, our flesh slapping together as we fucked.

Suddenly he pulled out of me, and began to stroke his cock. I knew what was coming, so I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and presently he came all over my face. The warm sticky liquid in my mouth, running down my chin and cheeks. He collapsed beside me, and I lay still and satisfied. Smug too, because I knew within a few minutes he’d be ready to go again.


© Copyright 2008 Lucy Felthouse


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