London to Brighton
By Paris Grey
(MF, cheat, oral)

The last time she had caught the London to Brighton train, it had all been so very different. She had just got engaged to Mike and was going to stay with him for a romantic weekend. How he’d changed since those days, there again, so had she. Their lust for each other had been taken over by wedding plans, dresses, rings, bridesmaids, cakes, vicar, guests to invite… She felt exhausted. They had argued about the most mundane of matters and when they did get into bed all they did was sleep. Wasn’t sex a big part of it all – it was the glue of a relationship, but their glue seemed to have dissolved.

Jade still loved Mike, but missed the intimacy and the heady days of their early romance. She missed the feeling that he gave her when he came up to her when she was washing up. When he came up to her from behind, tenderly lifted her hair and kissed the back of her neck, her shoulders, her back. Lifting her skirt up and caressing her cunt from behind, until she moaned his name. She missed his authority, when he growled in her ear to bend over, and he bent right down and started to suck and lick her wet cunt. He had always told her she turned him on more than any other girlfriend, but what had happened…. Where did the lust go…. Did she have to settle for less for the rest of her life. Jade hoped it was just a blip, she missed sex so very much… She needed to feel like a woman, not an event planner.

However, she was glad when she heard the guard whistle and the doors close, maybe she could surprise Mike with the new underwear she had on. She had brought it in her lunch hour, it was very daring and very unlike her. It was a black/ red lace see through bra, which pushed her large round tits upwards and she knew it showcased her nipples to a great advantage. The accompanying panties were sheer and had ties at the side. She also had on black lace hold up stockings, she knew how to turn Mike on when she wanted to, he really was a leg man… He use to love to have her legs round his neck as he fucked her deeply. She really missed him, but wanted him the way he was, not the way he had become.

Jade started to gaze out of the window, suddenly in its reflection, she noted a man sit opposite her. She felt immediately embarrassed, even through the reflection she could see he was a very sexy mature man. He was tall with dark/grey hair, dark skin and was immaculately dressed. She could smell his masculine scent. Jade turned to face him. She looked at him and turned away, he was fantastic. He must be Italian/Spanish. He was so handsome, she blushed as she looked away. She sensed he was looking her up and down, and it felt nice to have a man notice her as a woman.

As the train got into its journey, she tried to read her brides magazine, but she couldn’t concentrate at all, every time she looked up, his eyes were staring at her. They were so dark and smouldering. The train jolted slightly, and Jade dropped her magazine. She bent down to pick it up, just as the stranger bent down to get it…Their hands touched for a nano second, there was a spark and she knew it… She also knew she wanted him…and screw the consequences.

The man stood up, he really was very tall and muscular, and he took Jade’s hand. This was mad, she didn’t know anything about him, but she wanted him so badly, she wanted to feel his cock inside her cunt, which was already moistening with anticipation. He led her to the toilets. And gestured her to go inside. What on earth was she doing, but all thoughts of Mike and reality went out the window when the stranger pinned her up against the door and started to kiss her deeply. He had such a sensuous mouth, and as she felt his hands roaming over her tits she couldn’t wait for him to suck her nipples. He was such an experienced kisser, so passionate. Jade let him undo her blouse, it feel on the dirty floor, but she didn’t care. He started to rub her tits and her nipples grew under his hands, she moaned as he kissed her neck as he rubbed her nipples, she moaned also when he began to suck greedily on each nipple, she could feel her juices running down her legs now, her new panties were almost saturated by now.

He then started to undo her skirt, she started to say something, but he put his fingers to her lips. Her skirt fell away and he bent down, he started kissing her ankles, thighs, inner thighs and then very slowly undid the ties of her panties with his teeth. The thrust of his tongue in her wet pussy made her gasp, he was fucking her with his tongue so deeply, she ground down on his face. Suddenly he pulled back and guided his tongue to the bud of her clit. It had never been like this with Mike… Never… He kept flicking his tongue up and down on her clit, she moaned in ecstasy, she felt her orgasm rising, rising, and she couldn’t stop. Jade shuddered, and climaxed all over his face. When she had finished, he stood up, she was going to return the favour to him now…

She started to pull at his leather belt, she could see the bulge in his trousers, he was so hard, his cock looked amazing…she undid his buttons and eased his throbbing cock out…he was had a beautiful member she thought as she bent down to suck his prick. She loved to give head, Jade loved the power she held over men as she licked their shaft and balls. She loved to hear their moans of passion as she sucked their cocks. This man was no exception, he moaned her name and pulled her hair gently as she sucked him.

When the moment felt right, she stood up, the man then hoisted her legs around his muscular waist and started to screw her wet pussy. She gasped, his cock felt magnificent inside her. She had missed being fucked by a man so much, her legs gripped him tightly as he fucked her deeply, his member filling her wet cunt perfectly….He muttered something in Italian as he shuddered and shot his cum in her cunt. She had no idea of what he said….

When it was over, he dressed her, and Jade felt cherished. She heard the train announcement that Brighton was approaching… She knew she would never see him again, but she felt so fulfilled as a woman…

She was just behind him when he stepped off the train. She saw him disappear through the barriers, he glanced at her, and out of the corner of her eye she saw Mike approaching. “Who was that” he asked…”no idea, just some bore on the train, you would never believe how boring that journey was”. The wry smile left on Jade’s face told a very different story….  


© Copyright 2008 Paris Grey

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