Unexpected Night
By Ebi
(MF, Oral, mc)

Tina was staying at the hotel in Scotland because she had had to bring important papers for her boss. He was an attractive man in his early 40's and she couldn’t help fantasising about what could happen if he only would notice her. But she was only 18 and he seemed only to see an assistant and not a woman.

She decided she should take a shower and get to bed, she would need to start early in the morning for the airport and her plane back to London. She enjoyed a warm and soapy shower but her mind still kept going back to thinking about her boss, she started imagining him knocking her hotel door, coming in for some pretend purpose and instead taking her in his arms and kissing her.

She turned off the shower and towelled herself dry shaking her head to try and shake the fantasy away from her thoughts. She walked naked from the shower and put on the face mask which she used sometimes when she had tired eyes. As she stood there, thinking about getting between the cool sheets, she sensed the door opening behind her, "Must be imagination", she thought, "The door is locked.”

She lifted her hands to remove her mask but before she could a voice whispered behind her.

"No, leave it on".

Then she felt cool lips brush across her naked shoulders.

“I promise I won’t hurt you", the voice said.

Tina suddenly felt very horny and felt certain that the voice was her boss.

His lips continued to kiss her neck while she felt his hands caress her back slowly reaching down between her buttocks, caressing down the crease all the way to the lower edge of her already wet pussy. She felt excitement building in her, her breathing becoming deeper. She reached back to touch the man.

"No, keep your hands still by your side", the voice told her.

She obeyed and let her arms fall to her sides. She felt him caressing her waist and buttocks, his lips moving down to each buttock in turn, kissing and sucking in a little skin at the same time. The hands moved down her legs stroking her behind her knees, her lower legs, the backs of her knees and then he turned her round to him.

"This is crazy", she thought, ”But so erotic too, I have never been so turned on".

The lips moved up the front of her legs as the hands caresses her buttocks slipping deep into the crack of her arse, almost but not quite touching the forbidden zone. They moved up each thigh and continued to kiss and suck around her tummy, sending shivers of delight through her body. In her wildest imagination she could not have dreamt this; she had never felt so sexy and horny.

But still the kisses continued, slowly kissing and licking upwards to her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and throbbing eager to feel the mouth on them, but still she kept her hands by her sides. She felt the licking under her breasts and then a hot mouth close around her throbbing aching nipple. The mouth sucked taking the nipple and a large part of her breast into itself, she felt the nipple growing even bigger and harder then the tongue teased the tip gently, she felt about to orgasm but the mouth moved to the other breast and did the same to that one. She knew her pussy was very wet and wanted to guide his head there so that she could experience the wonderful sensation she knew it would give her.

"Wait, wait just a bit longer”. The voice said

The kissing moved upwards, her chin, her cheeks and finally her lips. Her tongue reached out for the tongue that entered her mouth, it tasted sweet and minty. "Oh this is heaven", she thought. She was panting now and had been on the very edge of her orgasm for many minutes, but still he had not touched her pussy which was now desperate for attention.

But now the mouth began to move downwards back to her breasts, licking and sucking down to her belly. She felt the mouth open wide and suck in her skin just below her navel. Now at last the fingers were tracing lines around her pussy and then it was there, the mouth on her pussy, tongue thrusting deep into her and then the mouth began sucking her clit. Opening wide and sucking it in, the tongue flicking over it, creating waves of ecstasy deep in her body.

Her orgasm was building, but each time it was about to burst over her he stopped moving and waited for a second prolonging the moment. She was delirious, she felt strong arms lift her and place her gently on the bed.

"What do you want?” the voice asked, "Tell me what you need now".

"Fill me, ...fuck me.. now ...please”, she managed to stammer between breaths.

Now she felt a very large erect penis moving between her legs, then it was inside her and she could no longer control herself, her hips thrust to meet the penis forcing it deeper and deeper inside her pussy. Harder and faster, as her orgasm came again and again. She felt as if she would never stop cumming, but gradually the intensity subsided and her breathing became steadier.

After a while she came to her senses and reached up to remove the mask that had hid this wonderful lover from her sight.

"Wait”, said the voice, “Before you take it off I must ask you if you really want to know, I may not be what you expect."

She thought for a minute trying to decide, but she realised that she must look so slowly she removed the mask and looked at the man. He was not her boss, and far older than she expected.

He smiled at her and told her he hoped she wasn't too shocked. She didn't know how to answer, he was not totally repulsive but she had never imagined that she could get such pleasure from a man so much older than herself.

"I am afraid I come as a bit of a shock to you", he said. "I am a little bit of a mind reader and I saw you in the hallway and I knew what was on your mind. I don't normally do this, but I knew I could give you pleasure and help you sleep without the erotic dreams. Of course I will leave now, if you wish, but please don’t report this".

Tina thought for a minute and a thought came to her. Did he plant it in her mind?

"If you will just do it to me one more time I will say nothing". She said.

She slipped the mask back on and soon felt his exquisite touch on her body. She lost track of time as he pleasured her again and again. Eventually exhausted she slipped into sleep.

When she awoke and lifted the mask, sunlight was glowing round the curtains, she felt a glow deep inside as she glanced at the clock. 11am. She had slept so late. "We may not meet again”, she thought, “But I will ever forget the experience. Thank you, whoever you were….”


© Copyright August 2008 Ebi

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