Wanting You
By Paris Grey
(MF, cheat, oral, dream)

He lay on the bed and started to study the reports, why did he think it was such a good idea to bring them home with him. They were really detailed and complex and were giving him such a headache. He lay back on the bed and closed his eyes.

He thought about his life, it was all going well, going to plan as they said. He has all trappings, good job, loyal wife, kids at university, nice car, two houses, but there was something missing, he knew it was her.

He had worked with her about fifteen years ago, she was his secretary, and try as he might he could not shake off her memory. He was 37 to her 28 when he met her. He was immediately taken in by her large brown eyes – she looked Italian/Spanish and he knew immediately, he wanted her, even though he was a married man, he was so drawn to her, she completely took his breath away.

He began to doze off, and suddenly he was jolted awake, he opened his eyes and she was there, in his marital bedroom. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. She looked amazing, her hair was long and curly, her body tanned, he could even smell her, that same sweet musky smell, it reminded him of her cunt.

She smiled at him, said nothing and approached the bed. She was wearing a black raincoat. Very slowly she undid the buttons, one at a time and underneath she was wearing a sexy lace black bra, and he could see her large red erect nipples through the bra. He was very turned on by this point, and he felt his cock beginning to strain against the zip in his trousers. He noticed that although she had on lace stockings, which outlined her fantastic toned legs, she was commando. He saw she had totally shaved her cunt, just as he liked.

She undid her bra, her gorgeous tits were free, and he wanted to hold them and suck them, he made a move towards her, but she just smiled and moved slightly away. She began to touch her tits and rub her large red nipples all the while maintaining eye contact with him. She was such a slutty tease, but then he had always loved that about her, nothing like his wife...

She then moved towards the bed, he was going to touch her now, feel her, he had missed her so fucking much, some days he physically ached for her. He softly touched the inside of her thigh, and his fingers slowly worked his way towards her womanhood. He remembered her cunt. He knew it well. He had never forgotten the sweet sticky smell and taste of it. They were always so sexually alike it was frightening at times. His fingers then outlined her cunt lips; he could feel the warmth of her wetness and began to slowly tease her large swollen clit. Paula moaned softly as his fingers rubbed back and forward. He knew how to turn her on more than any man had ever done.

If his wife came up, that would be it, he thought, but he couldn’t help himself, he felt his cock come to life in his trousers, and he wanted her so badly. She started to kiss him and undid his trousers very slowly. She realised his throbbing member and began to rub and play with it. He was so hard and throbbing it was untrue. Only she had this affect on him. He moaned her name as he lay back and let her touch him. He was totally and utterly in her power, he closed his eyes again as he felt her wet soft sensuous mouth go down on his cock.

What a slut she was, he hated her and loved her at the same time, she new exactly what she was doing, always had done. At this point, he had to move her off, or he knew he would shoot his milky white cum deep into her throat, and as much as he wanted to, he wanted to fuck her cunt more. He sat up slightly and moved her onto his face. She moaned as his tongue fucked her deeply, her sticky sweet juices were all over his face, he loved it, he had missed her, he was going to fuck her senseless. He wanted her to come on his face; just as she used to. He kept fucking her with his tongue deeper and deeper, until he heard her moan his name, and she was panting and trembling. Her orgasm was so intense, he felt such unison between them at this moment, and nothing could break it.

His cock it felt like it was going to burst. He needed her so desperately now. He stayed very still as she climbed off his face, mounted him, and began to ride him. He groaned her name, Paula, Paula; she smiled and started to fuck him faster. She was gorgeous, her cunt was as tight as he remembered, he loved being inside her, they were meant to be. He pushed his cock inside her deeply, her cunt walls gripped him and he knew she loved his cock inside her. She was moaning his name and she began to kiss him. His tongue was in her mouth and his cock was deep in her cunt, he was in heaven. He wanted to fuck her forever and he knew their sexual bond would never be broken, even after all these years.

Suddenly, he heard his wife call him, "Brian, for goodness sake your dinner is on the table, hurry up." He couldn’t stop, he wanted Paula to ride him until he came in her wet cunt, and he really couldn’t care if his wife caught him or not. This was too good to pass up.

The bedroom door opened, "Brian, what are you doing in there, I’ve been calling you, who the hell are you talking to", his wife said as she entered the bedroom. He opened his eyes, there was no-one there. He reached up to touch his face it was wet and sticky, dream or no dream, she was very much with him… Still.  


© Copyright 2008 Paris Grey

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