Jo’s Birthday Treat
By John
(MF, oral, inter, cheat?)

John was working away on Jo's birthday, he'd tried to get back in time but the job he was working on needed a couple of days more than he'd anticipated.

It had been too long since they last had sex and John was disappointed he couldn't fuck his wife on her birthday, look into her eyes as she thrust her pussy on to his cock, and hear her throaty moan as she juddered and orgasmed beneath him.

Over the last few days they had been sending erotic pictures back and forth on their camera phones, each picture getting more and more risqué and designed to tease.

John had an idea and wondered if Jo would go for it. With a few phone calls and a credit card payment John took a chance and put his plan into action.

On the morning of August 31st John was the first to call and wish Jo a happy birthday; he told Jo to expect a surprise later that evening, to enjoy a candlelit bath and to celebrate with a glass or two of champagne, which she was to expect a delivery of later that morning.

Jo was no stranger to her husband’s mystery surprises and was sure that he was going to turn up that evening and make passionate love to her on her birthday. She was feeling horny already!

The parcel arrived mid morning, inside Jo found a bottle of bubbly, a sexy baby doll nightie and a birthday card from John; inside was a message.

"Happy Birthday darling, be ready for 9pm”

In the bath Jo sipped her fourth glass of bubbly. Scented candles flickered, creating dancing shadows on the white wall tiles, the warm bath bubbles caressed her sensitive nipples. She looked forward to seeing her husband later.

Jo towelled herself dry and applied baby oil to her skin. As she rubbed the oil up her legs and over her inner thighs Jo brushed her hand over her freshly shaved pussy and shuddered as she found her clitoris. Maybe it was the bubbly but her pussy seemed to be extra sensitive tonight and she could barely wait to feel Johns cock throbbing inside her. Jo slipped into the silk baby doll and poured another glass.

Lying on the bed Jo teased herself by rubbing a little vanilla flavoured lubricant over her pussy; she wanted to taste great for her husband tonight. After a while, Jo heard a car pull onto the driveway, she listened as footsteps approached the house and was surprised to hear the doorbell ring. She threw on a robe and went to answer the door wondering why John didn't use his key. Through the glass paned door Jo could now see why: the man standing on the other side of the door wasn't John.

"Can I help you?” Jo enquired.

Through the door she could see a strikingly handsome black guy standing on the threshold. In a deep, confident voice came the response.

"Excuse me Ma’am”, I have a message from your husband."

Through the glass Jo could see that he was holding a mobile phone, gesturing that she should take it. Jo didn't feel threatened by the smartly dressed guy. Seems genuine, she thought as she opened the door.

"It's from John,” he said, placing the mobile phone into her hand.

As she took it, Jo quickly gave the guy a once over. He was very good looking and quite muscular, filling his suit well; and just for a second, a thought flashed through her mind, which made her pussy tingle.

After handing over the phone the stranger politely stepped back away from the door.

Jo looked at the mobile phone in her hand and could see that it was "in call". Still puzzled, she brought the phone to her ear and said,


160 miles away John was lying naked on a hotel bed stroking his semi hard cock. Speaking into a hands free headset John said to his wife,

"Hello sweetheart, Happy Birthday"

Recognising his voice, Jo asked,

"What's this all about honey, what are you up to now?”

John explained that as it was impossible to get back home and screw his wife on her birthday he'd arranged for an escort agency guy to have sex with her whilst listening in on the phone.

Jo took a long look at the handsome black guy standing patiently a few feet away from her; he certainly was pussy candy! To him, this would be business only; no complications, and the bubbly had gone to her head enough to seriously consider this proposal.

"This won't cause an issue between us, will it?" Jo asked.

"It's my fantasy and your birthday treat,” John said, his heart was pounding with anticipation.

“ For a few hours you have my blessing to have sex with another guy, just let me listen in on the action"

Jo thought about what her husband had just said to her, she tried to imagine what might just be about to happen, and she was aware that her pussy was getting wet. She made eye contact with the dark stranger.

"I guess you'd better come in"

As he entered the guy took the phone from Jo,

"I'll just set this up according to your husbands instructions”

In his other hand the guy held an A5 sized business wallet. Unzipping the wallet the guy retrieved a bluetooth headset and a small card, which he handed to Jo. The card was a medical certificate from a hospital showing a clear test for STD's, a mandatory monthly test for all employees of the escort agency, tucked inside was an I.D. Card.

"Nice to meet you Vincent"

Jo's stud-for-a-night now had a name.

"Mutual Jo, try this on for comfort".

Vincent handed the headset to Jo; she fumbled with the unfamiliar device so he took it from her looked her in the eyes and brushed her hair away from her ear,

"Relax,” he said gently, his head just inches away from her face

Jo could smell the peppermint on his breath, feel the heat from his body, and detect the hint of expensive cologne as he placed the headset to her right ear. She was also aware that her pussy was becoming very wet; she wanted this to happen.

John was waiting for his phone to ring, to be party to what was going to be a very erotic experience, his cock, already rock hard just at the thought.

Jo led Vincent upstairs to her bedroom, the scented candles filled the air with vanilla, the room was warm, and the light was soft. Vincent pulled Jo towards him,

"Are you ok with this?" He asked considerately.

“I’m just a little nervous"

Barely finishing her words Vincent kissed her full on the lips, his tongue caressing the full length of her closed mouth. Expert hands undid the knot on her robe; long black fingers slipped inside and pushed it off her shoulders. Jo knew that only the finest silk of her baby doll barely covered her naked body, she parted her lips and let Vincent’s tongue explore her mouth, Jo's tongue tango'd with his. Vincent’s big hands ran down Jo's back and gently cupped her buttocks and squeezed gently. Jo put both of her hands inside Vincent’s jacket and felt his chest through his shirt his pecs were chiselled and solid.

Vincent broke from the embrace and stepped back,

"Your husband should join us now" he said dialling a number on the mobile.

In the headset Jo could hear a ring tone and Johns familiar voice.

"Hi Hun, you ok?"

"Are you sure about this?" Jo asked.

John told Jo to relax and enjoy her birthday treat.

Jo sat on the edge of the bed and watched her black lover begin to undress, slowly, seductively.

Jo whispered into the headset

"He has a great body"

Jo began to relish the fact that John was obviously getting off at what was unfolding, she decided to make this as enjoyable for her husband as she predicted it was going to be for her.

Apart from designer underpants Vincent stood before Jo, naked. His toned dark skin glistened in the candlelight; just below a perfectly honed six pack encased in lycra was the outline of a 8 inch cock which appeared to be as thick as it was long. Jo felt a tingle in her pussy and realised she was running one of her fingers along her wet slit.

"I'm so fucking hot," Jo whispered,

In her earpiece all she could hear was John’s heavy breathing.

Vincent was close now, standing in front of Jo as she sat on the edge of the bed; his body just inches away and his cock level with her face.

"I want to see his cock now" Jo said.

John could hear the fabric of Vincent’s lycra pants being pulled down, he heard Jo gasp as she gazed upon a proud black cock hanging before her eyes.

"I take it from your reaction that he’s big,” John asked,

“Oh he’s very well hung” Jo whispered.

John’s heart was pounding in his chest, his cock felt as if it was going to burst; with a dry mouth he heard himself say to his wife,

“Show him how good you are at giving head, make him nice and hard for you babe.”

John lay back on the bed, closed his eyes, and gently tugged on his cock as he listened to his wife perform.

Jo wrapped one hand around Vincent's member and cupped his heavy balls in the other. She leaned forward and ran her tongue around the tip of his helmet, then licking the full length of the shaft before putting the head of his cock in her mouth. Jo made a point of sucking noisily for the benefit of her husband.

John could hear the sounds of slurping, he heard Jo's throaty moan as she gorged on her black stud's ebony shaft, in the background he could also hear the deep moan of approval coming from Vincent.

Jo plunged two fingers between her legs into her sopping pussy: gazing up into the eyes of her black lover, she continued to wank his stiff black cock. Vincent reached down and squeezed Jo’s nipples through the thin fabric of her baby doll.

“Oh god, that feels so good,”

“He’s squeezing my nipples John,” Jo panted into the headset,

“You know how hot that gets me; oh honey, I want him to fuck me now.”

John was tugging on his cock and was already close to orgasm. He could barely draw breath as he heard his wife tell Vincent to stick his big cock in her and fuck her hard.

Jo lay back on the bed, spread her legs wide, and looked her black stud in the eye,

"Do me now Vincent, fuck me hard."

Vincent got on to the bed in front of Jo's spread legs and began to lick her pussy, expertly flicking his tongue on her clit then using his black fingers to spread Jo's pussy lips Vincent began to tongue fuck her until her pussy was foaming.

"I'm going to’ come on his tongue" Jo panted to John.

"Oh my god, yes, yes I'm coming, fuck yes."

Jo grabbed the back of Vincent’s head and ground her pussy into his face.

John could hear Jo having her orgasm, he imagined the familiar grimace on her face as she came, he heard her panting and sighing as her orgasm peaked and faded. Then John heard the opening of a small package and the sound of tearing. Before he could ask Jo said, almost breathlessly,

"Vincent is putting on a condom babe, he's going to fuck your wife with his big black cock."

Jo sat up and looked down at the condom stretched tightly over Vincent’s prick, in a swift movement she pulled the baby doll over her head and threw it to the floor, Jo wanted to feel every inch of her naked flesh against his.

Vincent put his big hands around Jo's hips and pulled her body down the bed until her groin met his balls. Gripping her wrists he pushed Jo’s arms over her head and pinned her down under his strong athletic body, his big cock now nudging the entrance to her well lubricated pussy. He was ready to fuck her and Jo wanted him inside.

Vincent nudged his bulbous helmet into Jo's pussy entrance, she gasped at the girth stretching her open, John heard the gasp and knew his wife was about to be impaled on another guys cock; pouring baby oil over his prick he started to wank off hard.

With a slow, deep thrust, Vincent pushed his member into Jo's wet, eager pussy until his balls slapped against her arse and held it there, Jo looked deep into his eyes and in a husky voice said into the headset

"Oh god, John, he's inside me babe."

Vincent started to pump his cock in and out of Jo's pussy; she had to spread her legs a little wider to accommodate his full length.

John heard Jo gasp with every thrust; he could hear the distinct sound of Vincent’s balls as they slapped against her arse. John tried to match the rhythm with his wanking so he could come at the same time as his wife.

Vincent’s pace quickened, his big cock pounded Jo's squelching pussy; Jo raised her hips to meet his; she was fucking him right back and could feel her second orgasm building up deep within.

John heard Vincent whisper into Jo’s ear,

"I'm gonna come inside you baby,"

He heard his wife reply breathlessly,

“I want you to Vincent; I’m gonna come too.”

Jo felt Vincent's muscular frame tighten and judder as he shot his load into the condom, Jo felt the warmth from his sperm deep at the back of her pussy, her own orgasm exploded onto the twitching shaft inside.

As he heard Vincent let out a deep groan, and Jo scream into her orgasm, John finally shot his load.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing and panting, John whispered to his wife,

"Happy birthday hun, I love you"

"Thank you babe; you’re the best, I love you too” she sighed.

“Now come home soon so I can thank you properly”

With his hard cock still throbbing inside Jo’s body, Vincent terminated the call on the mobile and removed the headset from Jo’s ear.

Jo’s body twitched as Vincent withdrew his long cock from her pussy.

Jo watched Vincent pull the sperm filled condom from his black shaft. She was amazed at how erect his cock still was.

"That was some birthday treat,” she said with a glint in her eye.

"Absent husband special," Vincent replied with a grin.

Jo stared at his black cock glistening with a mixture of sperm and condom lubricant.

“Come here, let me clean that up for you” Jo said, reaching for his cock.

Vincent pulled on his ebony shaft and offered it to Jo’s hungry mouth.

Jo licked and sucked on his cock, tasting his come. She felt the skin tighten as he started to harden in her mouth. Vincent let out a throaty sigh.

Still pulling on Vincent’s meat, Jo stood up and French kissed her black lover. As their tongues probed each other’s mouth, Vincent reached down and gently pushed two of his long fingers into Jo’s soaking wet slit.

Jo broke from their passionate kiss, and looking Vincent in the eye, said.

“How would you like to wish me a happy birthday now?”

Vincent simply replied,

“I was kind of hoping you’d ask.”

Jo turned around and crawled on to the bed on all fours, pointing her arse invitingly towards her lover.

Vincent knelt on the bed behind her and placed his hands onto Jo’s hips pulling her rear towards his throbbing shaft.

Jo felt his hot bulbous helmet nudging her labia; she reached between her legs with her hand and guided her lover’s cock into her vagina.

“I love to come in this position,” she purred.

Vincent placed the mobile on the bed next to Jo,

"Would you like to include your husband?" He said.

"Not this time," she said pushing her arse into Vincent’s hips.

"Maybe I'll tell him in detail when he gets home."

Jo groaned as she felt eight inches of ebony meat fill her pussy.

Vincent thrust his powerful hips until his ball sac slapped against her clitoris.

“Happy birthday Jo,” said Vincent.


© Copyright John November 2008

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