'Jacqui writes' features some of the sensual and erotic exchanges between sultry American beauty Jacqui Horn and her English Lover.

The full collection is available in the published work ''Letters to My English Lover''

A Day in the Life (F, stroke)  
A Quick Bath ( F, stroke)  
A Stranger and You (M+F, anal)  
Call (stroke)  
Jacqui Gets a Fisting (MF, fist)  
Jacqui Fisting Response (MF)  
The Coffee Shop (Rom)  
Critically Thinking (MF)  
Grapes (F, solo)  
Instantly Hot (F, solo)  
Missing You (MF, Bondage)  
Oil and Ass (Yours) I (MF)  
Oil and Ass (Yours) II (MF, oral, anal)  
On Being Nasty (F, solo)  
Problem (MF)  
Quickies (MF, oral)  
Sex On the Run (F solo, M solo)  
The Ice (MF)  
Three Feet High (MF, oral)  
Tied (F, solo)  

More stories coming ....

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