By Paris Grey
(Mf, Oral, Cheat)

Mr. Simpson surveyed his class. Upper Sixth. Not the most quietest of classes. They were the ones that no-one really wanted to teach, he knew that. They were much too old to be at school, really most of them were 18, and didn’t want to be there.

He started to hand out the English test he wanted them to complete, the whole exercise was quite futile, As they had already had their grades, but it was something to do with the school achievement scale, and He was instructed to do so by the head of year.

He noticed the time, it was three o’clock, he was glad it was almost the end of the day. He was tired, wanted a long soak in the bath and sit down to dinner with his fiancée Jenny. He did this most nights, and although it was very predictable it was comforting too.

Jenny, he thought, what a lovely girl, his mother loved her, Good cook, good partner, but he had to stop there, Jenny was nice, very pretty in fact, but she was totally inexperienced in the bedroom. Many a time he thought he was being daft, you can never have 100% in anything – he knew that. He just wished she was a bit more adventurous, she just lay there until he had finished screwing her, no movement, sound, nothing, about as un-erotic as it gets he thought. He fancied her, but her lack of sexual experience was hardly a turn on, and often much to his chagrin he imagined that he was fucking someone else. A sexy full bloodied woman that really wanted him, begged for him to fuck her with his hard cock. He felt stirrings at this thought and quickly had to disperse them.

At long last, it was home time. As the students lined out to go out he breathed a sign of relief, “Another day another dollar,” he thought. He was about to turn off the lights and go home when he saw Lucy still sitting at her desk. Lucy Collins was the most gorgeous and sexy girl in the school, and she knew it. She was a total blonde bombshell. She had thick blonde wavy hair, large baby blue eyes, tiny button nose and full pouty red lips. Her figure was the talk of the staff room. She was definitely a sexy woman, but, he had to remind himself, was still his pupil and, he was twice her age.

Mr. Simpson walked over her desk, “What’s the matter Lucy; it is home time you know?” Lucy stood up and shook her blond tussled hair, he immediately smelt her perfume, and he could not believe it, she was getting closer to him. He stepped back, was this a joke? Had someone set this up. He could imagine the rest of 6LG sniggering outside the classroom. For an 18 year old, Lucy appeared very confident. She leant in towards him, and kissed him briefly on his lips. He pulled back, startled “Lucy – what are you doing?”

But he knew, he saw the look in her eyes, not of a girl but of a woman, that wanted to be fucked. He could not believe it, if only Jenny would look at him like that. Lucy smiled. Her small pink tongue licked her juicy full lips, “Oh god!” He thought, I want her. I want to feel her tongue licking my cock, I want to screw her mouth. Mr. Simpson realised that there was no going back for him now.

He took Lucy by the hand and led her to the back of the classroom. He knew there was a very large store cupboard there, and they would not be disturbed. Inside he noticed, there was just enough room for both of them, but that seemed to just heighten the intimacy. He was really kissing her now, her soft pink tongue liaising with his. Her mouth was so soft and sensuous he could not get enough of her. He opened his mouth to say something but Lucy immediately put her fingers in his mouth. He began sucking them with a furiosity, he could not believe it he was already getting hard.

For someone so young she was a passionate and experienced kisser and he delighted in the small moans she made as he was kissing her. His hands found his way under her regulation white blouse, although on Lucy there was nothing “regulation” about it. It was about two sizes too small for her, undone as much as possible, showing off her ample cleavage. He released her bra from behind and began to touch her young firm tits. They were amazing, “What a woman” he thought. They were full and round, and as he slipped off Lucy’s school blouse, he saw her nipples rise to attention. He couldn’t help himself as he bent his head down and took each nipple in turn in his mouth and began to suck on them longingly. Her large red nipples grew even more in his mouth, and she moaned with such pleasure, he was so very turned on.


Lucy hands began to wonder too, he felt her toy with his belt, undo his fly, and he could not believe it, she had released him. Here he was in the store cupboard with a girl half his age about to fuck her. Well it must be my very lucky day he thought. His cock sprang to attention under Lucy’s experienced touch, she began to rub his shaft up and down, my goodness he thought, she must have had loads of practice. He groaned her name as she bent down and took his large prick in her mouth. What a sex goddess she was, she was sucking his cock really hard now, stopping at intervals to suck his balls and sometimes just to lick the shaft. He looked down, what an erotic vision, Lucy was topless, her gorgeous pert tits roaming free, her blonde head bobbing backwards and forwards as she sucked his prick.

He had heard rumours around the school that her nickname was “Juicy Lucy”, and he was going to find out if this was true. He pulled her off his cock, gently but very firmly by her hair and pulled her up to his height, she had the look of the cat that just swallowed the cream, well he wanted her to have the cream, but not in her mouth, in her cunt.

He started to undo her school skirt, again there was no “regulation” anything when it came to Lucy. It was extremely short, but then again, she had the legs to carry it off. Tanned and long and they were a spectacular shape. Lucy’s skirt slipped to the floor. Mr. Simpson’s breathing hastened as he gently moved her white panties to one side and slipped a finger into her pussy. She really was “Juicy Lucy” he thought, her pussy was really wet, and although she was not bald as he liked she had just a tiny “landing strip”, which he also found a great turn on.

He began kissing her neck and at the same time, slipped two of his fingers inside her. She moaned again, what a sexy woman she was, he began fucking her with his fingers, thrusting in and out, he felt her breathing hasten and knew he was arousing her greatly. He then withdrew his fingers and started kissing her all down her body, lower and lower, until he had reached his destiny. His tongue immediately snaked inside her, what a sweet and gorgeous pussy she had, he flicked her clit back and forwards, back and forwards, she was moaning and groaning now, he knew it was only a matter of time. Her clit was large and responded well to being licked, and when he gently sucked on it, she shuddered and came right in his mouth, grinding her cunt right into his face.

He stood up, Lucy even looked a bit embarrassed, “Are you ok?” he asked, not that he cared as he was going to fuck her anyway. She did not answer him, just turned around positioned herself, and in the dimness of the stockroom, he could see her wet inviting pussy. He plunged his rock hard cock into her, and began fucking her. He was in her so deep, she was so tight, he wanted to shoot his load, but he couldn’t chance it, what if she got pregnant, that was all he needed. He carried on screwing her, grabbing her arse in and out, in and out, savouring the moment, he could tell from her moans that she was enjoying being fucked, what a dirty sexy bitch she was, nothing like Jenny.

Unbelievably at that moment, he heard his phone ring and he stopped for a moment and picked it up off the floor. It was Jenny, he had to answer it, she probably wondered where he was. So with his cock rock hard and still inside Lucy he spoke to his fiancée. What a heel he was, but then again it felt so erotic he was too far gone to care.

“Sorry I will be late home Jenny, have a really disobedient sixth former that I had to give detention to. You have no idea of what she had put me through today”.

As he hung up he smirked to himself and fucked Lucy some more, until he almost had reached the point of no return, he then withdrew his cock turned Lucy around and spurted his creamy load all over her firm tits.

He realised afterwards that he was in a position to make detention a regular occurrence if he wanted, oh the perils of being a teacher, it was a hard life, very very hard, indeed….


© Copyright August 2008 Paris Grey

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