Second Coming
By Alice
(MF, oral, rom)

I'm nervous as I wait for you to arrive, but this time I am far more excited. Excited because this time I know how good it's going to be. You have just phoned to say you're off the motorway so I know I have about ten minutes until you arrive.

The last and first time we were together was 3 months ago and I've relived it many, many times as I know you have since then. It had been amazing and even though we were relative strangers and both incredibly nervous, you had made me cum within about 15 minutes of arriving. The very thought of it again and I feel my pussy grow wet with anticipation.

There's a knock at the door. Where did those 10 minutes go? As I open the door, you sweep me into your arms and kiss me passionately. Eventually we break apart and I close the door behind you. 'Hello' I say, slightly breathless already.

We go into the kitchen and I start to make coffee. Your arms are around me and you kiss the back of my neck, slowly turning me around so you can kiss my lips again. It feels heavenly, our tongues dancing together, your arms around me holding me tightly. Our bodies pressed together, we continue kissing deeply for ages, our hands gently roaming each others bodies. Part of me wants this to continue forever but another part of me, deep inside is hungry for more.

The coffee forgotten, we move to the sofa, you sit back and I straddle you and we continue kissing. I can feel your cock growing harder through your jeans and you start to unbutton my shirt, kissing your way down to my breasts. I am so turned on already and quickly shrug off my shirt. Your hands go behind me to unfasten my bra and as my breasts are released you cup them in your hands and gently flick your tongue across each nipple. I gasp with pleasure which you take as encouragement to lick and suck some more.

I grind myself down onto your cock and whisper in your ear 'Lets go upstairs'

We hurry up the stairs and into my bedroom. We stand and kiss for a few moments before you gently push me back onto the bed. You lie next to me kissing my neck, playing with my nipples. Then you sit up and pull off my jeans so I am only left wearing my black panties. You then continue licking and sucking my nipples, only stopping to kiss me deeply. I can hardly breathe, I am so turned on, my panties are wet and I'm aching for your hand to be in them.

As if you read my mind your hand strays down to stroke the front of my panties and I know you can feel how wet I am. You continue to stroke me through the fabric and I wriggle about trying to make my clit rub against your hand.

Our movements are becoming more urgent now. I have unbuttoned your jeans and my hand is gripped around your hard cock. Your hand slips into my panties and you rub a finger along my slick lips gently brushing my clit. Your head moves lower as you kiss your way down my body, removing my panties and parting my thighs in one easy movement as your head come to rest between them. I realise that I'm holding my breath, waiting for this moment, waiting to feel your tongue in my wetness. And now the wait is over. Your tongue licks gently but firmly, pushing my lips apart, drinking in my juices. You lap eagerly, my hips rocking as I thrust myself up into your mouth. Your lips cover my clit and you start to gently suck it. I can feel my juices pouring from me and you lick them up not wanting to waste any. I'm very close to coming now and the ache inside me needs more than your tongue. 'I want you inside me' I groan and try to sit up. You try to keep licking but I need your cock in me now. I push you down onto your back and straddle you, my pussy hovering over your cock. I love this moment….. as I lower myself onto your cock. You fill me completely, our bodies are made for each other, and I stay still for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of you inside me. You hold onto my hips and start to thrust slowly, I move my hips up and down in rhythm to yours. I lean forwards and grip the headboard, the slight change in position means I can grind my clit against you. Suddenly it's all too much, my orgasm takes me by surprise, I writhe and grind against you and you hold me tight, letting me take my pleasure. I can actually feel my pussy contracting and squeezing your cock…..'Don't cum yet' I plead with you. 'I'll try not to, but I might not have any choice soon' is your reply.

We are still now, your cock still inside me and I'm collapsed on your chest. Every so often an aftershock twitches through me, gripping your cock. I slowly raise myself up, your cock slipping out of me. I move down and gently lick the head, I want to take it slowly but I just can't wait to take you in my mouth. I open my lips as wide as I can and lower my head down as far as I can, only then do I close my lips in a tight grip around your shaft. You taste so good, a heady combination of my juices and your maleness. I grip your shaft tightly with my fingers; you're slippery with my juices and saliva, and start to move my head up and down, keeping my lips tightly round you. I swirl my tongue around the head and suck hard. I feel you swell in my mouth, I want your cum so badly. I look up to see you watching me. I smile at you and lick from the base to the tip of your cock, taking you into my hot, wet, tight mouth. I hear you gasp and I know I've got you on the edge. Now it's time to take you over. I suck hard, you moan and thrust, your hands grip my hair and I feel that first spasm as your hot cream fills my mouth. I try to swallow as you keep pumping into my mouth. There's so much, I struggle to keep it in. I gulp it all down as finally you stop. I lick and gently suck your twitching cock as its hardness gradually subsides. Then I crawl back up the bed, we kiss and I lay my head on your chest. I can hear your heart pounding in rhythm to mine and we both just lay there unable to speak, getting our breath back before we begin again.

© Copyright 2008 Alice

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