My Stories    
Last night (MF, oral) In my dreams
Coming Home (MF, wl, oral) Coming home. What a greeting...!
Waking Up (MF) What a way to start the day
Action Man (F,toys) The perfect Man??
The Shower (MF) Following the events after I've showered
Under Cover (MF, job, oral) Hidden Love....
In the Bath (Msolo) As I lay there my thoughts wander.
He-Mail (MF, dream, oral) He Mail or Male?....
Thinking Of You (MF, dream, oral) In my mind we are together again.
Meeting You (MF, rom, oral) Meeting a friend while away on a business trip
Ten O'Clock (MF, job) One of my early stories
Horny (F, dream) There are times when you just get that feeling
Letter to Sam (M, dream) My reply to an offer of dinner
Hot (exhib, Fsolo, Msolo) Stuck in traffic on a hot summers day. What's a girl to do..?
Deborah (MF, cheat, oral) Stephen is a guest at Deborah's house.
I Miss You (F, dream) My first attempt at writing from the female perspective.
Slave MDomF (mild) You'll do anything to get my ....
Playing With Fire (MF, oral, nc, preg) You take a risk and you get burned
Need (MF, oral, preg) Nature clock produces a need that drives a desire so strong.
Private Treatment (MF, oral, job) Just what the Doctor ordered..
My Thoughts (MF, dream) At night I dream of you..
Feeling Better (MF, rom, oral) Massaging away the pain.
Fuck Toy (MF, spank, mild dom, oral) You are willing to submit to my desires....
Next Week (MF, oral) Looking forward to a reunion with a lover.
Please (MF, oral) Teasing her to Orgasm.
Snowy Night (MF, rom, oral) Keeping hot while it's cold outside.


These stories are the work of my imagination and reproduction without permission is strictly Prohibited. Copies lodged at ASSTR to establish copyright.


Last Update 19th February 2017