Shop Fitter
By Dave Clarke
(MFF, oral)

I work as a shop fitter and had been busy for about four weeks fitting out a new hair salon in the town near to where I live. I was part of a workforce for the first three weeks whilst we completed the downstairs section so it could reopen, the upstairs was near to completion but just needed the finishing touches such as mirrors, painting and just generally finishing off so it could also be used by the staff who were still using the companies old salon a short distance away..

In the first week we saw one or two of the female members of staff who dropped in to see how the new salon was coming on, by the second week more and more staff dropped by especially during their lunch hour the girls loved to speculate as to who would be allocated which area of the salon as their section, they also loved to get out onto the roof and get some sun as it was an area that was not overlooked by any other property and was a sun trap, this area was to be used by staff when finished as an extension on the tea room.

By week three we knew the girls by name and I found myself attracted to two of the girls especially both of whom were very friendly, I shall call them Gemma a young lady of 19 only 5'1 tall very slim but with very large breasts for her size and long blonde hair who was engaged, then there was Michelle the deputy manager) a brunette, about 5'6 and slim who was married with two children (I am married and in my 30s). It was difficult to see the girls real figure as they wore Black shirts and either black skirts or trousers, I did notice that Michelle had great legs and always wore nice heels.

In the fourth week the staff moved in on the lower floor and business commenced and I saw little of the girls as the boss tried to keep them from visiting me so I would work harder and not get distracted, I did though see most of the girls during their lunch as they took it in turns to sit out on the roof in the mid day sun which was very very hot. On about the Thursday whilst I took my lunch on the roof in just my shorts both Gemma and Michelle joined me, we chatted and I could feel my cock was distracted by the girls short skirts and very tight shirts which they had both loosened to get some sun on their chest and tops of their tits, this did not go unnoticed so I took the decision to return to work, when the girls passed through the room I was working on their way back to the ground floor they commented on my bulge and sniggered as they left me.

The Friday arrived and it was to be my last day I ensured everything was complete but had to work past the end of the working day for the salon so I was left to lock up which was normal. By seven thirty I was finished and dived into the shower ( I had the permission of the boss) as I was going out with some friends I knew I had the place to myself and all the blinds were drawn so I did not have to worry about being seen in the building naked. I emerged from the shower room just wrapped in a towel having dried myself off and there stood Gemma and Michelle who must have let themselves in the back door using Michelle's keys, My mouth dropped and I did not know what to say, Gemma was dressed in a white short skirt , and green boob tube that showed off her big breasts with nipples erect and high wedge shoes, Michelle was in a denim shirt open to the waist and no bra, black shorts and black strappy stilettos, and I could see she had a great pair of firm breasts. Once again my cock was swelling and Michelle was the first to break the ice, simply by saying the corny line do you need some help with that, I mumbled not knowing what was going on as Michelle ripped off my towel, I tried to cover my cock but it was hopeless and Michelle wrapped her hand round it and rubbed it gently to an erection as I asked what was all this for, the reply was that this was their way of saying thanks for my hard work.

Michelle dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth sucking biting and kissing my length, I placed my hands on her head to help her seduce me and I knew I was not going to last as long as I would have liked, Michelle stopped and beckoned Gemma to have a go, she pulled off her top and knelt before me and with a big smile took over from Michelle, I was in heaven and now had Michelle behind me kissing my back and neck and groping my arse as well as rubbing her now naked tits into my back and it was all that that sent me over the edge and I shot my load into Gemma's mouth, I expected her to pull off but she just swallowed every drop and sucked me dry. Gemma got back to her feet gave me a huge kiss, allowed me one last feel of her tits and she was gone, she had a date with her boyfriend, I hope she got some mints so he did not smell my cum in her mouth.

Michelle remained and we decided to get dressed and go for a drink, we then went back to her mother's house who was away for the weekend and had really great sex, pleasuring each other and we still see each other for sex whenever we can.


Copyright Dave Clarke October 2008

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