The Bridge

They had been talking for hours in the dark corner of the wine bar. The soft light radiating from the candle in the centre of the wooden table illuminated the corners of her lips as she smiled. He sat back in the chair sipping the last whiskey from a tumbler, she lent forward on the table subtlety caressing the blue glass candle stick between her palms, an empty wine glass catching the glow of the disturbed flame flickering beside her. He places his empty glass on the table and touches the back of her hand with his fingers, her eyes clicked in to his gaze and she softly smiled. “I must get you home” he says, “it’s late” she replies.

He stands and takes her hand, they walk slowly across the black and white chequered floor. The reflection catching her long blonde hair as she crossed the tiles. He opens the heavy glass door and closely observes the motion of her body as she steps into the dark street.

They walk toward the old bridge through the dimly lit stone streets, his hand linked with hers. The conversation re-igniting from inside the wine bar, the words passed naturally between them. They reached the centre of the old stone bridge he quickly moves in front of her, stopping her instantly. She looks up, his warm hand touches her soft cheek and he locks his lips with hers. She closes her eyes and sighs gently as he runs his hand slowly along her arm.

Time stood still and an torrent of pleasurable emotions ran through her body like an electric shock. His lips suddenly broke from hers and he grasps her hand firmly. He pushes against the door of the toll booth that stood at the end of the bridge, it creaked open. He pulls her inside, spins her around and sat her on the empty desk with one smooth action. Her gasp of surprise was met with his assertive lips. She passionately wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer.

The kiss was much more passionate than before. His fingers tracing her backbone undoing each button on her red dress as he went. Her legs hook onto his as she shrugs her dress from her shoulders. It slips away uncovering a black lace bra holding her ample breasts. She pushes him back and stands up allowing the red dress to fall to the floor. He is fixed in position, speechless as his eyes caressing every part of her semi-naked body.

She takes a step towards him and grasps his shoulder, she pulls his lips to hers with one hand. Her breasts pressing against his torso. She reaches forward and caresses his firm penis through his trousers, he presses his lips tighter to hers. She unbuttons his trousers, they sink to the floor. He tugs at his underwear as she starts to unbutton his shirt from the bottom up, the kiss rising in passion more and more.

His emotions burst and he flings his arms around her and lifts her back on to the desk, her legs gripping around his waist and his lips caressing her neck. He runs his fingers across her breast, she moans as he grips her soft nipple between his fingers. He moves his eyes into her gaze and kisses her deeply, his hand slips between her legs and gently rubs against her. She pushes back against his hand with her hips. Her pussy felt warm through her black pantys, his hand exploring the contours of her moistening underwear.

Her lips pick up pace, he pulls her wet pantys to one side and pushes his hard penis inside her, deeper with each thrust. She breaks from his lips and softly sinks her teeth into his shoulder. She whimpered as she firmly clamps his skin through the fabric of the unbuttoned shirt. He grinds his hips in to hers, her teeth tightening, fingers digging deeper in to his back. His motion was becoming faster, she threw her head back and breathed out. “don’t stop” she muttered with her eyes locked into his.

He runs the back of his finger down the side of her face, she grips his finger with her soft lips as it passes. He reaches for her breast and kisses her neck softly. He slowly moves his mouth toward her chest. Cupping her right breast and teasing her erect nipple with his fingers. She moans and twists her body, her hands firmly on his back.

He pulls his penis out of her and moves down her body. She tries to hold him, her nails clawing in to his back. she moves her hips and rubs her aching pussy against him as he moves down her body. He kisses slowly all the way down her chest to her navel. He hooks his arms under her legs and burys his head into her glistening pussy. She writhes around gripping his head as he vigorously pleasures her. Her body shudders, her legs hold his head tightly. She lets out a loud gasp and slumps back on to the table. Her skin beaded in sweat, breathing quickly.

She Sits up and kisses him deeply. His penis still hard and aching for her. He gently pushes her down on to the table and pressed his stiff member against her pussy. He slips inside, she gasps loudly as his full length pushes deep inside. She moans more as his speed increases. she holds him tightly as he thrusts himself inside her.

The room fills with a warmth of passion, she shudders underneath him once again, her arms grip him tightly. He pushes himself deep inside her and groans as he moves his lips to her soft neck. She moans and her muscles weaken, He relaxes and softly kisses her. They lie there almost motionless for what felt like an eternity. their eyes fixed together, lips entwined.


© Copyright MH November 2008

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