Job Satisfaction
By Judy Michaels
(MF, job, cheat, F solo, M solo, oral)

I went to work expecting a normal day full of the same old tedium that are prolific in any office work place. The answering of mundane questions that the person believes are so important that nothing else matters. Talking to anally retentive managers on the phones that need their noses wiping because their report is going to be late. Anyone who has worked in one knows how boring it can be, so today when she walked in everything else could go hang as far as I was concerned.

A new office intern had started and I couldn’t stop looking at her. She was African with a smooth ebony skin. Her almond shaped brown eyes above a small nose but large red glossed lips, her high cheek bones accentuated further as she smiled her brilliant white teeth, with her silky black hair finishing just below her shoulders.

I carried on drinking in her image, her tight white blouse displaying her full breasts, the lines of her bra just being visible holding them firmly. Her waist was slim as I followed her lines down over her rounded hips and pert bottom, down following her long legs and shapely calves looking firm in her high heels. I could feel myself getting hornier by the moment as she turned to her desk and sat down I could clearly see under her desk as her skirt slipped open and she crossed her legs revealing shear black hold up stockings. I watched as she made herself comfortable, her legs sliding over each other as she crossed her ankles under the chair, in her little alcove.

She seemed a little fidgety as she kept moving, her skirt riding higher until the tops of her hold-ups were visible, then slowly she parted her legs. I watched transfixed as she looked around seeing if anyone was watching, her hand slipping under the table and between her thighs. I couldn’t believe on her first day she was frigging herself off in her cubicle, rubbing her crotch. I felt my cock straining to be released and encouraged by this display I unzipped my fly and pulled it out underneath the desk and proceeded to pull myself off as I watched her.

Suddenly my line manager came by. I let go of my cock wincing slightly as it sprang up against the cold underside of my workstation. Did I have that report finished?? She wanted to know. I took a hasty look across at the new arrival, she was straightening her skirt but her eyes were locked on me, repeatedly glancing down under my desk, eyes widening. I gave the report to my manager and watched her leave, then turning my gaze back to the intern I pushed my I smiled and began to stroke my shaft again. At first I thought Id scared her off but slowly she reclined in her chair and parted her legs. The skirt slid open along its middle letting her thighs open to my eyes all the way up to her black silken thong which was wet and sticking to the outline of her lips. I began to stroke faster as one of her hands reached down and began to rub herself hard whilst the other moved up to cup her breast. I could feel my balls tightening as she pulled her panties to the side revealing her red swollen lips flushed with heat before plunging them inside her cunt.

It was too much, I had to stifle my groan as I shot my spunk up against the underside of my desk, I came again as she herself reached her limit, her legs splaying wide as her mouth formed a silent oh, both hands holding her pussy.

I looked at her and could see her smiling at me; she mouthed a Hello, and then a thank you as she straightened herself up. I had just got myself sat straight and was trying to stuff my reluctant jack in the box away when the bitch returned asking if I could give a over view of the report to a meeting taking place in the offices upstairs. A little flustered I said I needed a minute to finish a job in hand and Id be straight up. She left my cubicle and I hurriedly tidied myself away, the new intern smiling suppressing a laugh. As I went by I smiled and she blew me a kiss.

I caught up with my manager as she came out of her office, her red business suit setting off her curly red hair. After asking if I was ready we went to the lift and got in pressing the up button to the floor above. The doors closed and we began to move only for the lift to stop. We looked at each other just before the lights went out plunging us into darkness. Cursing she fumbled past me and tried to reach the emergency phone, but her first attempt was my still hard cock which she tried to pull to her ear. I gasped in response and she let go as if shed touched a live wire. She mumbled a sorry and this time got the right dog and bone. After giving details the details of what was happening the emergency light came on giving everything a blue tinge. She said that the engineer was on his way but he was in traffic and could be a while. I just nodded watching as she rubbed her hand and repeatedly looked at me, her eyes flicking to my crotch.

It was getting warm so I took off my jacket, she did the same and the effect was instant. The light seemed to make her blouse transparent for her bra could easily be seen beneath it. She turned towards me unaware I was able to see her deep plunge bra and the swell of her impressive breasts. Not now I thought as my cock began to harden. I shifted uncomfortably which she noticed, looking down at her blouse she gasped in realisation of what Id seen. She turned away struggling to put her jacket back on cursing to herself and apologising out loud. I stepped up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders telling her it was alright, that she looked wonderful and that she had nothing to be sorry for. She’d stop short of buttoning up her jacket as she listened to me putting her at ease. I said that she should be proud of her figure. She looked over her shoulder at me and said I was only being nice because she was my boss,

I looked back and said that hadn’t even entered my mind. She looked at me trying to gauge what to do next. Gently I pulled open her jacket and let it slide off her shoulders onto the floor. She looked down at herself as her see through blouse allowed me to see her bra in the reflection of the lifts full length mirrors once again. My hands came up to hold her waist before kissing her neck softly. She said that we shouldn’t be doing this, it was a conflict of interest. My hands moved up to cup her breasts, feeling the silky embroidery of her bra and the heavy firmness underneath. I told her she was my only interest right here, right now!

She lent back into me as I began to undo her blouse, she reached over her head to pull mine down onto her neck again. I kissed her shoulder as her blouse opened my hands moved up stroking her soft mounds hearing her groan, then grabbing the lace edging of her cups I pulled them down letting her tits spring up and free. She pushed her bottom back against my throbbing cock, swaying it from side to side. I growled instinctively, my hands moved to the hem of her short skirt and pulled it upwards over her waist. I looked at her in the mirror her head resting backwards on my shoulder, her nipples hard and erect as she began to tease them herself. My hand moved down over her thong, she was so damp, I pushed some fingers inside the flimsy panties and parted her swollen lips. She murmured my name over and over again as my fingers slipped and slid over her swollen hot clit, her juices coating my fingers. I moved my other hand down to my fly and undid the zip I reached in to pull out my hard cock. She felt me push it between her firm thighs making me groan loudly as it slipped between such soft skin. She bent forward gripping her ankles, there was no need for explanation it was clear what she wanted. I gripped her hips and slid my cock along her crack finding her hot wet entrance, making her curse such rude things, and then gently I pushed my penis deep into her cunt. The feeling was exquisite tight and deep she took my length as she breathed out groaning until my balls slapped against her arse.

“Oh fuck yes!” she said as she began to pant in time with my thrusts. “You and I are going to have to work some late nights. Ah ahh ah!”

I leant forward to grab her tits and pulling her upright, her hands pressing against the wall so she could thrust her hips back against mine, increased my rhythm.

“AAh you’re so hard! My husband has never done me like this aaaAAAH!” she cried out.

Her pussy was tightening around my shaft making me buck as her cunt wanked me off. She was incredible; I could feel her moist folds sliding firmly along my cock with each stroke drawing me nearer and nearer to the top. Her pussy gave me one more hard squeeze as she came making me loose all control and shooting my spunk deep inside her cunt I rode out my orgasm feeling my balls squeeze tightly sending another semen shot down my cock into her pussy as she groaned loudly grinding down on my cock.

I kissed her neck and withdrew myself, moving round to her front I looked her in the eyes and kissed her deeply feeling her respond, what a woman she wanted more. I began to sink down on my knees pulling her panties down as I went suddenly there was a bang from above. We stopped and looked up. A voiced called down; it was the engineers saying that they’d have us out soon. She looked down at me with a look of shock and confusion as to what to do next. I made that decision up for her and continued on my journey, she hissed that we should stop but I ignored her as I placed one of her legs over my shoulder. Pleading with me to stop, that we could be caught. fired, my hands sliding up the back of her smooth legs to cup her bottom, then pulling her forward onto my face. She gasped out loud as I opened my mouth, my hot breath causing her lips to redden with her heat, my tongue slid over her lips, parting them and allowing her clit to be found. I rubbed the tip of my tongue hard over her little button, tasting her tangy sweet juices as they ran over my face. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face harder against her cunt, I felt my self being smothered by her pussy, such an intoxicating sensation as a woman fights to maintain some control. I was about to make sure she lost it entirely. As she thrust hard against my head again, I used my hands to spread her arse cheeks wide. I began to slide my fingers gently up and down the crack of her arse slowly centring on her arsehole. Into this I pushed the tip of my finger feeling her buck hard against my mouth as I continue to tongue her pussy. She hissed a plaintive “No!” I asked if she wanted me to stop. “Fuck” she said, and then “Get a move on.”

My mouth latched back onto her pussy as she grabbed her tits again, then at the same time my tongue slid into her pussy as my finger did her ass. She went crazy as I licked her sweet walls of her vagina, my tongue sliding along the roof of her silky wet cunt while my finger stroked her from the other side. I felt the first contractions of her orgasm start, and then savagely she pulled my face up tightly against her cunt as I continued to tongue and finger fuck her. Groaning harshly under her breath she road the waves of her passion on my face as her body convulsed with her orgasm. Gently she slowed as her lust subsided and her grip loosened on my head. I delicately pulled her panties back up, smoothing them against her pussy with the palm of my hand. She looked deeply into my eyes as I straighten her skirt down and did up the buttons on her blouse, giving her breasts a soft stroke. She removed from her bag some wipes which she used on my face. Then I kissed her deeply and said thank you as she squeezed my cock whilst she put it away. She said that my overtime would have to be looked into and upgraded for any future out of hours I did. I said that wasn’t necessary as I enjoyed my work. She smiled as her eyes sparkled back. The lift smelt of our heavy musk from our lovemaking. She took out a perfume spray and squirted it around the lift just as the doors opened. She looked around before saying that next time I fart could I wait until I was outside before turning briskly and going back to her office.

They day was drawing to a close people were packing up and going home. It was late and dark outside, I had been given one extra task which my manager volunteer me for, winking at me as she said to her boss it would be finish tomorrow. He was quite firm that it had to be ready by the next day otherwise someone would be sorting out mail downstairs for the rest of their employment with the company. I knew what she had in mind that evening but was a bit pissed off when her husband turned up to take her out for a surprised dinner. She mouthed a sorry at me as they passed my desk; I watched them go, a smile eventually spreading over my face as the lift doors closed behind them. It won’t be the same if the lift brakes down again I thought.

I turned back to my work, oh well an evening of number crunching and statistical bollocks, I bloody will book the overtime for this. One by one the lights in the other parts of the office went off as people went home. I noticed that intern had gone about fifteen minutes ago and she had taken her time smoothing her skirt and blouse with her hands running down over her firm breasts, caressing her stomach, before finally stroking them over her round arse. She put her jacket over her arm and her bag over her shoulder, then smiled at me as she walked by towards the door knowing full well she had more than aroused my interest again.

What she didn’t know was how sore I felt, but as I hardened all I could think of was to sink my cock into her ass. This daydreaming wasn’t getting the work done, so with a great amount of thought, I tried to concentrate on the job in hand. It was quite impossible with my burgeoning cock wanting to play. Looking around I could see I was the last one there, so I relaxed back in my chair and slowly pulled my flies open. My cock felt wonderfully sore as I massaged its hardening length making me groan as it lengthened, its tip becoming swollen and a dark red. I closed my eyes and pushed back from the desk as I increased the rhythm.

“I hope that’s for me.”

My eyes flew open; it was the intern standing across the desk from me slowly tracing the plunging neckline of her blouse before walking closer undoing its buttons. Sod the overtime I thought, I do so fucking love my job.


© Copyright 2008 Judy Michaels

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