The Birthday Present
By Paris Grey
(MMF, Oral, Cheat, Voy)

Peter sat on the train with “that magazine” firmly in his breast suit pocket. He would ring the number like he promised, but he still felt very anxious. He had purposely gone into work early, so he would not be disturbed, so he could make this phone call. He was not sure how exactly he had agreed to it, but he knew this was what Sally wanted, this was her biggest fantasy.

They had been sitting in the garden when the subject came up. It was late and they were having a real “heart to heart” over a bottle of wine at the time. Maybe the alcohol had loosened their tongues; well it had certainly loosened hers. Sally had hinted at her fantasy a few times before, but not until now had she expressed such a graphic interest in it.

Maybe it was because her birthday was coming up, she felt she would try something different, he didn’t know, but she had always gone to extremes, Sally never wanted anything out the ordinary.

As he knew what her fantasy was he wasn’t at all surprised when she ran through it again. Basically, she wanted him to come home and find her being screwed by another man. However, as part of the fantasy, Peter was not allowed to say anything, he just had to watch. Of course this “man” had to be younger and fitter than him, not older than 30. Sally also showed a preference for a mixed race man. The thought of his wife having her brains fucked out by a younger man really turned him on, but concerned him as well, she would probably enjoy it a bit too much for his liking. However, they had agreed, this would be her birthday present, a “one off”.

Peter rang the number; his heart was in his mouth. A well spoken man answered, they discussed times, prices, etc. and that was it, it was done. The “deed” was to be done this Saturday – it had been expensive but Peter felt well worth the money to see his wife fucked really hard...

He was nervous and excited, by the time Saturday came, and of course had told Sally what to expect. Peter would go out at around eight, and Ricardo would arrive. Sally loved Spanish men, He had found out that Ricardo was 29 and had served in the Spanish army – very macho, just as she liked!

By the time Peter was ready to go out, he noticed Sally had got herself ready. She was wearing a really short skirt and tight black top, and was in full make up. She had taken more care and attention over her appearance than normal, and that jarred him a little bit, why make such an effort for a total stranger, he thought. Sally was a very attractive woman, she had kept her figure in good shape and she often got lots of looks when they went out. He was also sure he overheard his son’s friends discussing her as a “hot woman!” on more than one occasion.

Sally smiled as she closed the door behind Peter, “go on go” she thought, she was so excited she could hardly contain herself. Her “present” was going to be wonderful, and although she loved Peter she wanted to be desired as the hot and horny woman that she was. She wanted to feel another man’s cock in her, thrusting in and out really hard, and she wanted Peter to watch.

Her underwear only heightened her excitedness. It was a very sheer black teddy, which zipped down the front, almost see through, it was a little bit too small and her tits were shown off to their best advantage, her generous cleavage showing. She’d even had a “Hollywood” for the occasion. Even though it had hurt, she knew that Peter would love it, and it would be her thank you present to him for a wonderful birthday present!

Sally jumped as the doorbell rang. She ran downstairs to let Ricardo in. He was everything in her fantasy that she desired, tall, dark, muscular and very very sexy. When she opened the door, she noted he had a rose in his teeth, and although this would have been funny on Peter, on Ricardo it was just as sexy as hell. He was so good looking, no wonder he was a male escort, he really was a gorgeous specimen. He was wearing a dark black evening suit and looked wonderful.


She led him straight to the bedroom; there was really no need for pleasantries. Ricardo laid Sally down on the bed and began kissing her neck. He was kissing it so softly, like a tiny butterfly; it was so scintillating and erotic. His hands crept under her top and he very quickly had it removed until she was laying there in her teddy. With his teeth he pulled down the straps until her tits were revealed in all their glory. Sally knew that her tits were good still. Peter loved her nipples wanted to suck on them for hours. Ricardo was no different he was sucking both of her breasts one at a time. Sally felt moist already in her pussy, she really wanted a good seeing to, and knew she was going to get it.

As he was sucking on her nipples, she felt Ricardo’s cock through his trousers pressing on her leg. “My goodness he was a big boy” she thought and couldn’t wait to take his cock in her mouth and suck him. She wanted to swallow his cum, but, she reminded herself, where was Peter, he had to be there? He had to watch.

As if he could read her mind, she suddenly noticed Peter was standing at the foot of the bed. He said nothing at all, as Ricardo worked his way down Sally’s body, with tiny butterfly kisses. He gently peeled the rest of her teddy away, and Peter could only stop himself gasping as he totally removed all his wife’s clothes and left her naked. He had never seen her in such a state of arousal, his own wife, there she was naked before him. Her nipples were large and swollen; her breasts looked full and more rounded than he had ever seen. Her pussy was gorgeous, he couldn’t believe it, after all the years he had been asking her to shave her cunt, she had totally removed all her hair and was totally bald. Peter was so aroused at his wife laid bare for all to see. He felt his cock spring to attention. He knew that it would not be him that was fucking her but another man, and it turned him on.

Sally was in heaven, she knew that her husband was watching, she knew from the look in Ricardo’s eyes that he was very much aroused, and she noticed from the bulge in her husband’s trousers that he was too.

Peter could only watch as Ricardo began kissing Sally’s inner thighs, getting higher and higher until he had reached her bald pussy. He watched as Ricardo began to lick his wife’s cunt. He watch Sally moan and grip Ricardo’s head pushing her pussy deep into his face. He was right; this was the most perfect birthday present for his wife. He watched his wife, watched her face contort with pleasure, he saw her cum, his own wife right on the face of another man, it was such a turn on.

Sally caught her breath, what an amazing orgasm Ricardo had just given her. Now, she wanted him to fuck her in full view of Peter. As she helped him out of his trousers and boxers, she caught Peter intendly looking at his “package”. Ricardo was a very well endowed young man, and although she was more interested in quality than quantity, she could only but appreciate the beauty of Ricardo’s manhood.

Peter could not take his eyes of Sally as she took Ricardo’s cock in her mouth. She was really good at giving head, and was making an extra special effort with this man. To watch his own wife being fucked in the mouth by another man might be too much for most to watch, but Peter was mesmerized... She was sucking his prick with such a longing and Ricardo had the most amazing erection, Peter felt extremely jealous.

It’s now or never Sally thought, and as she sat back up, she said “fuck me, Ricardo, fuck me while my husband watches, fuck me really hard”.

Ricardo’s cock sunk deep into his wife, what a slut his wife could be, there was always that dark side to her that he never quite fathom out. Whereas most of the men he knew their wives were quite sedate and hated porn and rude talk, Sally just seemed to thrive on it. Ricardo was really fucking his wife now, in and out, in and out his cock thrusted, she was moaning and groaning, to see another man fucking his own wife was very erotic. He was kissing her neck at the same time; he knew how much Sally loved that...


Peter marvelled at the man’s stamina, he was relentless in fucking Sally, he kept on pounding her and pounding her, making her moan with passion. For a second he locked eyes with his wife, he could tell from the glint in them she was having the time of her life. She had her legs wrapped around Ricardo’s neck, giving him the maximum she could give him. Peter knew how good this felt and was very envious of Ricardo.

Sally didn’t want it to stop, but she felt Ricardo’s breathe hasten she knew he was coming, she felt him tense and then moan her name as his milky cum shot deep inside her. It was all very irresponsible, sex without a condom, but she had been totally carried away by this gorgeous man, and couldn’t have helped herself if she tried...

Peter sat in the darkened lounge for a long time after Ricardo had left. He treated himself to a large whiskey. He was glad he had given Sally the birthday present she wanted; he wanted her to be happy. Actually, it was his birthday next month; maybe Sally could give him an extra special birthday present. Yes that would be nice he thought as he picked up “that magazine” again…


© Copyright August 2008 Paris Grey

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