Champagne On Ice
By Sarah Jane
(FF, oral)

The finishing touches, I thought, as I poured the baby oil into my hands and started to rub it up and down my smooth legs. I was feeling so horny that I couldn’t resist letting my fingers slip onto my freshly shaved pussy. No, I thought, I will wait for later. As Rob always said, a pleasure delayed is a pleasure doubled.

I slipped the black silk dress over my head and couldn’t resist a little smirk as I looked in the mirror. I knew I looked great. The dress fitted me like a second skin and showed off my figure fantastically, with my marvellous cleavage taking centre stage. This really was going to be a birthday to remember. Rob had told me to meet him at the American Bar in the Savoy, and to dress sexily as he had some surprises in store for the night ahead. My mind was full of ideas as to what Rob could possibly be planning and my pussy throbbed as each scenario I imagined became more outrageous.

I strode confidently into the bar, full of anticipation, ordered a glass of champagne and sat down, ready for Rob and whatever lay ahead. Just as my champagne arrived my phone beeped. It was a text from Rob saying he was going to be at least half an hour late. Suddenly my mood changed. I hated being in bars on my own, it made me feel vulnerable, particularly when I was dressed and ready for sex.

I looked around and spotted a woman sitting on her own. “Hi” I said “would you mind if I joined you”. “Of course” she said “these places can be uncomfortable on your own, can’t they, particularly for a woman as attractive as you”.

It was only when I sat down that I looked at her and noticed how attractive she was herself. She had the palest of skin, without any blemishes, and cascading copper hair which reached right down her back. Most eye catching of all, she had wonderful breasts which were only just contained within a fitted white blouse.

“They are rather marvellous aren’t they”, she giggled, as I suddenly realised I had been staring at her breasts for the last minute or so. She looked me straight in the eye and said “I do hope you are trying to pick me up, I just thought you were seeking refuge from all those men”. Her comment caught me off guard and I blushed, not knowing what to say. She really was beautiful and I had long held a fantasy about being seduced by an experienced woman but could this really be happening now and to me?

I was completely tongue tied, but knew instinctively that I had to grab this opportunity. Instead of replying I leant across the table and brushed my hand across her chest. The mischievous grin on her face in reply told me exactly what she had in mind.

“Come sit next to me” she said, “I think we will have more fun that way”. Feeling nervous, excited and naughty in equal measure I moved round the table. The hairs on my arm were tingling in anticipation of her touch. As I sat down she placed her hand on my thigh, feeling the smooth silk of my dress. She then ran her hand from my knees up to my waist and I could feel the juices in my pussy starting to flow at the thought of what might lay ahead.

“What a lovely smooth profile you have my darling” she said “you appear to have no knickers on”. Too embarrassed to reply I followed suit and ran my hand up her thigh and realised that she did have underwear on and was wearing my favourite, stockings and suspenders. Reading my mind she answered for me. “Yes, I am wearing underwear” she said “in fact it is new underwear which I just bought to show my date. What a shame he’s not here on time to see it, I suppose I will have to find someone else to appreciate it”.

Looking cool and composed, as if nothing unusual were going on, she called the waiter over. “Could we have two more glasses of champagne and some iced water please” she asked. She then turned to me and said “I think we need to cool down, don’t you”. I was so flustered that I didn’t even bother to reply but just stared at her with my mind just full of delicious images of me and her together, alone.

The waiter brought the drinks over. As I gulped down the champagne, to steady my nerves, she picked up her iced water. She took a sip, popped an ice cube in her mouth and then dropped it into her palm. Before I knew what was happening she slipped her hand under the table and very gently pushed my dress above my knees and started sliding the ice cube up my thigh. I could feel her fingers and the ice cube edging their way tantalisingly close to my pussy. Once at the top she slowed down and pushed the cube towards my lips. My pussy was screaming in anticipation of what she was going to do next.

Using one finger to push my lips apart she then used the rest of her fingers to slip the ice cube deep into my pussy. “This is an old trick of my husband’s” she said, “It always seems to cool me down and heat me up at the same time”. I knew exactly what she meant. As the cold ice melted in my warm pussy it began to swell and open, hoping for more.

“You look as though you are terribly damp” she said. “do think we should go down to the toilet to give you a thorough clean?” The look of desire in her eyes was so alluring that I just stood up, nodded compliantly and almost ran to the toilets, a mixture of warm pussy juices and ice cold water running down my freshly oiled legs. Without looking back I knew that she was following me with, a huge grin on her face.

Now there is having sex in toilets and having sex in toilets. Frankly if you are going to do it, these were exactly the sort of toilets you would choose; plush, pristine and very spacious. The only slight downside was the stern faced attendant looking at us both as we ran in giggling. We went right to the back and slipped discretely into a single cubicle.

I locked the door and turned round to look at my new friend. I raised my arms in the air and pulled my dress off in one swift move. I was stood there, butt naked, with my shaven pussy swollen and glistening ready for her. I could see that she was mesmerised.

I could hardly believe the words that then came out of my mouth. “Would you mind terribly, I think my pussy really needs some attention from you” I said. It was the sort of stock phrase that confident girls said to their seducers in movies and seemed perfectly appropriate. Without another word she knelt down in front of me and pulled my lips apart with her fingers. Juices started dripping from my pussy as she started toying me with her tongue. Instead of going straight for my clit, as many a man would, she started circling it gently with her tongue, now and again flicking it across my swollen clit. “You have the most wonderful pussy” she said as she looked up at me. “Why, thank you” I said “and you have to most wonderful tongue”.

She kept working around my clit, teasing me, until I couldn’t take any more. I felt as if it could take no more. I grabbed the back of her head and ground her face into my pussy. I had no need to tell her what to do next. She immediately started flicking her tongue on my clit, while at the same time fucking me with just one finger. My knees buckled as her thrusting finger brought me to the point of orgasm and my heels slipped on the floor as I pushed my pussy as close to her tongue as possible. Within seconds I was writhing in ecstasy and had to bite my hand to stop myself screaming out as I came.

“I think it is your turn now,” I said “Stand up”. Once she stood up I couldn’t resist unbuttoning her blouse and releasing her marvellous tits. They really were wonderful, with lovely large nipples. I buried my face in her breasts and started nibbling and pinching her nipples until they were fully erect. They really were perfect and I could have played with them for hours. I stuck my finger deep inside my pussy to catch the end of my orgasm and pulled it out, soaking wet. I then popped my finger into her mouth, which seemed to drive her wild.

She then started pushing her crotch against me in a rather insistent manner and I realised quite how selfish I was being. “Would you like me to lick your pussy?” I asked. “Oh yes, please, if you don’t mind” she said in an almost silent whisper. I squatted down in front of her, naked except for my high heels, and lifted her skirt around her waist. I could see that her panties were soaked through with her juices and I just had to bury my face straight into the sweet musky mound. The smell was overwhelming and I knew she was ready for some attention.

Rather than take her panties off I pushed them aside and slipped one of my fingers inside her. Her pussy was swollen and felt wonderful and moist. I started fucking her very gently with two fingers. Her knees seemed to buckle as she ground herself down on my fingers and followed my rhythm until her juices were gushing out and she seemed to be on the edge of coming. “Fuck me hard please” she moaned. I pulled my fingers swiftly out and said “But I haven’t had a taste yet and that would be a great shame”. Without saying anything else I pulled her panties aside and thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, continuing where my fingers had left off. This was more than she could take and her pussy tightened around my fingers as she came.

Forgetting where we were, she let out a sharp scream of ecstasy. Unfortunately, this then prompted a knock at the door from the attendant, which rather killed the moment. “Are you ladies ok?” she asked in a stern voice. “Oh yes, we are both just fine” we replied with a giggle.

When we arrived back in the bar my husband was stood looking around for me. “Hi, darling” I said “this is my new friend who I think will be joining us for the evening, but I am sorry,” I said, turning to the vision of beauty “I am afraid I don’t know your name”.

© Copyright November Sarah Jane

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