A Cottage in Norfolk
By Black Knight
(MF, rom, oral)

One summer my wife and I rented a cottage in a small village in Norfolk for a weeks break. One afternoon I was having a bath and as there was no shower I had asked Laura if she would help shampoo my hair. She said she would as soon as she had dried her hair, she had just bathed herself and was in the bedroom drying her hair. When she had finished she came in the bathroom and started to wash my hair. When she had finished she gave my balls a bit of a squeeze and my cock a quick rub, smiled and went back into the bedroom. She was just wearing a bathrobe at the time.

I thought what the heck, let’s see what happens, and followed her into the bedroom. Laura was sat on the edge of the bed brushing her hair, the bathrobe was loosely tied around her.

I stood in front of her, stark naked and it was obvious from the state of my cock what was on my mind. Laura gave me a smile and said “I know what you’re after but forget it, I’ve just had a bath and the last thing I want is to get hot and sweaty again.”

Now on this occasion I wasn’t in the mood to take no for an answer, I was feeling horny and wanted to make love so I said “you don’t mean that” and knelt down on the floor in front of her and gently parted her legs just a little. Laura put up some token resistance but it was clear that she wasn’t going to try to hard to stop me having my way.

From my position on the floor I had a wonderful view of her beautiful pussy, the soft hair looked very inviting. I started to gently kiss her inner thighs slowly working my way up to that delicious warm place that I knew tasted so special.

As I got closer to the prize she opened her legs a little wider revealing the gorgeous full lips of her cunt just waiting to be kissed and caressed. Not wishing to disappoint her I brushed my lips gently over pussy lips and she let out a quiet sigh of pleasure. I continued to nuzzle her pussy very gently with my lips and every now and again I would just use the tip of my tongue to gently prise her lips apart before stopping and starting again.

By now she was getting really worked up so I decided that I would bring my fingers into the action by gently stroking her lips, pulling them apart to reveal the beauty inside. Slowly inserting two fingers I gently moved them in a circular motion at the same time moving them backwards and forwards getting deeper and deeper each time. By now she had fallen back onto the bed, her legs still hanging over the side, the bathrobe had fallen open revealing her nakedness, her gorgeous breasts looked wonderful as I looked up at her from my kneeling position.

I withdrew my fingers and started to caress her clit which was so hard and sensitive, every time I touched it she gave a deep moan of pleasure. I then decided that it wasn’t fair to leave those wonderful nipples out of the action so I replaced my fingers with my tongue and reach up to work on her breasts. Laura’s nipples quickly became hard and must have been sticking up by a good half an inch, what a glorious sight.

After a few more minutes I stood up and gazed down at her beautiful naked body, her pussy was so wet from my mouth and her juices that had started to flow, her nipples hard and erect. Here was a lady that needed a good fucking and she was going to get one.

I moved between her legs and brought my cock to the entrance to her cunt, the bed was at the perfect height, brushing my cock against her wet lips as I stood there. Taking my cock in my hand I moved it up and down the outside of her pussy saying to her “what do you want?” “What do you want”? After a moment she said “fuck me, fuck me hard”, I repeated the question and she said “I want you to please fuck me, I want your cock in my cunt now”.

Always the one to do as I’m told I thrust my hard weapon into her wet cunt, thrusting hard backwards and forwards hard and fast at first and then slowing down and then back to hard and deep, her tits were bouncing in time with my thrusts and she put her hands on them and squeezed them, pinching her nipples between her fingers. I was moaning with pleasure and Laura was almost screaming as her orgasm swept through her. her cunt clamp tight round ny cock, milking it hard and I couldn't hold back my cum any longer. I lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders enabling me to penetrate her even more deeply as I came with a loud yell of pleasure. We fell into each others arms and lay there for sometime saying nothing. I guess she did get sweaty after all but I don’t think she minded.  


© Copyright 2008 Black Knight

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