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1. A Taste of My Own Medicine (MF, Spank, Bd, toys, anal, oral) He wants anal, she says yes, but he's on the recieving end..
2. Mr March (MF, dream, magic, oral) After a magical night Rosie loves her new calendar.
3. Becky (MF, rom, oral) A night on the town, a stranger at the bar, some 'lost' keys and life is looking good once more.
5. Claire # 2: The Workout (FF, Oral) Claire discovers exercise is fun
6. London to Brighton (MF, cheat, oral) A woman feels taken for granted, until a fleeting encounter with a stranger on a train.
7. Second Coming (MF, oral, rom) Passionate tale of long distance lovers reunited once more...
8. Come For Me (MF, toys, oral) A journey full of anticipation, building desire and finally release.
9. Wanting You (MF, cheat, oral, dream) A man's desire for his sceretary fills his dreams.
10. Fiftieth Birthday Party (MMMF, Rom, swing, nosex) Her husband knew Kelly's secret fantasy and arranges a special birthday surprise.
11. I'm not that kinky... (MF, bondage, Oral) I'm not that kinky. Or so I thought....
12. A Jump With Molly (MF, slow, oral) ''Jamie was like most men and could be talked into almost anything by a pretty girl''
13. For They Didn't Know (Exhib, Fsolo, MF, oral, cheat) A walk alone interrupted by surprise, but welcome, company
14. Madame Kon's Daughter (MFF, Oral, toys, FF, MF 1st) Her virginity was not to be given up lightly and wasn't the only prize to be claimed.
15. A Cottage In Norfolk (MF, rom, oral) Husband and wife get away to a country cottage for some much needed time together.
16. I Want You To . . . (MF, food, toys, oral) Kira teaches Colin a new game.
17. Hot (exhib, Fsolo, Msolo) Stuck in traffic on a hot summers day. What's a girl to do..?
18. Underground (FF, exhib, oral) Anonymous encounter when temperatures boil over on a commuter train
19. Sam & Katie (MF, oral, anal, spank) Sam finds further education is so much better with the right teacher.
20. Time Machine (MF, Rom, Oral, Cheat) Neglected wife dreams of her lover. Does dream become reality?

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