Gang Bang - Women In Heat
By Elaine
(MMMMMMFF, oral, anal, inter)

I remember the first time I saw Tara. I was the cameraman for Gangbang - Women In Heat and she was a relative newcomer to the world of porn. She was only 21 years old but from the moment I saw her I was hooked. She had a beautiful face and long straight blond hair. Her 38DD tits and her firm round ass were an irresistible combo. She was one fuckable babe.

I had left my apartment that morning and headed for the studio; I was an average looking 35-year-old man, alone after an early night of casual sex with two women from yesterday's movie. I relished having no family to account to on a daily basis since my divorce.

My parents were deceased and my younger half brother Greg didn't approve of my occupation. Greg was an uptight professional on Wall Street and thought that what I did was sleazy. I, on the other hand, thought I had the best job in the world.

Six months ago when we last spoke, he and his girlfriend of 3 months Janice a lawyer-to-be, were getting more serious about their relationship. In his usual cautious manner he added that they weren't going to rush into anything.

I arrived at the studio and after the introductions were made to the whole gang, I got things ready to shoot the orgy scene. Tara, and Jane an Asian woman, were going to be gangbanged by 6 men, 3 black and 3 white, all with huge dicks of course. Everything was set up perfectly. Lights, camera, action we were ready to start.

The storyline, if you could call it that, was flimsy. Tara and Jane were playing the receptionist and secretary, respectively, for a company. The big boss called them in his office and explained that they would both get a huge pay hike if they helped entertain a group of male clients that were coming to town for a conference. At first they refused but finally agreed as the boss upped the raises. The men would be expecting them at their hotel suite.

Jane knocked on the door to the Regency Suite and one of the guys let Tara and Jane in. There were 2 separate rooms, each with a king sized bed. A jucuzzi was in the center of the large marbled foyer. The men greeted the women and told them to get comfortable. Four of the men then seemed to have something to discuss and went to one of the rooms. Two men remained. The black man, Paul, led Tara to the vacant room while Jane and her guy, Bill, remained by the jacuzzi.

I was given instructions to make sure the camera centered in on Tara's huge breasts. As soon as Paul started eagerly opening the buttons on Tara's blouse, one by one, I got a nice shot of her exposed bust. Her braless gorgeous boobs made it easy. With Tara, there were no bad shots to be had. Her body looked perfect, at least as far as I could tell.

I excitedly watched through the lens as the lucky guy's hands fondled Tara's spectacular breasts then bent his head and licked each perky tit. I made sure to film her increasingly erect nipples in a most flattering angle. I could feel my pants getting tighter as my prick reacted to the sight of her lovely bosom being licked and her budding nipples.

I was the only cameraman on this low budget movie so I had to make sure ALL the action got filmed. I shifted my focus to Jane; Bill removed her low cut skintight dress, her arms held high as he easily lifted it up and off of her. She stood before him a vision in her white lace bra and thong and high heels. She was tall and exotic looking and I thought to myself that any guy would be fortunate to get into her pants.

Bill started hungrily nibbling on Jane's neck and then unclipped her 36C bra and flung it to the floor. He slowly massaged her breasts; she moaned softly responding to his touch. She raised one leg up to his manhood, rubbing his emerging cock through his pants, with her high heels. "MMMMMMMMMM." Bill responded. I got in a clear view of his bulging prick for the camera.

The director motioned for me to focus back on Tara. No problemmmmmm. I couldn't wait. Seeing the camera was aimed at her, Tara dropped to her knees and stroked Paul's growing dick. She devoured the actor's dark hard cock in her needy mouth and kept sucking on it like a long delicious chocolate Popsicle she was savoring. He grabbed her hair and pressed, causing her mouth to go down deep on his pulsing member. I wished it was my prick she was moving her lips up and down on. I could tell that Tara was enjoying cocksucking his black thick prick. She was not that good an actress. Boy was she great at giving head.

Watching her stretched mouth satiating that blessed man, made pre-cum form on my pulsating dick. We had rules at this studio. A cameraman, when aroused, could unzip his pants and stroke himself as long as he still did his job. Any actress, if on a break, could suck him if she wanted to. It was up to the actress and the cameraman, not that the latter ever refused. I exposed my cock and began rubbing my excited member.

I continued recording as Tara took his large black balls into her hungry mouth and sucked on them. His cock got the full treatment right after; she licked up and down his throbbing shaft and then slowly massaged his opening with her moist tongue. He yelled out "I'm cummmming." and exploded his hot cum down her throat, moaning loudly. Oh my god, she swallows too! Lucky bastard. I rubbed my dick harder.

Calling his 4 friends in from the other room, they quickly joined in. I watched as Tara filled her need for cock by taking in prick after prick. Enthusiastically she sucked each man's dick briefly while on her knees, giving them a preview of what was to come, and then switched over and sucked them leisurely as she lay on the bed. Their faces showed they were in ecstasy and the moans that were heard left no doubt about how much pleasure they were deriving; she filled her insatiable mouth with their oversized balls, their immense cocks later covered by the drippings from her saliva.

Some men fucked her warm mouth, their cocks thrusted urgently back and forth inside it. Tara pressed her large tits together while a few men took their turns moving their wanting dicks in between them. As the swollen heads of their pricks neared her lips, she licked the tips. Two guys shot their sticky hot cum all over her boobs, one gave her a cum facial, still another covered her wet pussy with his massive load. The moans from their cumming rang out as each emptied their balls all over her.

To have all the activity take place in one area for the next segment, the director told Jane and Bill to join the others. Still on the bed, Tara opened her legs wide and when I saw her beautiful shaved cunt, I tried my best to concentrate on getting a great shot. I wanted to suck on those large inviting folds and lick that slit something awful.

I rubbed my throbbing prick harder and faster. Instead of me, the other men would get to feel their cocks inside those luscious protruding inner lips and get to taste her sweetness. For the first time ever on a shoot, I felt a twinge of jealousy.

I continued recording the gangbang. Jim, a black man, got in between Tara's shapely long legs and just kept eating and eating her moist pussy. His long tongue pushed in then back out, over and over again. In, out, in, out, twisting his tongue as her moans grew louder. "Eat my pussy." Tara begged as his pace inside her delicious honey pot increased.

Slurping sounds were heard as he enjoyed her fluids. She screamed as she shuddered and came effusively for the first, second and third time of the evening as he continued licking her gushing cunt. Her cum dripped down her legs. My mouth salivated at the thought of lapping up her pussy juices.

Two guys went to her unattended tits. Each licked one cum covered breast and sucked on one of her firm protruding nipples. Another man resumed the position between her legs, taking over from the man awash with her wetness all over his face. I was aroused by the thought of the sweet aroma he must have breathed in as he got to suck on her succulent folded lips. My cock was rock hard and I knew I couldn't hold out any longer. Taking a hanky from my pocket, I quickly filled it up with my hot cum; I stifled my moans when I came.

Jane and her stud stood near the bed watching the show while his hands slipped down into her moistened thong to reach her private treasure. She moaned softly as his fingers eased her thong to the side and he began fingering her progressively soaked cunt. He helped her out of the thong, as she lifted her legs one by one. Touching the contours of her ass cheeks with one hand, he pressed her closer to his growing instrument. Sticking in one finger, he rhythmically stimulated her asshole.

Jane's cock-hungry mouth needed satiating. Her hands slowly descended down his body and when it reached its destination, unzipped his pants and took out his engorged member. She massaged it with her hand and felt its hardness. They were too preoccupied to notice what Tara and her men were up to.

Two men positioned themselves such that Tara could alternately suck each of them. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, OMG, I couldn't believe it but she fit both pricks in her spread mouth. That gal loves cock, I thought to myself. The sight of all those men satisfying Tara made me hard yet again.

The director yelled out cut, it was break time. Jane and Bill had gone too far to stop. She devoured his cock oblivious to the fact the camera had stopped taping. His fluids shot all over Jane's ripe nipples.

As Tara walked in my direction, she saw my erect rod. Ok, I knew it wasn't as big as those huge ones she just sucked but no woman has ever complained about its 6-inch size or how I satisfied them with it. I hoped, no actually I prayed she would choose to suck on it.

When she came over to me and asked, "Want me to take care of it? " I nodded. She got right down to it. No stroking, just right then and there she opened her warm mouth. I peered down on her gorgeous face. I was in heaven as she put those delectable lips all over my wanting cock, moving them up and down my enlarged member many times over. I pushed her head closer to deep throat my dick. The remnants of her red lipstick were left as a souvenir on my prick. I left her a reminder too; I shot a big load of my hot cum all over her face and some went on her hair.

"Thanks babe" I said to Tara after regaining my composure. "Would you like to go for a drink after work?" I thought I better ask her now as I might not get another opportunity. She refused saying she was busy. Oh well, at least I tried.

After the break was over, Jane and Tara were directed to go into the jacuzzi for the woman-on-woman scene. The men looked from the distance since they weren't going to be filmed but they definitely wanted to watch. Who could blame them? I most certainly didn't.

In the water, Jane and Tara's wet naked bodies glistened. Jane reached over to Tara and stuck her probing tongue inside Tara's inviting mouth. Tara instinctively reacted and their tongues erotically danced together. Tara's hands started fondling Jane's responsive tits; Jane softly moaned. Jane's hand lowered in the water and she explored Tara's moist cunt with what I envisioned to be 3 fingers. I couldn't make out the exact amount she used but in my fantasies there were 3.

Tara's head pushed back and she was squirming and moaning loudly. Seeing her shake I could only imagine how much of her sweet nectar she poured out on Jane's fingers. The men were stroking their dicks, including me. All were ready for the final scene of the day, which was the gang fuck. I secretly wished I were one of the actors getting to fuck these two goddesses.

After stepping out of the jacuzzi, Tara and Jane joined the 6 men and they all went to the other chamber; it had a mirrored ceiling above the king-sized bed. Jane was instructed to lie down flat on her back while one of the black men, Evan, thrust his very aroused cock deep inside her watery slit. Watching herself get fucked heightened Jane's excitement; she screamed and screamed as her stuffed pussy was penetrated over and over again.

Jane's intensive climax mixed with his orgasm made the sheets wet with cum. Her dripping pussy was a magnet for his prick. Evan lifted himself off of her and positioned her body towards the front of their side of the bed. Pushing her legs wide open with his bald black head, he got on his knees and his active tongue licked her gushing cunt. Watching how his tongue caressed her lovely pussy made me hunger to eat her honey pot.

Jane drew his head closer to her effusively flowing slit. After his face was drenched from her cum, Derrick took his turn ramming her soaked pussy. Her intensified moans filled the air. He held her slender long legs on his shoulders, to insert his cock in deeper. He pounded her pussy until his cum filled up her hole and it ran down her leg. Then came the next man and then another. God, I wanted to be in that lineup.

Tara was seated on a nearby chair, rubbing her raised clit as she watched Jane's show. She got off the chair and lifted herself onto the bed. She straddled Jane's face with her smooth yearning pussy. Jane sucked on Tara's inviting swollen lips and explored her juicy cunt while whatever man was inside Jane for the moment was fucking her. Tara's hips swayed as Jane's deep tongue insertions continued. She came all over Jane's face, screaming out during her frenzied explosion.

Tara got off Jane and the bed. Getting into position nearby, she bent over. One man stood in front of Tara and one in back of her. The backseat man started fingering her dripping pussy, while she sucked the dick of the man in front of her. His utterances of delight as she satisfied his cock, spurred her on.

Removing his cum covered fingers from Tara's slit, the guy in back of her placed them in her asshole to lubricate it. His cock swiftly replaced his fingers in her beautiful ass. Soon she was cumming again from all his thrusting deep inside of her. The sounds she emitted turned me on. I shot another load of cum into a tissue.

Another man took over the backend position; he rammed his prick in Tara's ass as she cried out. Her ass adjusted to the size of his instrument and her screams subsided, replaced by her moans of enjoyment. Jane finished up with one of the guys and then came over to where Tara was sucking another man's energized prick.

Jane went to his large balls and began licking them and then sucking them. The guy relished the attention he was getting of having both his cock and balls satiated at the same time. Animalistic noises came out from him. "Suck my dick and balls sluts" he managed to get out. They both did until he erupted in their open mouths, each with their tongues hanging out waiting for their reward. Some of his sticky cum sprayed on their faces. He looked pleased with himself. MMMMMMM nothing like a good cum facial, I thought to myself.

Other men got that same coveted position, having their cock and balls licked and sucked by both Tara and Jane simultaneously. Men took turns moving underneath Tara and eating her stirred up pussy as she continued sucking men and having her ass or pussy fucked from in back. Jane later bent over beside Tara so that the men could fuck ass after ass or pussy after pussy if they chose to. Man that looked great.

Meanwhile, Paul was lying in the bed flat on his back, waiting for Tara to ride his prick. She finally did come and mount him, her milky white wet cunt easily sliding down his lively dark dick. Up and down she rode his cock, her bountiful tits bouncing in his face. He fondled them whenever possible.

Another guy came up to the bed. "Lean forward." he told Tara. He entered her ass so she could have both her ass and pussy satisfied at the same time. She was stuffed but wanted all her holes filled. A third guy straddled her face, fucking her mouth as the two other men plunged their members deeply inside her cunt and ass.

Load after load of cum shot out by the three men and those that replaced them to fill up Tara's holes and later Jane's. I lost count of how many orgasms Tara had. Her body was drenched in fluids as was Jane's. Cum dripping all over these beautiful women was very arousing. I knew I needed some good hot sex tonight.

The shoot was over and we all said good night. I asked Jane out for a drink but she declined saying she had studying to do. That didn't surprise me since many of the actresses were doing porn to pay for their education. What a hard time I was having.

After I left the studio, I stopped at a bar for a drink and picked up a woman there. She was nothing special but she was easy. We went back to my apartment for a quick fuck and then she went home.

Over the next couple of months, I saw Tara several more times. We had scenes that had to be done to finish the movie and we worked on one more film together. She was always too busy to accept my invitations to go out but always nice enough to suck my dick when she saw how aroused I was. Considerate girl.

On my way out the door one morning, I unexpectedly got a call from Greg. He said he had something important to tell me and asked if he could come over that evening. I said I would make sure to be home by 8 pm. At 8 pm sharp, Greg was always very prompt, there was a knock on the door. I went to open it; Greg was standing there in a suit and tie, just like I remembered him. "Have a seat. What's wrong?" I asked as we both sat down on the sofa.

"Nothing's wrong. Everything is great. I wanted to let you know Janice and I are engaged. She is a wonderful woman and I love her with all my heart." I hugged him and congratulated him. "I told Janice to give me an hour with you alone then to come over. Hope that's ok. I felt it is time you two met." I nodded. We chatted a bit more when there was a knock on the door. "That must be Janice" Greg said. "I'll get the door". He went to the door and let her in.

I got up from the sofa to greet my future sister-in-law. Greg brought her into the room and introduced me to.........Tara. "This is Janice, the woman I am going to marry." Greg said.


Copyright Elaine 2008

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