Carpe Diem
By Paris Grey
(MF, oral)

The ship was already at Southampton when they both arrived at the docks. They were surprised, as they had been informed by the travel agent that they would probably have to wait in a nearby hotel until it sailed in from New York. The ship was a beautiful vessel, the girls had seen pictures of it, of course, on line and in the brochure but the sight of it so close up took both their breath away. She was a magnificent ship, truly stunning.

Chloe and Savannah were so very excited be going on this cruise liner, it had been a very tough year for both of them. Both of the sisters had come out of bad marriages and with very acrimonious divorces under their belts. This cruise had been the idea of their Mother, who was very glad the girls had each other. It was terrific they could rely on each other Stella thought, in life you need your family, and they are the ones that will always be there for you, whatever happens, how very true that sentiment was…

Chloe looked around her surroundings; she was about to board this wonderful cruise liner, but felt very sad inside. Why had her marriage not worked out, why had she deserved to be married to such a tyrant – Robert was such a philanderer, Chloe could not take it any more, and to add insult to injury his latest tart, the 18 year old girl from the bakers was pregnant. This was a massive slap in the face for Chloe, Robert and she had been trying for the last five years for her to fall pregnant. She felt very barren and unwomanly. However, Chloe knew that she had to put this behind her now and move on.

What an amazing cabin Savannah thought, they had been placed on the first deck. The room had a fantastically large en-suite bathroom, with a sunken bath and large Jacuzzi. Both beds in the room were a decent size, and the furnishings were magnificent. It was a shame, Savannah thought, the last time she had come away was with her husband, Greg. They had gone to the Bahamas for a week of sun, fun and sex, it certainly was a week of sun, fun and sex, more was the pity it was not with Greg. Of course, she had felt very guilty, but she was very bored with her husband, and he was always playing the martyr which annoyed her immensely. So was it really her fault when she had been caught bonking the house waiter.

As both women settled in their cabin and unpacked, they heard the ship’s claxon as they began to sail. Their first port of call was Calais, then they were going to Palma, and then sailing much further afield to the Cayman Islands. They both needed this holiday, and really could not wait to get away from it all. It would be so nice to go shopping in Calais and Palma and then really relax in the fantastic Cayman Islands.

After they had both unpacked, Chloe and Savannah explored the ship. Carpe Diem was enormous; there was a gym, hairdressers, shopping mall, several restaurants bars, five swimming pools and even an internet cafe. They certainly would not be bored, Chloe thought.

In the back of her mind, Chloe had thought that there might be some romantic interest for one or both of them on this trip. It certainly would be most welcome, since both their marriages had broken up; neither had really had any type of relationship to talk of. Naturally, both of the women had their offers, but most of the men that approached them were far too young and just wanted one night stands. When Chloe and Savannah went out of an evening, men’s heads would certainly turn. Both sisters had dark black curly hair, olive skin and large dark almond shaped eyes. It had been suggested on quite a few occasions that they were twins, their likeness was very similar. They both had an exotic Egyptian look which they had inherited from their late Father. Coupled with their Mother’s Italian genes, they were both very striking women.

Chloe and Savannah returned to their cabin in order to get dressed for the first nights dinner. They had heard that this was a very big event, and they both certainly wanted to impress. They had been informed that if they were fortunate, they may be picked to join the Captains Table. That would be a fantastic honour.


As they both entered the Grand Dining Hall, they noticed several men staring in their direction. Well they had both ‘pushed the boat out’ so to speak, and both of them looked very glamorous and sexy. Chloe went up to the Maitre D and enquired as to where they would both be sitting. The Maitre D looked perplexed as he looked up and down the list of guests, he could not see their names anywhere. It was not until he turned the page that he saw there was a page which had become lose with both their names on it. Both of their names had been highlighted and the initials ‘CT’ next to it. To the Maitre D, this was nothing new. When any new attractive ladies came on board, the Captain immediately had first pickings. Chloe and Savannah were ushered to the table. They were both placed on either side of the Captain’s place setting. The Maitre D began banging his spoon on the pressed linen table cloth as Captain Fabio entered the room.

Captain Fabio looked around the dining area. As usual they were packed to capacity this cruise. The normal mixture of families and older wealthy widows was the norm nowadays. As he made his way to his table, he noticed immediately his striking dinner companions. Both girls looked amazing, he had clocked them as they were walking up the gantry. What very attractive women graced his table this evening, and from the look on both of their faces he saw more than a hint of interest.

The dinner was amazing, coupled with flirtatious conversation with Captain Fabio, both women wondered who would be the lucky one. The Captain was a very striking man, he look amazing in his white uniform, Chloe and Savannah took in his physique when he removed his jacket, he certainly was in very good shape. He probably was in his late forties, but an absolutely gorgeous looking man.

Chloe began her starter, foe grass, she loved that, but she found it very hard to eat as she could not really take her eyes off the Captain, and was sure she felt his leg pressing into hers under the table. He had such a presence, she was very aroused and realised that she wanted him.

Captain Fabio loved to flirt, he knew he could have either woman. His wife at home never got to know of his dalliances, she would probably turn a ‘blind eye’, as long as he kept her in the villa, paid for her shopping trips and carried on funding their son’s private education. By the time his desert arrived, Fabio had decided, it was Chloe he wanted, well her first, he smiled to himself.

Chloe looked across at Savannah, she could see that she was heavily ensconced talking to a older lady, she did look a bit bored, but that was Savannah always so polite, and would listen as long as the lady would drone on for. Out of the corner of her eye, she noted Fabio writing down something on a serviette, and as he got up to leave, he pressed it into her hand, on it she had written 222, with the words ‘one hour’, with three kisses underneath. Her heart was beating, she knew immediately that this was his room - she so wanted him. She wanted to have him fuck her in his cabin. My goodness, she was already getting wet….

Fabio was waiting in the cabin for Chloe, she was a very attractive woman and he had stirrings at the thoughts of what he was going to do to her. He did not have to wait long, he knew she would take his invitation up, what woman didn’t. Fabio heard Chloe knock and went to let her in.

As soon as Chloe saw the look on Fabio’s face, she knew just how much he wanted her. He closed the door quietly behind her, and pinned her up against the door. She caught her breath as he began kissing her, his tongue overpowering hers, his soft but masculine lips kissing her relentlessly. Fabio began kissing Chloe’s soft neck, Chloe moaned this felt so good, this man was fucking gorgeous. Chloe felt Fabio’s hands wander down to her black halter neck top, with a practised hand he undid it at the back of her neck and as it fell away it revealed her naked breasts. Fabio immediately sought out her nipples, they were so erect, and Chloe felt herself getting wet. Fabio began rubbing her enlarged nipples between his fingers, tweaking them gently at the same time. It was not long before he bent his head and took her tits in his mouth. Chloe loved this, she loved to see a man sucking her nipples, she looked down she could see Fabio’s dark head, he had amazing dark thick curly hair, he was a very sensuous man, he certainly knew how to turn a woman on.


He was pressing against her, she could feel his erection against her leg, he felt large and she could not wait to touch him. Her hands started to wonder and she started to unzip him, and helped him out of his staff uniform trousers, his cock immediately sprung to attention and Chloe knelt down and took him in her mouth. She heard him mutter her name, as she began slowly but firmly sucking his large thick cock. He was very well endowed and although Chloe normally did not have a preference, she was very aroused to have such a gorgeous cock in her mouth. She sucked his cock really hard, only stopping to catch her breath, Fabio was pushing his dick further and further, faster and faster in her mouth, she knew that if she did not stop, he would cum in her mouth, and although the thought of this excited her a great deal, she had other plans for him.

Fabio groaned as Chloe pulled away, this woman certainly knew how to suck his cock, he wanted to carry on fucking her mouth for ages. She had a soft warm mouth and was an incredibly sexy woman. As she stood up, he noticed she had slipped out of her skirt and was standing there in her high court shoes, black hold up stockings and the tiniest panties he had ever seen.

Chloe gasped as Fabio roughly removed her panties, he ripped them right off her. His fingers were inside her cunt immediately, he was probing her really deep. She knew just how wet she was, she felt her juices running down the inside of her legs, she was incredibly turned on, she loved being finger fucked, Fabio was fucking her hard with three of his fingers, and it felt amazing. He withdrew his fingers, and slowly but firmly began circulating her large clit. Chloe pulled Fabio closer to her, her breath was coming in short bursts, and just as she was at the point of her orgasm, Fabio bent down and tongue fucked her wet cunt. Chloe let go, she exploded on his face. She had the most amazing and powerful climax, she had to bite her hand in order to stop herself from screaming out with passion.

Fabio wasted no time, he stood up, Chloe’s wetness was smeared all over his face and he pinned her firmly against the wall. He grabbed both her legs, put them around his waist and entered her. He had not felt so hard or so aroused for a very long time. Even the woman he had screwed last month was not as sexy as Chloe, she was as a wild sexy woman as you could get and he was going to fuck her brains out.

Chloe moaned as Fabio thrusted deep inside her, he was so powerful and masculine, he certainly knew what he wanted she thought as his cock sank deeper and deeper into her wet cunt. His was strong too, which Chloe adored, he was supporting her weight with her legs wrapped tightly around his muscular waist. Chloe was so very turned on, she wanted him to carry on fucking her all night, she could really feel his cock, he was a very experienced sexy lover. She loved the way he kept kissing her while he was screwing her, his tongue in her mouth, his cock in her cunt, she loved it, she could not get enough. Suddenly she felt his hands wander and she realised that he was fingering her arse as well. He was totally relentless in fucking all her holes, tongue, fingers, cock, she was in absolute heaven.

Fabio was going to cum he knew it now, he was definitely at the point of no return. He felt his cum heavy in his balls, which were banging against Chloe’s pussy, his movements were short and fast, back and forth, until he got much faster and faster, he really was going to shoot his spunk right inside this sexy woman.

“Come sei bella”, he muttered as he came inside Chloe. She had absolutely no idea what he said, but it sounded wonderful. Fabio’s orgasm was powerful and strong and as he emptied his cum deep inside her, he buried his face in her neck, biting it softly.

Savannah woke up slightly startled, where on earth was Chloe, she was sure she said she was just going for a walk after dinner. Savannah imagined that Chloe must have found something to do, and turned over to try to get some much needed sleep.

For Chloe and Savannah the rest of the cruise was glorious. They were wined, dined and entertained very night, the ship had different shows on every evening. During the day they were either sight-seeing, shopping or relaxing. It was the holiday that they both needed.

Captain Fabio was wishing his passengers goodbye at the bottom of the steps when he saw Chloe and Savannah descent. He had two notes in his hand, and as they both said their goodbyes to him and the rest of the crew, he handed them both a note each


Both women sat back in the taxi and in silence reading what Fabio had written . It read “The meaning of ‘Carpe Diem’ is ‘Seize the Day’, and I certainly did”, I suggest you ask each other what the inside of my cabin looks like”. Thank you very much ladies for a most enjoyable cruise, hope you will both come again……

© Copyright September 2008 Paris Grey

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