Archive 10    
Anna, Dean & Karl (MMF, oral, anal) Anna gets to grips with two workmen.
An Early Morning Adventure (MF, rom, oral) Two lovers enjoying each other as they awaken
Kate (MF, oral, rom, tragic) Her love for Paddy was so strong
Lunching with Aunt Rose (MFdom, oral) Rose appears to be strait-laced and bossy, but Gerald knows to do as he's told
On The Wall (MdomF, bd, toys) Bondage scene where she gives her self totally to be a 'Good Girl' for her master
I Want Her (FF) Lustful thoughts of another girl
Kelly (MdomF, exhib, oral, bondage, spank) Kelly meets a stranger on a plane and finds herself submitting to his commands
I See You (MF, exhib, oral, anal) Lunch time teasing in the park becomes a much more intense encounter
A Fantasy Finally Fulfilled (MMF, inter, oral, anal) Dreams of a black stud become reality
The Watcher (Fsolo Msolo, exhib) He watches, she teases
First, But Not Last (MF, oral, inter) Her first Black Cock
Room Service (MF, cheat, mild D/S, oral) Playful maid gets the job done
Cherry Boy (MF, rom, first) It's his first time. Tale of older woman seducing younger man
Blowing My Sisters Bloke (MM, oral, first) How he got the taste for it
Janine and Me (MF, oral, rom) Affectionate recounting of the joy his lover brings.
The Sexy Teddy (MF, magic) There's only room for two in her bed



Last Update 1st Jan 2010