Internet Encounter
By Paris Grey
(MF, cheat, oral)

Portia had to hurry, she had finally got the kids off to her friends, and her husband was happily watching football. She just needed the time now to get ready.

Portia had been chatting to Dante on a social networking site for a few weeks now. He had absolutely intrigued her from the start. He was very different from most of the men she chatted to, he appeared articulate, intelligent and passionate about life, and seemed to have the same aims as she did. Most of the men she had come across had made it very clear that their intention was to have a quick shag and that was it. It seemed to attract them more that she was married… She felt very differently about Dante, he had a lot more depth than most men.

It was her birthday next month, and like most Librans, Portia loved beautiful things and always made sure she had fantastic underwear, and today was no exception. ‘Amore’ was such an expensive shop, but the underwear was exquisite, very sexy and revealing, she was sure she could turn Dante on. She still was a very attractive woman for her age, and often got complimented when she went out. Most men seemed to be in awe of her long shapely legs, and Portia loved displaying them to their best advantage in short skirts. She loved to be told she was a sexy woman, it made her feel empowered, and she knew that men were very much attracted to her.

She had chosen her outfit carefully. A long black coat, her new underwear, sheer black seemed stockings and black patent high heels. She had applied her make up carefully, enhancing her dark eyes with black mascara, and she applied loads of red lip gloss, it was the slutty look she was after and after looking at herself in the mirror, she felt she had definitely achieved it.

Portia looked at her watch, three thirty, Dante was only about half an hours drive away, she felt excited and very apprehensive. This man was a perfect stranger, but they had agreed a scenario and she was going to stick to it, it just heightened the excitement. She felt no guilt, she had been married a very long time, and her sex life had totally died with her husband, she had needs and needed to be fulfilled as a woman, not just a wife and mother.

Arriving at Dante’s flat, she noticed the door slightly ajar, she pushed it open, the room was quite dimly lit, but she could see Dante. Portia was immediately taken aback and very aroused. Dante was lying on a sheepskin rug in the lounge totally naked. He was fully erect, and she felt her breath hasten at this erotic sight. His cock was fantastic, she was enthralled. She walked over to him, stood astride him and let her coat fall. Dante took in Paula’s figure. She was gorgeous a very sexy woman and he knew how much he wanted her, wanted to fuck her. He had realised this the moment he had clicked on her profile on the internet.

Dante watched as Portia undid her bra releasing her fabulous tits, he noticed how red and erect her nipples were, and then without saying anything, she undid the ties on her panties. She took his breath away, what a sexy woman Portia was, her cunt was fantastic very smooth, just as he liked.

Dante could hardly believe it as Portia slowly lowered herself on his face, she placed her gorgeous wet pussy on his mouth. He smelt her sweet muskiness it was gorgeous. He didn’t wait, he started to lick her cunt. Slowly tongue fucking her, she moaned very quietly and whispered his name “Henry that feels so fucking good”. He then started to lick her large clit he kept licking and licking, he felt her grind her cunt on his face, and suddenly he began gently sucking on her clit. Portia was so very aroused she had the most amazing climax, she felt her juices ejaculate on Dante’s face, he really was an amazing experienced lover.

Dante waited a few seconds then sat up. Portia could see how very aroused that Dante was, she began kissing him, kissing his neck, chest lower stomach. She then began to tease his inner thighs with her tongue, higher and higher until she was licking his balls, and then she took his large erect cock in her mouth and began sucking him slowly but firmly. She loved a man’s cock in her mouth, she could hear Dante moan and from the way he was thrusting his cock deeper and deeper in her mouth, she knew he was enjoying the sensation.

Dante could take it no longer, he gently pulled Portia off his throbbing cock and laid her down on the rug. Her long blonde hair fanned around her face and she looked a picture of eroticism. He moved his legs inside hers and entered her wet cunt with his rock hard prick. Portia gasped as the first few thrusts of Dante’s rock hard cock took her breath away. He was a powerful and sexy lover and knew exactly how to please a woman.

Dante loved being inside Portia. She had a fantastic wet pussy. She was gripping his cock with her cunt and he loved being deep inside her, she was a fantastically experienced sexual woman, and he had been waiting for a woman like her for most of his life.

He kept fucking her and fucking her, deeper and deeper, he took her legs and placed them over each shoulder as he kept thrusting into her. His hands sought out her nipples and he began playfully tweaking them as he was fucking her. He wanted to come inside her, she was a sexy slut and he wanted to release his load inside her. He wanted to come deep in her cunt, fill her with all his seed.

Dante could not stop himself, he began pulling Portia’s hair, his orgasm was rising, he moaned her name as he spurted deep in her cunt, and he held her down tightly as he came right inside her. Portia and Dante were both conjoined at that moment, and nothing could break them.

When it was over, they talked as they both dressed. It was although they had known each other for years. They had shared and enjoyed each others bodies today, now they could get to know each other’s minds.

Portia was sure she would see Dante again, she felt that she had met her match sexually and could tell by the glint in his eyes that Dante felt the same…..they were both bonded together by sex and that would be a very difficult bond to break now…

© Copyright September 2008 Paris Grey

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