Mr March
By Sazzlebabe
(MF, dream, magic, oral)

Rosie loved her new calendar.

She wasn’t going to buy a new one today; her mum had already bought her one for 2008, with a cute puppy for every month of the year. But she had been out shopping for a birthday present for her best friend and had taken a wrong turn down a side street, where she came across a shop she had never seen before. It was a tiny little bookshop called The Magic Word. The windows were grimy and she couldn’t see much inside but, being an avid reader, she couldn’t resist having a look.

As she opened the door, a little bell rang overhead. Rosie stepped inside. It was a tiny, narrow shop, with floor to ceiling bookshelves, groaning under the weight of hundreds of books…and tons of dust! It was so narrow that Rosie had an image of the shop being squeezed into the alleyway between the shops on either side by a giant hand, rather like when you tried to squeeze another book between two others on an already full bookshelf.

“How apt!” laughed Rosie, quietly to herself.

Because the windows were so filthy, not much light penetrated the shop. About halfway down the corridor created by the bookshelves was a light bulb swinging on a thin, white plastic wire. The light it created was weak, but it was just enough to illuminate a counter at the far end of the shop. Waiting patiently behind the counter was a person of indiscriminate gender.

Smiling vaguely in the direction of the counter, Rosie started to walk down one side of the shop, taking in rows upon rows of dusty books. They weren’t in any particular order; fact was mixed with fiction, Chaucer next to Koontz next to Shakespeare and self-help books piled next to true crime. This made no sense to Rosie – who was a stickler for order. She listed her books at home in alphabetical order, and, where she had several books by the same author, they were lined up in date order of publication. How would anyone find anything in this place?!

She decided that this wasn’t the shop for her and looked up to see if the counter person was watching her. She hadn’t realised quite how close to the counter she was and as she turned around, she came face to face with the featureless shape she had noticed when she came in. It was little old lady, with a shock of pure white curly hair, horn rimmed glasses perched on the end of her nose and a soft wrinkly old face. Rosie smiled politely and turned to leave the shop.

“You’ve not found anything you need?” asked the old lady, with a surprisingly strong voice.

“Uh….no” said Rosie, turning back to face her, “I don’t think so, thanks”

“We don’t just sell books, you know dearie” said the old lady, reaching down under the counter.

Rosie wanted to say that she wasn’t interested but she didn’t want to offend the old lady, who was probably the owner of the shop. The least she could do was look at whatever she was retrieving from under the counter, and then she could politely say she didn’t need it.

The lady resurfaced, proudly slapping down on the counter several 2008 calendars. She pushed them across the counter towards Rosie.

“Anything you fancy here then?” she asked.

Rosie looked down at the offered calendars, thinking that she could have a quick look then say thanks but no thanks. The top one was a Manchester United calendar – as if! She shuffled the stack to look at the next one. This one was cats and kittens – Rosie was much more of a dog person. That one went to the bottom. The next calendar had Rosie’s gaze transfixed. It was called Hunks of Beefcake. It wasn’t the cheesy title that held her attention. It was the picture of the gorgeous specimen of man on the front cover. The picture was glossy and it enhanced the beautiful image to perfection. Rosie took in his dark, wet, slicked back hair, his gorgeous blue eyes, chiselled chin and moved her eyes down his body. His chest was smooth and had rivulets of water cascading down to his perfect six pack. Rosie’s eyes travelled further down and found that his privacy had been covered by the cheesy title. She almost let out a groan of frustration but stopped herself just in time. She looked up at the little old lady, and a blush coloured her cheeks.

“ much is this one please?” she stuttered.

“I had a feeling you’d like that one me love” chuckled the old lady.

Rosie’s blush crept passed her cheeks and down her neck, where she could feel it turning her skin a blotchy red.

“It’s £2.50 and that’s an absolute bargain” continued the old lady, moving to pick up the calendar.

Rosie almost snatched it up from the counter in her haste to pick it up.

“It’s ok, I’ve got a bag” she gasped, surprised at her reaction to someone else touching the calendar.

The old lady chuckled again as she hobbled over to the ancient cash machine, shaking her head in amusement as she went. She rang in £2.50 and reached her hand out to take the £5 note offered by Rosie. She counted out the change and as she handed it to Rosie, she winked and said “I’m sure you’ll enjoy your purchase very much”.

Rosie muttered a thank you and hurried out of the shop. She barely remembered the walk to the car and the journey home, so much was the haste to get her new calendar home.

The heat she felt earlier crept over her cheeks again as she remembered the crafty wink of the shopkeeper. What would that old lady have thought of her had she seen her behaviour when she got home? She had parked the car haphazardly at the kerb in front of her house and fumbled to get the key in the lock of her front door. When she finally managed to open the door, she rushed into the house and dumped all her bags onto the phone table by the door – knocking half the things off in the process. She ripped open the bag that held her calendar and rushed upstairs with it to her bedroom.

When she got to her room, she sat on her bed and took a deep breath. On the exhale she took one of her long fingernails and slit open the cellophane wrapping that encased the calendar. Slowly she peeled it off and gently stroked the picture of the bronzed Adonis on the cover. She was quivering with excitement as she lifted the cover to take a look at the pictures that accompanied each month.

She started at January. Wow! What a shame that January had already passed because that man was fantastically sexy. As she gazed at the picture, she felt herself growing wet. This really surprised her. She was usually so straight-laced and her libido was so low that she had lost her last two boyfriends because she was never in the mood for sex. And here she was, getting turned on by a picture! And she had 11 more to go!

She turned to February and, sure enough, here was another picture of a deliciously dreamy man. Rosie sighed with pleasure and slid one hand over her breasts. Using her long pink nails she circled her nipples, making them go hard. She looked down to find them straining against her white cotton bra and baggy blue t-shirt. Her heart was thudding so fiercely in her chest that it was making the material of her t-shirt tremble in unison with it.

Amazed at her reaction, she further astonished herself by stripping off her t-shirt, followed closely by her bra. She looked down at her naked flesh. She had smooth, pale skin, that was gloriously firm. Her large breasts were centred by small, pale pink nipples, which by now were achingly hard. Gazing down at the calendar, still open at February, she used both hands to massage her breasts, occasionally scraping her nails gently across her nipples, sending small shivers down her body.

Gone were her usual inhibitions. She was normally so embarrassed by anything to do with sex. She was a light off, once a month, missionary position type of girl. And here she was, 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, broad daylight, curtains open, half naked, stroking her breasts and making her pussy drip! Maybe she was finally reaching her sexual peak that the women’s magazines went on and on about!

Whatever it was Rosie decided to go with it and reached down to pull off her jeans and sensible underwear. Now she was completely naked.

While one hand continued to play with her breasts, her other hand glided slowly southwards, where it found her throbbing clit. She gasped at how wet her pussy was – she didn’t think she’d ever been this turned on. Circling her clit with her fingers she decided to turn to the next month in the calendar.

And there he was. The whole reason for buying the calendar. Her bronzed Adonis.

He was Mr March.

She let her eyes wander over his glistening body and trailed down to the part that was covered on the front of the calendar…and he was holding a towel over himself, to protect his modesty.

“Fuck” Rosie spat, with utter frustration.

She looked closer at the offending towel. There was a definite bulge beneath the fluffy white material – a very large bulge. She closed her eyes, imagining his enormous cock, thinking about stroking it, thinking about bringing it to her mouth and tasting it with her tongue.

She wanted so badly to wrap her full lips around his thick shaft, drawing him all the way inside her mouth. As she imagined doing this, her hands worked feverishly on her clit and her nipples; stroking, squeezing, flicking and rubbing herself so hard that, for the first time ever, she made herself cum.

Such was the rush of pleasure that Rosie cried out. The waves of orgasm, which made her toes curl and her skin flush, went on and on until, finally, she lay still, exhausted, muscles quivering and a light sheen of sweat coating her skin.

She couldn’t believe how turned on she felt. She reached down with both hands to feel her soaking wet pussy. Had she ever been this wet? Rosie didn’t think so. And all because of some pictures of a couple of gorgeous guys. Rosie turned on her side and lent over the edge of the bed to pick up the calendar from the floor, where it had fallen during the throws of her self-induced passion. As she picked it up she realised that she was getting her pussy juices all over the picture of her favourite man. She was about to drop it back down and wipe her hands, when she stopped herself.

“Fuck it” she said aloud “He caused it, so he might as well taste it!”

With that, she wiped her fingers right on the mouth of her Mr March. And for good measure, she trailed her fingers down his chest and abs, right down to the offending towel. She couldn’t help wondering again what his cock would look like, how it would taste, and how it would feel deep inside her.

“Stop” she said to herself as she felt the now familiar stirrings of lust deep in her pussy. To take her mind off of it, she flicked through the remaining 9 months in the calendar. It was jammed full of gorgeous men but, as she turned back to her favourite, it was March, so her bronzed Adonis must be put on show first. She got up from her bed, with shaky legs and hung her calendar on the wall opposite the bed.

As Mr March gazed across at her, she got back onto her bed and dozed off to sleep.


That was this afternoon and Rosie couldn’t believe the change that had come over her. When she had woken up a few hours later, she felt refreshed and invigorated. She had made light work of all of her housework, cooked herself a lovely dinner, run herself a luxurious bath, in which she had pampered herself completely. She had washed her long, golden hair, exfoliated every inch of skin, shaved her legs and arm pits – she even gave her pussy hairs a trim! Of course, while she was down there, she couldn’t help playing with her clit again – it was still sensitive from earlier and it didn’t take too long at all to bring herself to climax.

After mopping up after her exploits in the bathroom she had wrapped herself in just her big blue fluffy bathrobe, opened a bottle of crisp white wine and now found herself propped up in bed, candles flickering around her bedroom, gazing up at the new man in her life.

She couldn’t help reflecting on her past sexual experiences, after the horny day she had just had discovering her talents for pleasuring herself. She had never had an orgasm before and had never really been bothered by that fact. She had always viewed sex as something she had to have done to her, not something to take part in. It was the reason her last boyfriend, Paul, had stormed out of her life, calling her a cold, frigid bitch. But now she had experienced not one but two orgasms, which were both indescribably fantastic, she couldn’t get enough! She felt so sexy, so alive…so bloody horny! She just couldn’t wait for the first man to glance her way; she was going to discover so much more about herself on that first night with a man!

It was that thought that was the last thing on her mind as she drifted off to sleep.


The flickering light of the candles made Rosie stir awake. She looked around her room, bleary eyed until her eyes landed on the wall clock. She blinked, bringing the face of the clock into focus. One minute to midnight. As Rosie watched the seconds count down to the top of the hour, she felt a breeze tickle her bare skin. She looked down; while she had been asleep her bathrobe had come open and she lay there in full naked glory. She stretched luxuriously, feeling the breeze tickle over her flushed skin.

She wondered where the breeze was coming from. The door was shut, as was the window. Puzzled, she looked around the room again.

It was then she saw a glittering light coming from her new calendar. It hid Mr March completely from view. In shock, Rosie sat bolt upright, thinking that somehow a spark from one of the candles in her bedroom must have caught her calendar alight.

But that wasn’t it. It wasn’t the light of a flickering flame. As she looked it burned brighter and went from a glittering light to a solid bright, white light. All of a sudden, there was a huge flash of light, which filled her room and temporarily blinded Rosie.

As the dots in front of her eyes cleared, Rosie began to make out a shape standing at the foot of her bed. Blinking furiously she scooted backwards drawing her legs up and away from the end of the bed.

As her vision cleared, she struggled to make sense of what she was seeing. There, at the bottom of her bed, licking his lips seductively, with a wry smile on his face, was Mr March.

“You taste so good” he said, his voice husky and deep.

Rosie sat in stunned silence.

“I’ve been tasting you for hours” he said as he stepped around the side of the bed and towards her.

“And ever since I watched you make yourself cum, I’ve been keeping this under wraps…well, under a towel actually”

His piercing blue eyes met hers, and then he looked down at himself. His huge, thick cock was standing proud and making its way towards her.

“How?” was the only thing Rosie could choke out of her mouth.

“Magic” he whispered, closing the distance between them.

‘I must be dreaming’ thought Rosie, ‘this can’t be real’.

Mr March was standing at the side of the bed beside her. She looked up into his eyes.

‘This is going to be one hell of a dream!’ thought Rosie as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. Her legs went round his legs and she curled them around him, bringing him closer to her. All the while she was gazing up into his eyes. She moved her gaze down his body until it alighted on his hard cock, mere centimetres from her face. With a grin, she licked the tip of his cock, eliciting a hiss from him.

Spurred on by this sound, she started to lick from the tip of his cock, right down his shaft till hairs tickled her lips. She twirled her tongue around and up and down his cock and was rewarded by his moans. She cupped his balls in one hand and massaged them gently while she began to take his cock into her hot, wet mouth. With her other hand she stroked his arse.

She felt his hands touch her head, urging her to take all of his cock. She needed no further encouragement. As she continued to slide his cock further into her mouth, his hands brushed down onto her shoulders and around to her front to cup her large, firm breasts. With his thumbs, he rubbed her nipples, making them stand firm to his touch.

Rosie continued to take his cock in and out of her mouth, the speed of her sucking matching her racing heartbeat. She dug her nails into his arse, forcing him forward into her mouth. He groaned loudly and began moving his hips to her rhythm.

Rosie’s hand left his swollen balls and moved to her clit. Her pussy was dripping wet again, tingling with anticipation of what was to come.

His hands suddenly pushed her gently away as his hips moved his cock out of her sucking mouth.

“You have to stop…I don’t want to cum yet baby” he whispered hoarsely.

His hands roughly pulled her robe from her body and flung it across the room. He pushed her back onto the bed to lay her down, but she resisted him.

“No…my dream, so we do it my way” she said, pulling him down onto the bed beside her. She straddled him, her wet pussy pressed down onto his firm, rippled stomach. She could feel his now wet, thick cock up against her arse and she rocked her hips slightly to feel it brush up and down.

“This isn’t a dream” he moaned beneath her, “It’s real. I’m yours till the sun touches the sky. After tonight you’ll have to wait till next month for your next visitor”.

“OK” Rosie said “All the more reason to do it my way then”.

She didn’t believe him, instead she marvelled at how real her dream was. She hadn’t realised she had such an imagination. She lent towards him and kissed his full lips. There she could taste herself. This fired her lust even more. She hungrily reached into his mouth with her tongue, wanting to devour him. Her breasts brushed his smooth, muscled chest, her hard nipples feeling every contour.

She pushed his hands above his head and she stood up. She paced slowly forward until her wet pussy was directly over his head. He smiled up at her and stuck out his tongue, large and wet, ready to receive her. She carefully lowered herself onto his face, resting her knees on his upturned hands. She felt his tongue enter her and shuddered with pleasure. His tongue left her. She felt him licking every bit of her pussy but her clit. She ached to feel him sucking it, but was also happy to let the anticipation grow.

She rested her hands on his chest behind her for balance and closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensation of his tongue darting in and out of her pussy.

As he touched her clit with his tongue, the jolt was so strong she dug her nails into the skin of his chest and hung on with all her might. He licked and licked her clit before sucking it up between his lips. Rosie could feel the start of her orgasm building as he brought her clit in and out of his mouth. Just as she felt herself begin to cum, she stood up.

“I don’t want to cum yet either” she said “I want you to feel me cum all over your cock as I fuck you”

She straddled him once again, his cock tight up against her arse.

“Do I taste good?” she asked him.

“Oh god yes” he smiled, leaning his face towards hers.

They kissed again, sharing the taste of her pussy juices.

“I want to watch myself fucking you” she said suddenly, pulling herself out of the passionate kiss “Stay right there”.

Rosie sprung up off her bed and rushed into her spare room. She had a full length mirror in there, which she almost ripped down from the wall. She took it back into her bedroom and lent it against the wall, opposite the end of the bed.

She got back onto the bed and straddled Mr March again, this time facing away from him and towards the mirror. Now his cock was tight up against her pulsing pussy. She raised herself up so that his cock was positioned right under her opening and looked down at herself in the mirror. She wanted to watch as every inch of him entered her tight, wet pussy.

Slowly she lowered herself onto his huge cock. She felt it stretching her pussy, and watched herself take it all. His hands came round from behind her, one to take a nipple between thumb and forefinger, the other to start rubbing her clit. She started to rock forwards and back on his cock, feeling him move inside her, feeling his hands rubbing her, tweaking and pinching at her most sensitive areas. All the time, she watched it all being done to her in the mirror.

Her first sign of her impending orgasm was a flush of heat that spread over her body. This advance party coloured her skin and made every sensation so much stronger. She could feel her muscles begin to quiver, and again she reached behind to steady herself.

As she began to jam herself harder and faster onto his throbbing cock she dug her nails into his chest and heard him groan out a protest. She didn’t care. She wanted to ride him hard into her oncoming orgasm.

He sensed she was close to her orgasm and moved his hands to her slender hips to help guide her on and off his cock. He raised his hips to meet her, which made him penetrate deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her long nails dragged down his smooth chest as she fucked him faster and faster as her orgasm bore down on her.

Suddenly it engulfed her. It felt like her pussy had exploded and the shock wave spread out over her whole body. She kept rocking on his cock and every further thrust caused explosion after explosion. Quiet, timid Rosie screamed out in joy as his cock was coated in her juices and the waves of her orgasm kept washing over her.

She watched all of this in the mirror, never taking her eyes off of herself. She watched his cock pummel deep into her pussy, and saw her juices soak out onto the hairs at the base of his cock, coating his balls. She looked up at her face, and saw the complete joy in her eyes. And still she kept rocking back and forth on his cock. She now wanted to feel him cum deep inside her.

“Fuck me” she moaned “Fill me with cum”

Suddenly his hands that had been steadying her lifted her off his cock and threw her down on the bed. Rosie cried out with loss, until she saw him straddling her.

“I want to see your face as I cum in you” he growled at her.

Rosie nodded quickly; she was missing the feel of his cock buried deep inside her.

“Fuck me, quickly” she moaned.

She could feel his wet cock resting on her flat stomach, and then felt it move slowly southwards as he repositioned himself over her. She looked at his chest and could see some deep red scratch marks on it. Before he moved away, she ran her tongue over the marks, and sucked on a nipple as it moved passed her mouth.

Now she could feel his cock nudging at her opening. She hooked her ankles together around his hips, and looked up at his face.

“Please baby, fuck me hard” she pleaded.

He plunged his cock deep into her pussy. She knew he would cum again and knew it wouldn’t take long. Her nails now dug into the cheeks of his arse, her hands urging him to fuck her harder and faster. He complied with pleasure, pounding his cock in and out of her. She met each of his forward thrusts by raising her hips in synch with him and soon she was staring down the barrel of another orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes…oh god yes” she cried as she felt her pussy explode again. Her pussy squeezed tighter around his cock and he cried out in unison with her as he came deep inside her. She could feel his cum pumping into her, mixing with her juices as he continued to thrust his cock into her again and again. Her orgasm kept on coming, every nerve in her entire body firing all at once, flashes of colour exploding behind her eyes, her toes curling up, her back arching to meet him, until finally they collapsed down onto the bed, exhausted, aching and satisfied.

There they lay, entwined, his cock still twitching in her pussy until she fell soundly asleep.


She woke up in the morning naked, under the duvet, alone. She lay there with her eyes shut, remembering her very vivid wet dream. It was so vivid that her pussy felt swollen, sore and sticky.

“One hell of a dream” she croaked to herself, opening her eyes for the first time that morning. The first thing she noticed was her blue bathrobe in an untidy heap, half way across the room. As her gaze travelled round the room she saw the full length mirror from her spare room tilted against the wall. She was confused – hadn’t she got the mirror in her dream?

‘Must have walked in my sleep’ she told herself, dragging herself out of bed. Her aching muscles protested as she walked to her robe and bent down to pick it up. She put on her robe and picked up her mirror to take it back to the spare room.

When she came back into her bedroom she noticed her calendar, which had been covered up by the mirror when she had first woken up. She blinked, not believing what she was seeing. She went and stood in front of her calendar, gazing up in disbelief at the picture of Mr March.

His hair, which yesterday was wet and slicked back was tousled but dry. Gone was the towel, instead he held his huge hard cock in his hand as if offering it to her. But the most amazing thing she saw were the scratch marks marring his perfect, smooth chest – just where she had seen them last night.

Amazed, she sat on her bed and tried to remember exactly what Mr March had said last night.

He was obviously real…it wasn’t a dream. So it must have been magic. Just like he had told her.

Shaking her head in wonder, pinching her arm to make sure she wasn’t still asleep, she asked herself aloud, “What else did he say to me?”

Suddenly she smiled wickedly. She had just remembered one of the last things he said to her. If she understood it all correctly, and how she desperately hoped she was right, she would have to wait until April for her next midnight visitor. And that visitor would come from the picture that accompanied April on her calendar.

Rosie had already had a look at the April picture….and the two guys posing in the picture looked mighty fine to her  


© Copyright 2008 Sazzlebabe

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