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Ms. Cocktease (MF, Oral) Chance meeting on the beach
Cumming of Age (MF, Oral) Little sister grows up
Along the Path (FF, Msolo) Interesting sights on a mountain path
16 With a D-Cup (MF, oral) How Amber became a straight A student
My Experience at Camp (MF, oral, virg) It was my first time....
Cat (MF, cheat, oral, virg) Steve gets to know Cat
College Friends (MF, oral, virg) He takes Sherrys cherry
Boudoir Lingerie (FF) Claire goes shopping
Claire # 2: The Workout (FF, Oral) Claire discovers exercise is fun
The Strap On (FF) Robin meets a new friend
Morning (MF, oral) Early morning lazy sex

Jon & Lisa

(MF, oral, virgin) What Jon really wanted ...
At the Inn (MF, reluc, oral, virg) Jeanine was bored
Aylin (MF) Aylin comes of age
Room Service (MF, oral) Service with a smile
My Wife's Sister (MF, cheat) She was a virgin
After Hours (FF, oral) The cleaner provides much needed distraction
The Business Trip (MF, oral, rim) Relaxing together after work
Mind Control (F, mc, oral) Once 'reprogrammed' these women become oral experts.
Tied Down (MF, bondage, oral) He teaches her to respect her 'master'
The Balcony (MF, exhib) Getting away on holiday together
The Bonfire (MF, oral, anal) Fireworks at the bonfire party
Kissin' Cousins (MF, oral) They Do More Than Kiss

A Shave and a Suck

(FF) Ladies at the hairdressers
18 And Puffy (F-solo, FF, oral) Teacher solves her problem
The Hair Salon (FF, toys) Another hairdressers
Bouncy (FF, oral) She's 36DD
Dear Diary (F voyeur, F solo, FF) November was an interesting month
Debt Consolidation (FF, MF, oral) More than one way to pay your way
Door To Door (FF) A good job in sales
The Boss (MFF, oral) Can be hard keeping the boss satisfied
The City Correction Facility (MF, virg, oral) .......or should that be Erection Facility?
Vibration (MF, F solo, oral) Girl working in a man's world
Men's Room (MF, veg, oral) Not the usual boring Monday



Last Update 1st January 2006