By Dave Clarke
(MF, oral)

A few months ago I had to find a new secretary as my previous one was moving abroad with her family and she will be sorely missed.

I interviewed a number of women who on paper looked just what I wanted but my cock picked the person I finally employed. It was late afternoon and most of the staff had left for home when at the appointed time in came Bren for her interview, Bren was 28 married with two school aged children, she was about 5'5 tall with dark curly hair that was about shoulder length, she had the most wonderful full red lips and blue eyes, she wore a very smart grey suit which comprised of a jacket and skirt which was quite short, although she had the legs that were worth showing off, she wore black stocking and black patent heels. Under her jacket she wore a white see trough blouse and I could see she wore a white bra. Her breasts were quite large for her small frame although not too big.

On conclusion of the interview I offered her the job and we agreed a salary, she was very pleased as she had just lost her job and things were tight at home, I offered as part of the package evening overtime if she needed extra cash.

I invited Bren to the local for a quick drink to celebrate our relationship and she accepted.

Over a few drinks she poured her heart out to me and I soon found out things were not good at home her husband had been having an affair which he put down to stress when she lost her job and money was tight.

I drove her home and gave her a kiss on the cheek as she left my car, Bren started work the following week and I could not wait for Monday to come round to see her again especially if she going to wear short skirts and stockings.

Monday arrived and I was not to be disappointed Bren arrived in a very short skirt and black stockings and heels and a smart red blouse that looked full to bursting. I introduced her to my staff and she fitted in really well, we spent lots of time together discussing the business and dictating letters and became good friends. Every day was exciting waiting to see how short the skirt was and how fantastic her legs would look and these days the cleavage was getting lower and more and more of her tits were coming into view.

One lunch time about three months after Bren started I asked if she could give me a lift to the bank during lunch as my car was in for a service, she agreed, I did my banking and we grabbed some lunch in town, before going back to the office she asked if I minded if we stopped off at her house as she needed to collect her sports kit so she could go to the gym after work, I agreed. When we got to the house I was invited in but declined, she eventually persuaded me so I followed her up her drive watching her cute arse and amazing legs as she strode in front of me, once inside the door with the door closed was when I had the biggest shock, Bren pushed me back against the hall wall and kissed me full on the lips I responded more out of shock I guess, Bren thrust her tits into my chest and my cock soon sprang to attention from the lust of this beautiful woman. Bren then unbuttoned my shirt down to my waist kissing my chest as she undid each button she was looking up at me with her big blue sexy eyes as she reached my trousers which she undid and lowered to my knees, my cock sprang out and she wrapped her red lips round it and slowly bobbed up and down the length of my cock wanking the shaft with her hand as I neared my first orgasm and within less than 60 seconds I was cuming into her mouth and she swallowing every drop and sucking me dry. She stood up straightened her self up and said we best get back to the office, I did the same and sorted myself out and we drove back to the office.

The following day I asked her to work late and once everyone had gone I called her to my office and with all the doors locked and blinds down I asked her to strip to her undies, she did as I asked, I then told her to suck me again whilst I sat in my office chair, she did this as I removed her bra and played with her perfect tits and this time I took much longer to come again she swallowed every drop. I then lifted her onto my clear desk removed her panties and gave her all the oral sex she could ask for and she came at least three or four times, before I slipped my still erect cock between her pussy lips and we made love on my desk, it was the best sex I had had in ages.

We still work together. I am married now but we still enjoy our sex sessions and have been away on business trips together and had the most amazing sex.

Bren, if you read this thanks.

Copyright Dave Clarke October 2008

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