Karen’s Arrival
By Patrick James
(Exhib, M solo, F solo)

Karen was never part of the cool set at high school. Her first sexual experience with a guy was when she was eighteen and was actually with two guys, but it wasn’t really sex, in fact she barely touched either of them. She and two of the guys she hung out with in senior year decided to have an end of school party themselves since they weren’t invited to any of the cool parties. Her parents were away so she invited Dave and Patrick back to her place for drinks. They agreed and soon they were sitting around her lounge, empty wine bottles lying about.

Although Karen had pure enough intentions, she started to get horny with the booze inside her. She jokingly suggested a game of spin the bottle. Her two classmates laughed it off, but then she guessed the drink was working on them as well because Dave suggested it again, more seriously this time. Karen felt tingly in her stomach and said she was up for it. She had never seen naked guys before, and had to deal with all her classmates telling her what sex was like through the whole senior year, so this was a good as time as ever.

Patrick took some convincing but he polished off his glass of wine for fortitude, poured himself another one, and declared that he was in. The three of them sat down on the carpet in front of the couch. Feeling more excited than she had ever felt, Karen grabbed one of the empty wine bottles, placed it on the carpet and spun.

Karen was the first to loose a piece of clothing, which didn’t settle her nerves at all. With almost shaking hands she grabbed her shirt and pulled it up over her head, exposing her bra to the guys. They both looked at her chest; she could feel their eyes on her boobs.

But then the guys started to loose. Layer by layer, each had to take clothes off. They were laughing at first, but as more skin became exposed she could see they were nervous. Dave got down to his boxers and Patrick was down to his jeans.

Then the bottle turned back to Karen. She stood up and slipped down her jeans. She was glad she put on a decent pair of undies that morning. She had on a black pair, not too frumpy, quite sexy, she thought. The two guys fixed their eyes on her. She felt both delighted and exposed to be visually devoured by two horny guys. Few guys looked at her that way.

The bottle at the next spin pointed to Dave. He tried to laugh it off but the laugh was nervous.

Karen laughed herself, giddy with anticipation. “Fuck it,” he said. He got up and pulled his boxers down and Karen saw a cock for the first time. He was hairier than what she expected a thick black tuff above his dick, and his balls dangled loose down further than his cock. He sat back down. “I guess it’s up to you two,” he said to ease the tension.

“How naked do you feel”? Karen asked him jokingly.

He just smiled and told her to spin the bottle.

In the next turn Karen lost her bra. The fact that Dave was already naked made taking off her bra easier. She unclipped it and pulled it away from her chest. This was the first time guys had seen her boobs. The guys were looking straight at them and Dave was smiling. He even absent mindedly brushed his cock with his hand. Karen was amazingly aware of her nakedness. She was aware of her boobs swaying as she lent down and spun the bottle. This time it pointed to Patrick who had to take off his pants.

This was it, in the next spin she was going to either see another hairy cock, or she was going to show them what they’d never seen before, a hairy cunt.

The bottle spun around and pointed at Patrick. Patrick looked at it for a moment, contemplating his fate.

“You have to take them off,” Karen said. “I wanna see what ya got.” She was relieved that she didn’t have to take off her panties, but also in a way disappointed.

Patrick looked uneasily at her. “Do I have to,” he said hopefully.

“Of course you do,” Karen replied, hoping he wouldn’t just put on his clothes and walk out of her house. There wasn’t anything she could do to stop him. Adrenaline was charging through her. Her stomach was doing turns. He looked at her.

“Come on,” she blurted out. “Show us your cock.” She was surprised by her obscenity. “Dave has done it,” she added.

He looked down at himself and then looked back up at her. He was unsure of himself. In a way she felt sorry for him, but her tummy was tingling. She couldn’t help herself.

“Come on,” she chided. “You agreed to play in the first place.”

“Okay,” Patrick muttered and stood up. He slid his boxers down and they hit the floor. Karen looked straight at his cock which looked a little stiff. The strange alluring thing, all skin, and red and purple and veiny. This one was very veiny. She glanced over to Dave who was looking at it also. Maybe he was comparing? He noticed her noticing where he was looking and quickly looked away embarrassed.

Karen looked back at Patrick. He was looking awkward and didn’t know quite where to put his hands. He settled by resting them on his thighs. “Can we put our clothes back on,” he asked her. “You’ve won.”

She didn’t want this. “But I’m not naked,” she found herself saying.

“Then take off your panties,” Dave said hopefully.

She thought for a moment. She really did want to expose herself to them. But she didn’t want them to have it that easy. “I want to see you two play with yourselves first,” she said. “Jerk off.” She surprised herself by saying this.

“No way,” Dave and Patrick almost said in unison.

“If you do that for me I’ll take off my panties,” Karen said.

Dave shook his head. Patrick said nothing. She looked at his dick again. It was still a bit stiff; in fact it was a bit stiffer. The foreskin was beginning to peel back revealing his smooth knob. How big would his cock get?

Karen’s stomach was fluttering and she couldn’t stop herself. “And I’ll spread my legs so you guys can get a really good look,” she added to sweeten the deal. She wanted to see them masturbate. She wanted to see their hard cocks.

“No,” Dave still said.

“I don’t know,” Patrick mumbled. “Maybe.”

Dave and Patrick looked at each other.

“Good,” Karen said. “Patrick’s in. Dave, you can go if you want. But you won’t see me.”

Dave sat there not saying anything. Karen was reasonably sure that they had never seen a vagina before in real life and this was their golden opportunity. Patrick wasn’t going to pass on it.

“Well, Dave?” she prompted. “You wanna see me or not? Just play with yourself, that’s all you gotta do. I’m sure you do it anyway, so what’s the difference.” She enjoyed being in charge.

He looked at her and said nothing.

“I know that you want do it,” she said. “Everyone does it. I do it,” she added. She hoped this would convince him, admitting she wanked herself.

Dave breathed deeply in and out. “Yeh, okay,” he said. It worked.

Patrick sat down. Neither of the boys did anything. The anticipation was almost too much.

“Well?” she said impatiently. “Get to it.”

Neither of the boys wanted to look at each other. Patrick was the first to reach for himself. A fresh flow of adrenaline flowed through Karen as Patrick started to run his hand up and down the length of his dick. He was staring straight at her boobs. She could almost feel his eyes caressing her nipples.

Patrick was starting to harden. Karen watched as his dick gradually stood upright under his caress, his foreskin pulled back and his purple knob exposed. He ran his hand up and down his shaft slowly at first but then started to quicken the pace. Karen was almost beside herself with excitement. She knew what was coming, literally. She had never seen a guy come before. This was the first time she had even seen an erect cock. She was amazed how big it got from something reasonably small. She looked up at Patrick’s face. He was still looking at her tits but he was trying to hold in his sighs of pleasure. One did escape. “Ohhhh” oozed out of him.

Karen looked over to Dave. His hadn’t quite gotten up yet. It was engorged, but not standing upright. He too was looking at her breasts.

“Come on, Dave,” she encouraged him. “You’re lagging behind.”

He smiled bashfully. He started pulling himself faster to compensate. Karen was amazed by how hard they gripped themselves, how feverishly they tugged up and down. Patrick was up on his knees. She could see his loose wrinkled balls jiggling up and down.

”Oh my God”, Karen thought to herself. Two guys are going to come right in front of her. She has two guys jerking off, playing with themselves, tugging themselves, right in front of her. It was too much. The warmth and tingling in her own genitals needed to be satisfied. It was good having the power, having these two guys naked, making them jerk off, watching them jerk off for her. But know she had the desire to show them what she had.

“Okay, guys,” she said. “You’ve earned this.” She peeled her panties down her legs and threw them away. She felt unbelievably exposed to them. It was only a pair of panties she was wearing but she might as well have been fully clothed compared to what they were doing.

Now Karen lay back and, true to her word, spread her legs. Now they weren’t looking at her boobs, they were looking straight at her cunt. Her virginal and prim fleshy folds were all there exposed to them, her yearning lips and her mound of brown pubic hair, and underneath, her tight little arsehole.

The boys started to tug on themselves faster now.

“Hey, don’t come yet,” she found herself saying. “Watch me for a minute. Just stop and watch me.”

She wasn’t planning on jerking herself off, but her cunt felt so warm and moist she didn’t feel she had any choice in the matter. It was a natural reaction. She slid her hands down her thighs, then back up, one hand moved onto her clit. She was soft, moist and warm. Feeling the teasing tickle of her pubic hair on the palm of her hand she gently circled her clit with two of her fingers. Immediately pulses spiralled out through her body.

“Oh my God,” she sighed. She didn’t mind expressing her pleasure. She was just so glad to be experiencing the raw thrill of sex for the first time. She used her left hand to gently massage her left boob, and then circled a nipple with her finger. “Ohh yeh,” she sighed again. She had never been so sexually charged before. Masturbating had never felt this good before. It was as if Dave and Patrick’s eyes were intensifying the feelings. For a few moments she thought she may come before they did. But she didn’t climax, instead the tingling pulses got more and more intense, soon they all could hear the sloshing noises as new waves of wetness lubricated her vagina. She had never been this wet before.

Both boys started to masturbate again. “Oh god this feels good,” Karen said. She had taken her left hand off her tit and slid it up her hole as she continued to work on her hard little slippery clit with her right hand.

“I’ve never been so hard in my life,” Patrick said,

“Don’t come yet,” Karen pleaded. “Wait for me to catch up.” But she felt she wasn’t far behind. Karen began to thrust her vagina up into her fingers as she looked at the two guys. Two totally naked guys, both on their knees, looking at her cunt, pulling themselves off because she was making them so horny. Dave was the hairier guy, a slight smattering across his chest and a thick clump around his cock. Patrick had the better physique, muscles in his arms tensed as he jerked up and down. Their faces were tense as they tried to hold in their moans.

“Oh shit,” Karen groaned. “Don’t hold it in guys.” She meant their groans, but Dave may have taken this as a signal to let himself go.

“Oh fuck,” he suddenly cried. He pumped his hips suddenly and a milky, sticky shot of come exploded onto her mum’s carpet. He slowed down but still pumped himself as another shot come out. He let out a sigh and the rest dribbled over his hand. Breathless he sat back on his heels.

The sight amazed Karen. It turned her on like nothing else. “Just you and me,” she said to Patrick just as another surge pulsed through her body. She was building up to something big. She was so wet her finger easily slid in and out of her hole, she quickened her rubbing.

“Not for much longer,” Patrick replied. “Oh my god,” he exclaimed.

“Are you coming,” she cried.

“Yes, soon.”

“Tell me you’re coming, tell me you’re coming.”

“Oh shit, I’m coming.” He furiously pumped himself and let out a cry. Some come dribbled out over his fingers, and she thought that his shot wouldn’t be as much as Dave’s, but then a huge shot spurted out and she felt a warm drop on her foot. This was too much. As another shot spurted out onto the carpet, Karen bucked her hips up off the floor, involuntarily thrusting her cunt into the air.

“Ohhhhhhhh, fuck,” she cried as a huge pulse surged from her cunt down to her toes. “Ahhhhhh,” she cried again as wave after wave surged through her body. And she even felt a little squirt against her fingers and she too came.

She bucked up a few more times and then let her sweaty arse down on the carpet. Her hand was wet with her come. She wiped it up and down her thigh.

No one said anything for a few moments.

“God, that was great,” she said breaking the silence.


© Copyright Patrick James 2008

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