Archive 9    
Babysitting Adventure (MF, dream, MMF, oral) Fantasy while the couple are out and the reality when they return..
On The Way Home (MM, oral, MMF, creampie, anal) Bi Guy hooks up with a stange man and then later at home the wife joins the action
Delivered (MF, oral, job) Home delivery of a different kind. You can't fault his customer servicing skills.
House Sitting

(F solo, Voy?) Taking care of things while she's at her parents house
Perspectives (F solo, FdomM) Two different view points, but she's in control.
Trans-Atlantic (FF, solo) Short but satisfying tale on a plane
Me & Mrs Jones (MF, oral, job) Well written twist on the meeting of strangers theme.
Threesome (MMF, oral) University should be a satisfying time.. A girl can always hope!
Hot Stuff! (MF, oral) Raunchy fantasy written to a lover.
James & Amy (MF, oral, toys) Two lovers taking time out to really enjoy and please each other.
Autumn Dig (MMM, oral, anal) Three men in a shed. There's more going on down the allotment than you would think.
Desire (MF) Nothing else matter when lust takes over.
Horny4U (MF) A text announces he's coming. Soon so is she....
Denise (MF, oral) A lust so strong he's tempted down under..
Jennifer (MF, oral, toys) Not just lovers, but soul mates too.
Victoria Forever (MF, oral) She new how to tease and please.
Theresa And Two Make Three (MFF, oral, anal, toys) What are mates for, but to lend a helping hand?
An Opportune Moment (MF, cheat, toys, oral, anal) A sexy French au pair on tap, what man could ask for more…?
Wash Day (MF, cheat, Exhib, Msolo) Chris pops round for eggs and leaves his cream.
Playing For High Stakes (MMMF, oral, Exhib) When you lose a bet you have to payout....
Memories from long ago... (MF, rom) The past catches up with the present
Missing U. (Fsolo, toys, rom) He left her a gift as he went away. What did he unleash..?
On Top (MF, rom) The better it is, the more you want
Fit 2 Burst (MF, job) Working under a Personal Trainer definately has advantages
New Bucket Seats (MM, oral, anal)  
Afternoon Swim (MF, voy, oral)  
The Stranger
Best Friend (FF, oral) Good friends get closer..
Shattered Resistence (MF, oral, Magic) A Girl who's dying to get what she wants...
One Night With My Whore (MF, Cheat, Mdom, spank, toys, anal, oral) Whore for sale. Needs to be treated like a slut...
An Hour Of My Time (MdomF, rough, oral) For one hour, she is his to treat exactly how he wants.
Zoe & Michael (MF, job, oral, exhib) Story from two view points as Policeman meets lone female driver.
Matthew & Gina (MF, oral, exhib, job, m+solo) Sex Education with a difference!
Jenny's Train Journey (MF, oral, exhib) Jenny likes to tease when she rides on the train
His Touch (MF, rom) He knows just how to please, but leave her always wanting more..
Danielle (MFF, oral, Exhib) Studying is so much more fun when you have friends to help
The 12 Days of Sexmas   Short xmas poem



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