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I Dress For You (MF, oral, rom) She dresses for pleasure.
Queen Of The Night   An erotic poem excerpted from Indigo Skye's novel, Rachel Bixby, Superstar!, a work-in-progress
Birthday Rememberance (MF, rom, oral) A meeting of lovers..
Punishment (MFdom, bondage, oral) First advertures in submission
Dirty Weekend (MF, oral, cheat) Lovers meeting for the weekend
She said, He said (MdomF, BD, Oral) Dominance and Seduction from two perspectives.
Office Politics (MF, Job, Humil, Oral) Abusive boss finds the tables turned...
Midsummer Night (MF, Oral) Sex between strangers on the night of the solstice
Naughty mercy (MF, Bondage, Humil, Spank) Disciplined for daring to visit her teacher out of class..
The Intruder (MF, Reluc, bondage, Oral, fist) Tied up, abused and used by a stranger...
Overheard (MF, Cheat, Oral) Wife hears more than just her husband cheating...
Jessica's Diary (MF, mild DS-BD-SM, real) A excerpt from Jessica diary recalling the men she meets
Only for You Sir! (MdomF, toys) She belongs to him
Him (MF, Cheat, Oral, Preg) Seduced by his naughty emails, she wants a part of HIM forever
Stephano and Delilah (Fsolo, MF, Cheat, Oral, Rom) A horny woman reaches out to a far away lover and finds their need for each other transcends all obstacles for a magical reunion.
Benidorm (FF, Oral) A third Daiquiri, naughty talk and a satisfying finish.
London to Italy with pleasure (MF, Job, Rom, Cheat) Illict liason brings working away to a satsifying finish
The Dean (MF, Oral, Coll) If you are called to the Dean, you're in trouble...
Temptation & Desire (MF, Oral, Coll) The lust between Teacher and Pupil grows stronger
Ella and The Man (MF, bondage, Mdom) Frumpy, un-appreciated, her husband leaves, then she meets 'The man'...
Mia's Fantasy Fuck (MF, Fsolo, Voy) Mia's beach holiday re-awakens her desires.
Bringing In The New Year (2017) (MF, Oral, Rom) Lovers teasing each other into a New Year together.


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