By Catrina555
(MF, rom, oral)

I had been with my ex for 5 years when it all went downhill. He said he still loved me but that he just didn’t find me attractive anymore. This crushed me. I’m only 28 but if guys are already turned off by me, what chance did I have to find anyone else?

I moved out and rented a small flat. After much moping around, my friends convinced me that I needed to get dolled up and go on a much needed girl’s night out in town with them. I agreed. I was desperate for a night of good sex; I had been really horny for weeks now. I also wanted to prove I still had it when it came to getting a guy.

I dressed in a very sexy short skirt, a low cut black bodice top and a new bra and matching knickers. I felt sexy as hell.

After a few drinks in some of the towns quieter bars, I insisted we went to a more rowdy pub that I knew had more of a reputation of a meat market than the more sophisticated wine bar we usually went to.

Even though I was putting on a brave face, I was desperate to prove that I could still pull a half decent looking guy and not any pissed lout. I spotted a group of men by the bar and one was definitely what I was looking for. He looked like a rugby player. Big shoulders and thighs and rugged looks. He was dressed in jeans and a fitted t shirt. He looked over at me and flashed a smile. Mmmm…what I would give to get fucked by him tonight… I was getting wet at the thought of it. Imagining his fingers touching me. Mmm his hot mouth on my body…

I got a mirror out of my bag to make my make up was still in all the right places. I looked up, it looked like he was going to head over to me. Just then a fight broke out at the bar and police were called in. There was glass everywhere plus odd pools of blood and beer. The police herded most of the guys outside including my rugby player. Oh well, so much for that.

A policeman came round to ask if we had seen anything. The bar it seems didn’t have any cameras and none of the bar staff saw anything. I told him that I didn’t see what happened but that he had ruined my night by taking all the good looking guys away. He then took my name and address too. My friends thought it was time we called it a night now before he hauled me off too. We finished our drinks and called for a taxi. Once outside he was nowhere to be seen.

After dropping the others off I was the last left in the taxi. As it neared my house I dug around in my handbag for all the money the other girls had given me towards the fare. Damn. I couldn’t find it all. I turned my bag upside down on the seat. The driver seemed keen to wait, staring at me in the back from the rear view mirror. He was 50 odd and pleased with his choice of profession, picking up scantily clad girls on the weekend. I wondered what I would have to do if I couldn’t find all the money. Ergh.

At last I found it all and handed it over, much to his amusement. I looked down to follow his line of gaze to see my breasts almost bursting over my bra. Damn. Oh well at least someone saw my sexy new bar. I quickly stumbled out of the taxi almost landing on my face but trying to keep what little dignity I had left. He drove past at speed, no doubt to pick up his next drunk girl incapable of keeping her breasts in her bra.

I reached in my bag for my keys. I had to stand still to have a good dig around in it as my tiny bag obviously had a secret compartment that money and keys seemed to disappear into. But it was no good, they were gone. Shit. It must have been when I turned everything upside down looking for the money in the taxi.

I had no option but to walk back to town. It was a least a 20 min walk. I had given my mobile to one of my friends to call the taxi and she never gave it back. Shit. At least it was a clear night and the shoes were practical enough to walk back to town in. I was then glad that I had opted to move back to my home town when I split with my ex. Rent had shot up but it was still a safe place to live.

I headed back at a slow walk. Thinking about my ex, how I hadn’t noticed things were starting to fall apart. I thought his sex drive was just calming down with us getting older. We used to do it into the next morning some nights. But lately he barely bothered to finish me off. I realised we hadn’t had sex for a least a month. When I came to think about it, when we did do it, it was more of a chore than a good time anyway. I thought back to the rugby player at the bar. I wondered if he went there regularly. And how would I convince my friends to go back there again.

I was busy in my thoughts and didn’t notice a car pull alongside me. I started to panic. I didn’t recognise where I was. I was so lost in my thoughts, I had become lost myself. Shit. I kept walking and didn’t look down at the car. I wanted to appear in control of myself. I knew I was a bit tipsy still, but he didn’t.

‘Hey’ he said.

For a brief moment I thought it might be the taxi with my keys! I stopped and looked down at him in the car. Fuck, it wasn’t the taxi.

‘What do want? I’m not a hooker’ I blurted.

‘I know you aren’t a hooker.’ He laughed ‘I saw you walking on your own and just wanted to check if you were ok. It’s late and I don’t think it’s very safe for a young woman to be walking around on her own.’ he smiled.

‘Well I don’t know why you think you would be able to protect me any better than I can myself!’ I was happy with my comeback. Not bad considering how much I had drunk earlier, the drink must be wearing off.

Then it hit me. It was my rugby player from the bar! He was even better looking up close. A wave went through my stomach and the muscles in my pussy involuntarily tightened and relaxed. I flushed. I didn’t even know this guy and my body already wanted his cock inside me. He had such a sexy voice and laugh. I though about hearing his voice whisper in my ear. A wave went through me and my pussy clenched again.

‘So why are you out here this late? You aren’t walking home are you? Not on your own?’

I was embarrassed, I felt like a kid making excuses. ‘I left my house key in the taxi and my phone with a friend, so I was walking back to the taxi office to get my key.’ I felt tired now and it probably showed too.

‘Why don’t you let me drive you to the taxi office? It’s safer then walking around on your own and it’s warmer in here too.’ He looked concerned.

I hadn’t realised how cold it had become. I looked at him. Mmm he was so sexy. I decided to throw caution to the wind, maybe it was the drink. I walked round to the passenger side; he had already jumped out of his side and had put a jacket around me. I looked down and noticed my cleavage was almost on full show again. Shit.

‘I’m not that bad! I don’t need help getting into a car!’ I protested.

He just smiled, he was enjoying this!! Let him have his fun I thought.

I wished we could have more time together than the drive to town. I thought of an excuse to invite him in when I had my key back. I sat back into his leather jacket around my shoulders. His aftershave filled the air in the car and it seemed like it filled my head when I inhaled. I looked over at him. His strong hands on the steering wheel. The muscles on him were unbelievable. His t-shirt clung to him showing them off perfectly. His jeans were tight too, especially around his crotch. Mmm…. tight enough for me to see the outline of his cock….?? I stared down at it, trying to see…

He shifted and tried to adjust his jeans. Oh God, how embarrassing!! I turned away and pretended to look out of my window.

I suppose I could just invite him in for a coffee to say thanks for driving me to the taxi office. I got butterflies in my stomach thinking about having him in my flat. Telling him he could spend the night as it was too late to drive back to where ever he lived. The wave went through my stomach and the muscles in my pussy involuntarily clenched again. Then an excuse for him to stand close to me and touch me with those hands….

‘Ok, I’ll go check if they were handed in’

I came out of my daydream. I looked blankly at him. ‘What?’ But he was already out of the car. He was only in there for seconds then back in the car.

‘They haven’t had any handed in’ he turned to face me.

‘Damn’ I said, so disappointedly that he must have thought I would cry. Damn it’s closed, Damn small towns and their early closing times and Damn I wouldn’t have him in my bed now. Fuck. I was already very wet from my thoughts on what I would have done to him and what he would have done to me. What now??

‘Look don’t worry’ he said, thinking I was more upset then angry. He had no idea.

‘We will try them again tomorrow. You can stay at mine tonight if you need to. Unless you want me to drop you somewhere, a friend’s house?’

My heart skipped a beat. I played it cool.

‘Erm, I er, don’t think my friends would appreciate it if I turned up at their house this late. And I don’t really know you…’

‘Look, I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to, but you can trust me’ He smiled and winked at me.

My heart skipped a beat and my pussy clenched again. I could feel how wet I was. What the hell.

‘I don’t even know your name!’ I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even asked him.

‘It’s Craig’ he smiled

‘I’m Becky. If you are sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble. I can’t get into my house anyway, so it’s your sofa or the street’ Hey different bed same guy, I was still game for a night of fucking him.

‘Right’ he set off

We soon arrived at what must have been his house. Craig was soon at my door, offering a hand to help me out. His aftershave still around me from his jacket almost making me light-headed with the smell of him. I felt his arm across my back, his hand on my waist. I slipped my arm around him too, his back felt so warm against my arm. I felt his muscles tighten under my hand. God he had muscles everywhere.

We stopped at the front door. He moved his arm from around me. I stood close to him with my back to him as he fumbled to get the key in the door. I could almost feel his breath on me. Well it was now or never.

I leaned back and pressed my body up against his. I felt his strong chest against my back. I felt his muscles suddenly tighten then he relaxed. I dropped my head back onto his left shoulder and inhaled his aftershave again. He wrapped his arms around me and moved his lips to my neck. I nearly jumped at the touch. His mouth was wet and hot. I could feel his breath on my neck. I couldn’t help but let out a moan. He moved his left arm up towards my breasts. His fingers pulled my bra down and cupped my right breast. My legs almost buckled. I was leaning completely against his body now. I could feel his cock starting to push into my lower back. His fingers found my nipple. He gently squeezed it between his finger and thumb. I moved my face to find his lips. He kissed me hard, his tongue searching for mine. I met it with mine. My fingers were running through his hair. He teased my nipple and moved his other hand slowly down between my legs.

My pussy was aching to feel him inside me now. His other hand left my breast and moved behind me and down to my legs he moved his hand between them and gently lifted one of my legs so I had to lean back against him completely for support. His hand round the front of me reached under my skirt. His fingers pushed my knickers to one side. I felt the cold air on my pussy then his warm fingers exploring me. He gently rubbed my clit with his finger then inserted into me. I moaned again. He must have felt how wet I was now. I moved down onto his hand almost begging for more. He slipped another finger in.

He broke the kiss and moved his lips to my ear.

‘God I want to fuck you’ He breathed into my ear.

I let out another moan. I was rhythmically moving against his fingers now. I was desperate to feel his cock. I reached behind me, my hands immediately found a massive bulge in his jeans. I pulled at them until they undid. I slipped a hand into his boxers. He let a moan out and slowly thrust into my hand. He was rock hard. I could feel his precum from his boxers brush against my wrist. I wanted to taste him.

I reluctantly pushed his hand from my pussy and lowered my leg from his grip. I turned around to face him. We kissed again. Deeper this time, both desperate for each other. I grabbed his cock again and started to move down towards it.

‘Not here, let’s go inside’ he said breathlessly. I hadn’t even noticed we were still outside by his front door. We were surrounded by houses but it was dark apart from the street lights.

It was too late; I was already on my knees. I could smell his cock. It smelt of cum and sweat. God it turned me on. I licked my lips and slowly touched the tip of his swollen cock with them. I licked his sweet precum. He let out a throaty moan. I looked up at him. It felt so sexy being outside. His jeans and boxers were round his ankles. His eyes were closed and his head half thrown back. His hands were now in my hair gently pressing himself into my mouth. Knowing that I was turning him on like this made my pussy clench again. I could feel my own juices stating to seep through my knickers.

I licked swirls into the tip of cock, gently sucking at his precum. He tasted as good as he looked. I parted my lips and moved as far down his cock as I could, I cupped his balls in my hand. He moaned again and pushed himself even further into my mouth. I moaned too, feeling it touch the back of my throat almost making me gag. His grip on the back of my head was harder now. I moved my hands round to his bare arse. Mmmm I gave it a squeeze. Pulling him towards me and into my mouth again.

He started to fuck my mouth. His hands moving my head back and forth on his wet cock and my hands squeezing his arse encouraging him further in with each thrust. I could taste his sweet precum dripping down the back of my throat. I was drinking it all up. I desperately wanted to taste his salty cum. He was fucking my mouth harder now, more franticly. We were both moaning with each thrust. I could hear his heavy breathing as he watched me sucking his cock.

I felt his muscles under my hands tense up. Then he thrust hard and deep into my mouth. His hands pulling my head right into him almost chocking me, and let out a long groan from deep in his throat.

‘Oh Fuuuuuck’ he gasped.

Then I tasted him. His hot cum shot right onto the back of my throat. I swallowed hungrily.

‘Oh God’ he moaned with every thrust.

Spray after spray filled my mouth as he rocked his cock in and out of my mouth. I encouraged every last drop out of him. Licking it from his tip, sucking it from his cock. Tasting it all down his shaft. His grip on my head relaxed. I gently continued cleaning the sticky cum off his cock with my tongue and lips. His hands following the movement of my head as his breathing eased.

‘Fuck’ he said once he had his breath back, then let out a soft laugh, I looked up at him. He looked down the street to see if any curtains were twitching. He pulled me up off my knees, his semi hard cock pushing against my thigh. He kissed me. The taste of his cum still in my mouth and his tongue dancing with mine made me long for him inside me.

My breasts were out completely out over my bra now. I pushed into him so he could feel my hard nipples against him through his shirt. His hands a cupped my breasts. He teased my hard nipples in-between his fingers. He moved his mouth down my neck. He found a nipple and teased it with his tongue. I arched my back leaning against his door, raising my breasts to him. He sucked my nipple into his warm mouth then moved to the other, I felt the cold air on them as he teased from one to the other. My hands were in his hair pushing his head into my breasts, desperate to feel his mouth on each nipple. He moved his mouth back up to mine. He moved a hand down between my legs. I instantly parted them for him. He pulled my skirt up and stroked my pussy.

‘Fuck, I can’t believe how wet you are.’ He breathed in my ear. He cupped my pussy and ran two fingers along the length of it over my knickers. I was so wet for him, my knickers were completely soaked through. He moved his hand away to look at it. His fingers were covered in my juices and shining in the light from the street lamps. I found it such a turn on seeing my sticky juices over his fingers. He raised his two fingers to his lips and sucked them, taking all my juice into his mouth. I couldn’t help but watch him.

‘God you taste good’ he groaned. He moved his hand back down to my pussy and kissed me. I could taste my juices in his mouth. I kissed him hungrily.

He pulled my knickers to one side and found my swollen clit. I groaned and lent further back trying to open my legs wider for him. He broke the kiss and knelt down. He pulled my knickers down and I stepped out of them. He lifted one of my legs onto his shoulder. I leaned right back onto the door for support, opening my legs as wide as I could for him. One of his hands held my pussy apart. He moved his head down; I could feel his warm breath. He buried his face right into my wet pussy. I moaned with pleasure. My hands were on the back of his head, my fingers in his hair. My nails dug into his skin willing him on as his tongue moved over the whole of my pussy. He probed his tongue deep inside me and sucked at my pussy, drinking my juices that were there for him. He traced his tongue along my pussy until he reached my clit. He slipped his fingers into my pussy while he gently licked my clit.

I nearly fell to the floor. I was almost sitting on his shoulder now, half my weight on him, the other half leaning back on the door. His fingers continued to explore my eager pussy and his tongue teasing my clit. I looked down at him. His jeans and boxers were still around his ankles, his arse bare to the night, he was kneeling with his face buried in me. Fuck he looked so horny. Something about being half naked and not caring who could see us was really turning me on. I had never done anything outside the bedroom before.

His moved his fingers in me while licking my clit. I was desperate to cum with his face in my pussy. I was pushing down on his face, moving rhythmically on him. He moved his fingers from inside me and stroked his cock, covering it in my pussy juice. I could see he was as hard as a rock again and I wanted to fuck him. It took all my strength to push his head away from my pussy. He looked up at me, his face with gleaming with my pussy juice. It took one look at me to know what I wanted.

He wiped his face across his sleeve, and then moved his face to mine. We kissed again, searching each other’s mouths. I felt his cock brush against my bare thigh. I opened my legs willing him to fuck me. He lifted one of my legs around his waist. He moved his cock in between my legs. He slowly rubbed my clit with his cock, teasing my pussy with it. I moaned. He kissed my neck. I dug my nails into his back under his shirt. He pushed further in, finding my pussy lips. I held my breath. Then he was entering me, fuck I had been waiting all night to feel his cock in me. He slid it in further and further. Groaning as inch after inch of his cock entered me. I released my breath with a loud moan, he felt amazing. His cock stretched me open. His pelvic bone was pushing hard against my clit. I couldn’t stand up anymore. I lent back against the door again. He pushed in even further. He was breathing hard now.

He moved his lips to my ear again. ‘I’ve been wanting to fuck you all night Becky.’

A wave went through my stomach and my pussy clenched on his cock. He let out a moan. He was sliding in and out of me faster now. I could feel his whole cock move out then in again. The strokes were driving me wild. I was pushing down on his cock urging him in deeper with each thrust. I couldn’t control myself. I was rocking back and forth on him. He was pounding his hard cock into me again and again. His hands were on my waist holding me for each thrust. He was looking down, watching his cock shining with my juices, moving in and out of my pussy. My hands were on his arse. The muscles he was using to fuck me were unbelievable; with every thrust his whole lower body was trying to help him thrust deeper into me.

Then I felt it coming. His pelvic bone had been rubbing my clit with every move. I could see the hair around his cock was wet from me. My breathing quickened and my hands were desperately squeezing his arse, trying to pull him into me more. God I was going to cum. I was moaning. He sensed it too.

‘Ooohh…Becky…. Fuuuuck…cum for me’ He wasn’t trying to keep quiet anymore. ‘Cum for me…. Fuuuck….cum for me while I fuck you... GOD I love fucking you…. your pussy is amazing’

His breathing was quick too now. We were both going to cum.

‘FUCK’ I shouted out, his hand moved from my waist and covered my mouth. My whole body convulsed on him.

‘FUCK….FUCK….FUUUCK…God Craig…. Fuck’ I couldn’t control myself, his hand was desperately trying to stifle my shouts of pleasure from the neighbours. I threw my head back convulsing and cursing with every wave of spasm after spasm, my body pushed my pussy down so hard on his cock and my back arched again and again slamming onto him wildly. I almost knocked him off balance. My body was still squeezing his hard cock in its spasms, when he came.

‘OH…FUUUCK’ He convulsed and lost control. With his next wave he groaned deep in his throat trying hard not to shout out again. I was still rocking back and forth on him in my last waves of orgasm when he almost collapsed on me pushing me hard up against the door, his cock moving still deep in me. His hands holding my waist while he fucked me through his orgasm. I felt his warm cum starting to drip out of my pussy down my thigh, being forced out of me with each thrust.

‘Fuck’ he was breathless now. We both were. Our bodies slowly stopped thrusting. The tiredness suddenly fell over me.

‘Fuck’ was all he managed again. He looked at me. My heart skipped a beat. This guy was gorgeous. He lent into me and kissed me. Softly this time, taking time to touch every part of my lips with his. I could have stayed there all night kissing him. I suddenly felt the cold night air hit me too. I shivered. He held me close to him, trying to keep me warm. He slowly pulled out of me, letting my pussy adjust to his cock withdrawing and lowered my leg from his waist. My muscles ached.

As he moved away I saw his cock and his balls covered in my juices and his cum, almost down his thighs. Fuck, it almost started to turn me on again. He bent down to pull his jeans and boxers up. I adjusted my skirt, feeling all our juices down my legs too. I found my knickers and stuffed them in my bag. He found the house keys and let us in. The warmth in the house hit me and made me even more tired.

I slipped off his jacket that I was still wearing. He kicked off his shoes and took my hand to lead me upstairs to his bedroom. He took off his jeans and boxers then his t-shirt and dumped it in a pile on the floor. His body was amazing. I couldn’t help but admire it.

‘I need a shower’ he said.

I looked up realising I was staring at him. I nodded.

‘You can have one of my t shirts if you want’ He grabbed a clean t-shirt that was so big, seemed would drown me. I smiled.

‘Back in a sec’ He headed out of the room. I sat on the bed feeling exhausted. I started to undress. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I felt I was dreaming. If I hadn’t lost my keys none of this would have happened. I smiled to myself. My bag dropped to the floor. I bent to pick it up and something caught my eye, something familiar. When Craig had dumped his jeans something had fallen loose from his pocket.

My keys! Oh my God! I was shocked. I picked them up to make sure they were mine. No mistake. I headed to the bathroom to ask what the hell was going on. I opened the bathroom door to find him standing in the shower with his face to the water, eyes closed, obviously enjoying the warm water. His body was covered in lather. Fuck he looked stunning. He was slowly rubbing his crotch washing all our juices away. I just watched for as long as I could. He was almost getting turned on by what he was doing. I was too. Then he opened his eyes and saw me. He smiled. I flushed when I realised I was completely naked, forgetting I had undressed before finding the keys. The Keys!!

I held them up for him to see. He looked embarrassed.

‘Oh’ he said. ‘You found your keys’

‘Yes’ I said crossing my arms, ‘what’s going on?’

He cleared his throat, ‘Well you er dropped them in the pub. I was coming over to tell you when that fight broke out. By the time the police realised I had nothing to do with it, I went back in the pub and found your keys but you were gone. I went outside and saw you head off in the taxi. I figured I would just follow you and give them back to you when you go out.’

‘Well why didn’t you?’ I asked

‘Well’ he started ‘I figured if I just gave you the keys I probably wouldn’t see you again. I had seen you in the pub and was thinking of a way to come over. When you dropped your keys it was a perfect excuse. Until the fight stopped me. So I followed you for a while in my car to make sure you were ok while I thought of something to say so you wouldn’t just go home. But you looked cold so I stopped you and was ready to admit defeat when the excuse came to drive you to the taxi rank and things took themselves on from there.’ He grinned. He was obviously pleased with himself.

I couldn’t help but smile back. If only he knew that I was thinking of a way to get him in my flat too.

I looked at him and noticed his cock was getting hard again. Seeing him in the shower had certainly started to make me wet again. He slowly stroked his cock as though teasing me.

‘So you mad I didn’t give them straight back to you?’ he smiled

I smiled back and stepped into the shower with him, thoughts of my tiredness suddenly gone…    


© Copyright 2008 Catrina555

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