The Scarlet Robe
By Sazzlebabe
(MF, rom, oral)

Alice had walked the dogs, fed them and had just put the kettle on for a cup of tea when she heard Simon’s bedroom door open and close. Light footsteps crept along the hall and down the stairs. Alice grimaced. That didn’t sound like Simon coming downstairs, so it must be whatever blonde bimbo he picked up last night. Although Alice had been working hard at not showing Simon she cared, she had lain awake last night, alone in bed, just like every other time he had been out with the boys, dreading hearing him come through the door with someone. And last night it had happened – as she had guessed it would. They had argued before he left so she knew he would get utterly wasted and pick up some bimbo. She heard the high pitched giggles, the muffled sounds of passionate kissing as they had stumbled up the stairs. She had put in the ear phones of her iPod and turned the music up loud so she wouldn’t hear any noises in the bedroom next door. She hadn’t slept well.

The kettle boiled and she poured the boiling water over the teabag in her mug. The footsteps had reached the bottom of the stairs. Alice poked her head round the kitchen door. Just as she thought, the girl was tall, blonde and skinny. Simon’s usual.

“Fancy a cuppa?” she asked.

The girl looked up from buttoning up her blouse, startled. The question was obvious in her eyes.

“Don’t worry…I’m not the wife or girlfriend, current or ex. Or his sister, mother or aunt! I’m the friend that took him in when he had no where to go. So you are safe if you fancy a cup of tea or coffee.”

“Oh, a cup of coffee’d be lovely” chirped the girl, “I’m gasping”.

Alice nipped back into the kitchen to make the coffee.

“Milk? Sugar?” she asked.

“Milk and three sugars please” called the girl from the dining room.

As Alice walked into the dining room with the two drinks, the girl was pulling up and fastening her black stockings. She put on her 4 inch black stilettos and finished buttoning up her blouse as Alice put down the mug of hot coffee in front of her. She sat opposite the girl.

“Thanks for this” said the girl, “I desperately need this after the night I’ve had”.

Alice raised an eyebrow and didn’t say anything. Inside her head she was screaming “DON’T WANNA KNOW, DON’T WANNA KNOW!!”

The girl must have read something in her eyes because she said “Oh God…don’t get the wrong idea. Nothing happened! Well, not much anyway. Ha, he’s all talk that one!”

Now Alice was interested. “What do you mean?” she said.

“Oh in the club Simon…that is his name isn’t it? Well, he was whispering sweet nothings in my ear about what he was gonna do to me when we got home and then, when we got here, all he could talk about was his ex”

“Oh yes?” said Alice, who was a bit surprised by this. She thought Simon was well over Julie, his ex. After all, it had been 4 months since they both got sick of each other’s cheating ways and decided to go their separate ways.

“Yeah. He was all like ‘I’ve been trying to show Alice how much I’ve changed, I love her and all she does is ignore all me and say stuff like ‘Let’s be friends’. Blah blah blah! I tried a few tricks, if you know what I mean, to take his mind off her but he couldn’t manage it. Then he just collapsed into bed, snoring and farting the whole night. Its murder trying to sleep on a tiny corner of a single bed, do you know what I mean?”

She slurped her coffee while Alice considered what she had said. Simon loved her? Surely not. Yes he had been making hints for about a month now but she kept ignoring them, thinking about the fact that they worked together and of course, thinking about Simon’s reputation as a bit of a Jack the Lad. She had seriously thought he was just trying to get in her knickers, not that he had grown feelings for her…No. This bimbo must be mistaken. He can’t have said that.

But why would she make it up? She looked at the girl across the table. She was sipping her drink, checking her phone.

What did this girl have to gain by lying to her? Absolutely nothing. So, it must be true then. Simon felt for her just what she had been feeling for him lately. Trying oh so hard to hide it from him and more importantly, herself. Scared of getting hurt again, worried that if she let her guard down Simon would bed her and brag about it to the lads at work and in the pub.

But, it must be too late. He must have got sick of waiting for her to let him into her life, and bed. After all, he brought this girl home – to her home, into her spare room - with the intention of bedding her. He was just too drunk to do it. Well done me, thought Alice, I find a guy who I really like, who likes me, and then drive him into the arms of another woman.

“Story of my life” she muttered, lifting the mug of tea up to take a sip.

“What?” said the girl.

“Hmmm? Nothing, nothing” said Alice, standing up “So, do you want me to call you a taxi? Or are you getting a bus home?”

She suddenly couldn’t wait to get this bint out of her house. She had to do something. She had to let Simon know how she felt, before he met some other bimbo that he could get it up for!

The girl looked a little put out, “Eeerm, I don’t think I’ve got enough money for a taxi…”

“Oh don’t worry about that. The bus stop is just round the corner. It’ll take you straight up to town. Let me show you where to go” Alice strode to the front door, opened it and turned round to see if the girl had followed her. The girl had stood up from the table and looked a little confused, like she couldn’t understand why she was being thrown out. She tottered up to the front door and looked at Alice.

Alice pointed up the road.

“The bus stop is up the road, turn right and it’s about 100 yards up. Look, I’m sorry I’m kicking you out like this but I’ve got an aerobics class to teach in an hour and I’ve got to get ready and I don’t think Simon will be up any time soon to drive you home” “Wow – you teach Aerobics, that’s so interesting. I love Aerobics. Maybe I could come to one of your classes?”

Alice was trying to close the door, but guilt suddenly swept over her. She reluctantly opened the door again and said “Sure, anytime. I run them at the Community Hall every Sunday morning at 7, 8.30 and 10 and then on a Sunday afternoon at 3 and 4.30. Tell you what, if you go to the front desk and say you’re a friend of Alice’s and that she said you can have one free session, you can come and work out for free!”

The girl smiled and was about to speak when realisation froze the smile on her face.

“You’re Alice?” she said, the smile wavering.

“Yes. I’m Alice and I’ve got to go”.

She shut the door hard, too hard. She leant back onto the door and put her face in her hands.

“Simon loves me?” she whispered.

“Simon loves me!” she said, with determination and pushed herself up off of the door. She grabbed the phone and dialled Heather’s mobile number.

“Hey H! It’s Alice. Look, I went over on my ankle yesterday and it’s still really sore. I don’t think I’ll be able to take my classes today. I’m so sorry its late notice but I wondered if you’d be able to take them for me?” Alice blurted when Heather answered the phone.

“Hey there sugar! Wow, it’s not like you to call in sick. Your ankle must be really sore babe. Don’t worry about your classes; I’ve got them covered for you. Just go sit down and ice that ankle. Maybe you should keep it strapped up for a few days?”

“Thanks so much H – you’re an absolute star! I think I’ll have a red hot bath then whack on an ice pack. I’m sure I’ve got an ankle strap somewhere around here”

“No worries babe. I’ll ring you later and let you know how it went. Go get off that ankle now. Laters”

As Alice hung up the phone, she thought that she should feel guilty, but she didn’t. Heather would understand. She knew how lonely being single was. And she really liked Simon – had been pestering Alice to get with him for months now. If everything worked out then she would tell Heather why she needed today off. But first she needed to make something happen.

She looked down at her grubby old trackie bottoms and baggy t-shirt. This was not the outfit of seduction – by a long way!

Alice rushed upstairs to her bedroom and opened her top drawer. Underneath all her sensible underwear she found what she was looking for – the scarlet bra and knickers. She couldn’t find any stockings but thought that wouldn’t matter. She went to her wardrobe and took out her red satin robe. She laid everything on her bed and looked up, into the mirror that hung on her wall. “So, I’m really doing this?” she said to her reflection. Her mirror-self nodded back at her and smiled, nervously.

Alice walked, quietly, to the bathroom. She didn’t want Simon to wake up just yet. As she passed his bedroom she listened silently at his door. She could hear gentle snores coming from the room beyond the door and she had to resist the urge to open it, go in and wake him up.

“Not yet” she told herself and went into the bathroom. She tied up her long chestnut coloured hair, stripped naked and turned the shower on. While she waited for it to warm up, she appraised herself in the full length mirror hanging on the back of the door. She was 5 11” and 10 stone. She had long shapely legs, a flat stomach and large, firm breasts. Up until last year she had been overweight, with pounds of excess fat spread out over her whole body. She had worked damned hard to loose it all but every time she looked in the mirror, she could only see a fat bird. Not the svelte beauty she was now. It was this that was part of her reluctance to let a man into her life. She’d have to let him see the insecurities she carried with her like a security blanket and maybe it would be those that drove him away…

“Stop!” she said to herself. A new determination swept through her. She had been hiding her feelings for Simon too long and nothing was going to stop her now.

She got into the shower. She rubbed the bar of soap over her skin, which was tingling with anticipation. As she lathered up her smooth, pale skin she thought about how long it had been since she had been with a man. 9 months! And that time was a disaster. She was drunk, he was drunker. An awful one night stand. As she rinsed off the lather, she rinsed away the memories of that hour of drunken fumbling.

“Thank God I waxed on Friday” she chuckled to herself, as she rinsed the soap from her long, shapely legs. God, she was nervous. She felt like this was her first time…it was then that she realised why she was so nervous. It was because she wanted this to be her last, first time. She really felt that strongly for Simon.

“Psycho!” she muttered under her breathe as she switched off the shower.

She grabbed a towel off the radiator and wrapped it round herself. She didn’t know why she had thought that – her last, first time. My god, it was only sex! She only had that girl’s comments to go on when it’s came down to Simon’s feelings for her. But sex would make her feel better and if he reverts to type and spills the beans to all the boys, then she will just brush it off and get on with it!

That decision made to herself, she went to the sink and brushed her teeth. She made her way back to the bedroom. She dropped the towel on the floor and walked to her dressing table. She sat down in front of the mirror and untied her luscious, chestnut locks. She brushed her hair until it shone. By then, she had dried off and she took some time to rub moisturiser over every warm inch of her body.

She then put on her bra and French knickers and looked at herself in the mirror again. She was beginning to like what she saw and she took this as a good sign. She put on her red satin robe and tied the sash with a bow at the front.

She sat back down in front of the mirror and spoke to her reflection once again.

“Should I be doing this?” she anxiously asked her reflection.


“He might make me happy or he could break my heart. Either way, at least I’ll be feeling something again. So, should I go for it?” she asked her reflection.

A look passed into her eyes in the mirror. It was longing. Whether it was longing for love or simply just the intimacy of sex, it was her answer.

She got up and walked to his door. Just as she was about to knock, she heard his phone ring, a thump and a muffled groan. She waited, holding her breathe, one hand raised to knock on the door, the other gripping hard to one end of her robe’s sash.

She heard Simon flip his phone closed without answering it and then, suddenly the door opened. Simon staggered backwards when he registered Alice standing at the door, fist raised. His face registered his confusion at why she was there. He was wearing black boxer shorts and had a shirt on but not buttoned. His chest was covered with light hair, which thinned out the further down she looked. His stomach was flat and defined and he had a light smattering of hairs running from his belly button to the top edge of his boxers. His strong, muscled legs moved him one step closer to her, a question on his lips. She lowered her hand and stepped towards him. The sudden realisation of what was happening flooded into his eyes. Alice stepped up to Simon and placed the end of her sash into his hand. He looked down at the sash while she took in his face. His blonde hair was dishevelled, his face covered with short stubble. His eyes were red but when he met her eyes, they were full of the same longing she felt.

He lowered his face to hers and their first kiss began. It was light and tender at first, both hesitating, not wanting to make a wrong move in case the moment was broken. Simon moved his hand up Alice’s arm and along her shoulder. His fingers brushed her hair back over her shoulder and then alighted, as light as a butterfly on her neck. It sent shivers down her spine. Impassioned by her shivers, Simon pulled her firmly towards him so that her chest and hips were pressed against his. It was as if the heat of their bodies transformed the kiss - it became harder, full of passion. Alice took in Simon’s tongue, sucked on it gently before releasing it. Simon let out a low groan and this made them both bolder and fiercer. Teeth clashed, tongues licked and flicked and Alice could feel herself grow wet even as she felt Simon grow against her thigh.

Simon broke off the kiss and stepped back. He looked at her, with eyes full of lust and a small smile played on his lips as he realised why she had handed him the sash. Her lips were throbbing with the force of their first kiss, and her knees were trembling at the thought of what was surely to come.

Simon slowly pulled on the sash and she looked down to see the bow come loose. The front of her robe opened slightly, not enough to show anything much, but enough to show Simon that she was practically naked beneath it. He stepped towards her again and slipped his fingers under the neck of the robe. He slowly pushed the robe backwards off of Alice’s shoulders. She felt the robe fall, then get caught at her bent elbows. Her scarlet bra encapsulated her now heaving breasts, the lace rubbing her nipples exquisitely with each breath. Simon groaned again as he caught sight of her and the groan got louder as she straightened her arms and let the robe fall to the ground. He seemed to be drinking in the sight of her body and she thought she would faint with anticipation of his touch. He stepped to her and kissed her again, bruising her lips with his, licking her tongue, stealing her breath. He kissed her face, her jaw and her neck, which shot a bolt of pure pleasure down the very centre of her, straight to her now dripping pussy. She was almost delirious with desire and wanted him to take her there and then, against the door frame. But she couldn’t speak, she was panting with pleasure. And Simon was moving slowly southwards. His kisses rained down along her collarbone to her bra strap, which he nudged gently over her shoulder. He then kissed all the way back and across to the other bra strap, which shared a familiar fate.

He moved down to the top of her breasts which sat quivering in their lacy cages. He licked the very edge of her bra, from one side to the other, then back to the middle. While her licked and probed with his tongue at the front, his hands had moved around the back to open the hooks. He did this with ease and the bra sprang open. Her quivering breasts were free and this delighted Simon. He took them in his strong, rough hands, and brought his mouth down onto the right nipple. He licked the tip of the nipple so gently that a full body shudder shook Alice as she stood in the doorway. Her hands went out to the sides to grip the door frame to keep her upright on shaky legs. He didn’t stop there. He took the whole nipple into his mouth, sucking it slowly between his hot, wet lips. Alice could feel his teeth firmly around her nipple, while his tongue still teased the tip. A warm flush was creeping over her whole body. His right hand was massaging her left breast, and he brushed his fingers over the nipple, until it was so hard it hurt. He took it between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it till she groaned with pleasure. He lifted his mouth from her right nipple and traced his tongue across to her left nipple. He flicked his tongue over the rigid mound, sending a platoon of goose pimples marching over her body. He looked up, into her eyes as he wrapped his teeth around her nipple and bit down – not viciously, but enough to make her moan with the pleasure of it.

He stepped back, and looked at her. She understood what he wanted. She reached down and slowly pulled down her scarlet knickers. Her legs were unsteady as she stepped out of her knickers one leg at a time. She stood up straight, with her legs apart and raised her hands above her head. She gripped the door frame and looked into Simon’s eyes. She licked her lips, tasting him on them, then let her gaze wander down along his body. Simon stripped off his shirt, unlocking his muscled arms from their cotton prison. Her gaze kept meandering down his body until it alighted on the bulge that had grown in his boxer shorts. He followed her gaze down, but didn’t move to take them off.

Instead he stepped towards her again, and knelt at her feet. He lowered his head to her dripping pussy and licked the juices off the dark hairs that hid her most treasured spot. With his fingers he eased her pussy apart and with his tongue, found her swollen clit. She gasped as he licked her clit and groaned when he began to suck it. His fingers massaged her wet pussy, teasing her, approaching but never entering her. The flush that had began as a small glowing ember, had now turned into a rampaging forest fire, which spread over every inch of her skin.

When she thought she could take it no more, he slipped a finger deep inside her. She cried out and thrust her hips forward to meet it. She wanted it deeper inside of her; she wanted to ride the crescendo of her orgasm right there in the doorway. He took out his finger and she almost cried with frustration… until he thrust two fingers inside her. He bent them slightly and she rode them deep within her, every thrust pushing against her G-Spot. His tongue never left her clit and she gripped hard to the door frame, grinding against his hand, wanting him to taste her cum. Her orgasm built up within her, her every nerve tingled with anticipation. She closed her eyes, wanting to concentrate on reaching that sacred place.

As she came, her juices flowed over Simon’s hand and behind her eyes the fireworks exploded. Splashes of colour kept on going as wave after wave of her orgasm flowed through her. Her pussy was gripping Simon’s fingers not letting them escape, not wanting to feel them withdraw. She opened her eyes and looked down. There he was. The miracle man, smiling up at her, licking his lips. She reached down to him, and pulled him up to meet her face-to-face. She kissed him then, wanting to taste herself on his tongue. She licked his lips and sucked his tongue as her hands travelled down his back to the waist band of his boxer shorts.

She stopped kissing him and looked down at the bulge, which was straining to escape. She moved her fingers lightly over the fabric from back to front and then traced the length of his cock through his boxers. He was breathing heavily, looking at her, looking at him.

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of the boxers and tugged them down over his throbbing cock. As Simon stepped out of his boxer shorts Alice pushed him, none too gently, onto the bed behind him. He crawled backwards to rest his head against the soft down pillows that lay at the head of the bed. Alice crept stealthily up the bed, like a hungry panther, a light sheen of sweat making her skin glisten. She straddled Simon’s thighs and leant down to taste his tongue again. Simon tried to enter her then, but Alice lifted her hips up and away from him. She wanted to drive him as crazy as he had driven her.

She slithered back down his body, letting her nipples brush over his chest and stomach, lightly touching his cock as she continued her southward journey. Using her tongue she traced a trail from his navel down to the tip of his cock. She licked the end of his cock, sliding her tongue into the slit, then circling around and around the end. Finally, she started to take the shaft of his cock into her mouth. She did it slowly, wanting to take her time. As her lips moved further along, she used her tongue to tickle and excite his throbbing member.

When she had taken in his whole cock, she gently bit down on it. Simon hissed with pleasure and Alice began to move her mouth back up the shaft. While she sucked his cock, moving her mouth up and down his entire shaft, licking and caressing every inch, her hands came up to cup his balls. She massaged them, as her rhythm began to build. Simon was moaning with pleasure and he entangled his fingers into Alice’s long chestnut locks as he guided her head up and down on his cock.

Suddenly her mouth left his cock and Simon gasped in shock – only to gasp in pleasure as he felt his balls being sucked into that sweet place, one at a time. Alice’s hands tickled the fine hairs on his naval, and then wandered up his body to find a nipple each. She tweaked his nipples between thumb and forefinger, causing waves of lust to wash over him.

Her mouth found his cock again, her tongue reacquainting itself to the very tip, circling round the now throbbing end. She sank her head low, her lips touching the hairs at the base of his cock. It was then that she felt the telltale twitch that told her to withdraw. Alice sat up, looked into Simon’s eyes and winked at him. She knew how close he had been but wanted to feel him cum deep inside her pussy.

Simon was now overwhelmed with desire. He wanted to feel her tight pussy pulsating against his throbbing cock. He needed to make her cum so hard that her juices flowed over his cock as he emptied himself deep inside her.

He sprang up in bed, devouring her mouth in a hungry kiss. He rose to his knees, grabbed Alice around the waist and practically threw her against the pillows beneath him. She smiled up at him; ready, desperate to feel him in her. He knelt between her legs. She raised her legs and rested her ankles on his shoulders.

He gazed down at her dripping pussy, using his fingers to open it up to him. As he stroked his cock with his right hand, he thrust two fingers of his left hand deep within her. She was so hot and tight. He pulled his wet fingers out of her and guided his cock to her opening. He lent towards her, as she flexed her legs to bring him closer, wanting him deep inside. He held back, just teasing her with his tip, pushing it ever so slightly in, and then pulling away. He did it again and Alice sobbed with need.

He lent forward again, slowly pushing his cock all the way inside her hot, wet pussy. When he was all the way in, he bent forward to kiss her again. He could feel her juices soaking the hairs at the base of his cock. Their tongues duelled with each other, while they gazed into each others eyes. Simon’s hand slid up Alice’s thigh and found its way to her twitching clit, where his fingers began to circle and squeeze.

He watched as Alice’s eyes opened wide with pleasure and he knew she wasn’t far from her orgasm. This was good as he could not take much more of such pleasure before he too climaxed. He began to rock his hips slowly back and forth, moving his cock in and out of her tight pussy. As his rhythm became quicker, Alice’s hips rose to meet his every thrust, to make his cock drive deeper and deeper inside her.

They moved together, joined in their pursuit of climax, sweat mingling on their hot skin, heartbeats thumping in their chests like thunder, gazes locked onto one another.

Simon felt Alice’s pussy squeeze tighter against his cock and he knew this was her time. She cried out beneath him, a joyous sound, loud enough to wake the dead, let alone the neighbours! The rush of her juices against his cock was more than enough to push him over the edge of his own climax. His groans of release joined hers in a chorus of spent pleasure.

Their orgasms went on for what seemed like a lifetime, leaving them both drained of energy, but fully satisfied.

Alice’s legs slipped off of Simon’s shoulders and Simon fell gently on top of Alice, his cock still deeply embedded in her pussy.  


© Copyright 2008 Sazzlebabe

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