By Alex Carr
(MF, rom,oral)

Before I knew Louise my life was hum drum, same thing day in and day out. But now I don't have to worry because my baby Louise - and her double, Minxy - make my life anything but dull and repetitive.

She is the most near to perfect woman I have ever known, she is everything for me, so wonderful and so delicious - so "Louise" and very often "Minxy" too when the real combination of sheer love, passion and lust simply flow through. Those so very deep enchanting and endearing eyes simply draw my very being to her like a magnet.

But more than that, I had to be the near perfect guy for her and I realised I had a lot of gearing up to do when Louise and I got deeper into our very passionate relationship.

And Viagra was no solution, I had tried that before and whether it was me or my body did not react to it I don't know, but it certainly wasn't doing what it should have done, no way! But no way did I want to lose Louise, she loved me sure enough, but would she love me as much if I could not satisfy this time bomb just waiting to explode? Time would tell and I was working on it. Buying her sexy clothes was a start. Seeing her in them. and combined with her unique sexual chemicals which seemed compatible to mine, I felt I may just manage to retain an erection that would sooth and satisfy my baby through and through - not to mention myself! I so wanted that and I knew if I put my mind to it, I would achieve what sometimes seemed impossible. Well I just had to didn't I? She was my baby and I wanted that forever, To know that she would be always in my bed to share all those wonderful feelings and lusts and, well everything - not forgetting the kisses and hugs which Louise always adored as prelude to our love in.... I could make love to her - in my way, but up to now it had been just the quickie, well sort of. Our relationship was new and I needed to know I could be good enough for to stay with her a few hours, I mean in a sexual way, I somehow needed to find the stimulation that would do that.

I bought her a red Basque called "Thrill" and discovered a side of Louise I had not known before, that certain special something which, with the mischievous luring of Minxy, drove me absolutely crazy. She tried it on, the new Basque which did her a treat and, matched with hold-ups and tie-up thong; it was as if a magical flame had set her alight, because she was like a tigress. It was sheer heaven and no mistake. My Louise, was given the aspiration to really discover the true woman within, to exploit and let her true deep feelings free - and soon I was about to discover just how passionate Louise could be…

I had already sensed the lure of her charisma in her tight black skirt and very sexy fishnet hold-ups, when she let me glimpse just a sighting of her sexy red thong as she parted her thighs - just wide enough to allow me a quick peak. Then I knew I could make it with her, when all the time, before we made love, I feared the worse, thinking I would not raise even an eyebrow for more than a couple of minutes or so..

Sure enough, the magic was there and I felt my whole being alight when she did that, just that little showing, it is magical what that can do to a guy. And then, when she bent over in those wonderful so tight fitting blue yoked brush jeans, she had dropped some maltesers which had gone rolling under the sofa, and she kneeled and bent over so very provocatively. I knew then I was getting there as just the sight of her wonderful tight curved ass made me feel I wanted to fuck her there and then like a bull on a cow. Thinking like a guy again but that's me, I say it how I think it. I was just raring to go.

When the ultimate promise came, to spend a night with her, who would know it but I had to attend a conference in town - so I called in to see Louise first to tell her I'd be back to wine and dine her later and then stay for the night.

"Like you in that grey pin striped suit, Pete. You look a million dollars." She complimented, ignoring what I had just said. She always said how much she fancied me in a suit, most of the time I wore casual clothes but a conference demanded more.

She puckered up to me in the lounge after she'd brought in coffee from the kitchen, she was dressed in a one of my shirts and being just five foot and a bit tall they almost reached her knees. She always wore one of my shirts for bed and I assumed she was just having a lazy day because it was well into the morning. Usually she was an early riser.

I took in her perfume, which was also called "Thrill" - that's why I chose the Basque with the same name. I loved the scent of her, loved all that was my baby and now I was feeling the gorgeous enticing tingle of her lips mould mine, she had this wonderful way of kissing, - always so warm as we explored each other with deep French kisses , full tongue teasing kisses which always made me swell. It had become regular thing with us, that kiss of greeting and the feel of her body against mine as my hands swept around her back , my fingers teasing down her spine, down the curve of her smooth ass, then, eyes closed, enjoying the feel and taste of her wanting kiss I felt her fingers smooth across my chest, then her palm stroking in small circling movements as if taking in the energy aroused inside, she was astride me and without realising I was laying on the thick carpeted floor, Louise above exploring my hardness now, which was always the build up to a deliciously wonderful fuck full package.

"Baby. Baby?" It was difficult to let the words come out, her mouth constantly covering mine every time I tried to talk. "Baby!" I said, trying now to be more assertive, "I do have to go to this meeting, right!, later, yes, will be back later and we can both really let go tonight!"

But she wasn't having any and indeed, the Minx had come through for I now discovered why she wore that shirt at that time of the day. Instinctively my hand was smoothing her inner thighs beneath the long shirt, so soft, so wonderful and alluring to touch, to hear those so enticing sweet high pitched sounds expressing her absolute approval and delight. As she continued to tease my hardness I experienced a so wonderful sensual reaction in my groins which, for that moment, made me forget everything else, the conference, work, whatever. Now I was with Louise, to have completely and to hold and to share those wonderfully deep enriched kisses and all that was to come.

In my mid-set was the last time we linked, how wonderfully she crouched over my face, that was position sixty nine with a vengeance, she left her thong on and her short skirt rolled up as I sniffed and enjoyed her unique scent - gradually, as down under she took my cock firmly in her mouth, she lowered until with little enticing wiggles she smothered me - I could touch and feel her wet pussy beneath those gorgeous red thong and soon automatically lured them aside with my teeth, urging her by manoeuvring her hips, to sit completely on my face, to let me have my heaven in such a wonderful smothering drenching me with her love nectar.

But now - undoing the buttons of her shirt she swept it aside, threw it down on a chair and revealed the wonderful vista of her form I shall never ever forget - dressed in that gorgeous red Basque, so neat and tight fitting to show just how good and how beautifully developed she was, and then complimented by the sexy tie -up red thongs and hold -up stockings she knew I adored. I stood there frozen, just able to say, but with a stutter: "But, Darling, I really must attend this meeting!"

Who was I trying to fool? Minxy had something else in mind and when she closed to me, took my hand so very firmly - I knew this was a woman who would not be dissuaded and like a slave I had no option but to be led up the garden path - literally!

"But it's raining cats and dogs, the storms are brewing and we shall be soaked, my brand new suit will be ruined!" I yelled.

But she said nothing, all I heard was her melodic hum which told me she had a mission - and I knew now just what it was, her eyes appealing to me, stripping off my jacket and gripping my tie, forcing me to kneel down before her, pulling, pulling me down like her lap dog. This was indeed Minxy about to have her wicked way with me, how often before had I known her tease, how she drove me crazy with her role play, that time she was my maid servant MMM!

Then the lightning flashed and the thunder was horrendous, but my Baby?, she was enjoying every moment of our very wet and muddy encounter as now we both rolled into the wetness and muddiness of the garden.

OMG! how I wanted her deep ripe fuck now, how I wanted my 'pussy cherry', to tease, to taste and to enjoy, feeling the passion rise so hard and so very stiff, throbbing like a motor racing engine, wanting to gear up full pelt deep inside my minxy baby . How good and wonderful it was to share our passion like this. It was as if our bodies were so hot that each splash of rain dissolved and turned into steam, It continued to pound down upon us and thoughts of the conference had gone now, suddenly there was another terrific crack of thunder and I realised the garden had turned into one huge bog mire, now we were almost swimming and it was time to find shelter in the cover of the conservatory.

We laughed trying to get a good hold of each other, it made for a wonderful togetherness out of this world and, heading for the shower we both shared, we each of us washed the slime and mud from each others body, we finally wrapped ourselves snuggled in a large bath towel and warmed ourselves in the gentle heat, spread on a rug, in front of an open log fire.

The true feelings we both shared for each other were never ending and I forever wanted her so wonderful deep fuck, to taste her and to press my face deep into her was heavenly.

"Baby. Baby I shall forever love you," I whispered relishing the way she looked today and how it was well worth missing the conference. "Very soon, after warming up and having a coffee and biscuit Minxy was out and about again:

"I want your fook!" It is just the way she says it like that in her Newcastle accent, makes my whole body tingle and I feel so much a part of her, I want to be and do anything for her - to give her pleasure because that is just how much she means to me. I loved and cherish her so much, holding her body so close to mine, feeling the strands of her hair run between my fingers as I brushed through them and whispered those special wonderful things lovers do, how I wanted her forever, how I cherished the ground she walked on, how she drove my absolutely crazy and how I was aching so very much for the taste of her, the smell of her and her sweet Louise 'fook'. I felt her beautifully soft and velvety hands run over my chest again, pausing occasionally as she leant down to kiss every part of me her hands had ventured to explore. I just let my feelings flow and absorbed the wonderful sensual sensation of her gentle touch and teasing with her small fingers - soon she was enjoying something I particularly loved in gently teasing my balls with the tip of her tongue as her hands cupped them and gentle massaged, then - her lips teasing along the length of my shaft upwards, my cock was well and truly being exited by her very busy mouth again as she so deliciously sucked and balled me, squeezing carefully as she loved to do, cupping and caressing, separating them so very delicately as her tongue teased each one in turn again, then back to a so very deep throat cock suck, as if she was eating me all up, never seeming to get enough of it in her mouth, her cheeks bulging.

Then that so indescribable feeling as her fingers explored the very essence of my soul, the absolute thrill of her fingers squeezing the base of my cock, the releasing, rubbing her fingers up the stiff upright shaft and downward again, stretching me right back so tight to expose what she loved to call her plum, then the magical, so wonderfully magical and wonderful touch of those delicate finger tips now teasing the tip, followed by the warmth of her mouth again, surrounding, licking and rolling my cock with her tongue. As if aware I wanted to cum she knew exactly what to do to make it last, for as long as she wanted it to last - waiting until she was good and ready to release the hold and allow me to explode deep inside her, and it felt so good when she so expertly squeezed the base and held tight, holding up the release of my love flow.

And she did, until the passion in her eyes and her glowing cheeks told me she was ripe for her fill again. I wanted to massage my fingers deep inside her now, to feel the wetness there, just enjoying the taste of her pussy lips, wanting to suck her and eat her all up, but knowing she would need lots of lubrication for what was about to happen.

This time we went for a rough doggie fuck over the edge table which Louise loved so much, placing her across a couple of cushions to bring her ass just up high enough for me to stand between her spread eagled thighs and tease her pussy . I just had the urge again to kneel there, between her cheeks and just chill and enjoy the taste of her wonderful ass once more before we fucked, my hands brushing and spreading her cheeks wide so I could just lose myself in her warmth, in her beautifully soft and moist femininity.

Wow! How I loved my Louise, my 'Minxy' always so ready and willing to let her feelings free, no holds barred. That's how it always was with her. I was in another world, another place, just simply in my heaven with my baby Louise enjoying all she could give and receive so readily - I was completely absorbed into her being, her soul and hopelessly besotted. But feeling the strong pulse with my exploring tongue, she was absolutely drenched in wetness again - telling - pleading with me that she was ready for her hard throbbing cock - and , as I took position, tightly holding her hips to give her a full deep penetration, it was so good to feel her again pulsating inside, her gorgeous pussy sucking me inside her so good and scrumptiously, hearing her moans as I fucked into her deeper, deeper - hearing her breathe develop into rapid pants as we built up to a firm rhythm, the very essence of her love pulsating deeply inside with mine, feeling her easily take my thrusts rapidly , squeezing and releasing, and then the cry of each other's names as we both simultaneously reached our Waterloo, that wonderful climax that made us feel perfectly gratified and so good.

But soon there was Minxy again, "Second round time?" she asked, And I thought she was teasing! as if that wasn't enough! But she wasn't teasing, she was like some demented she-goddess draining my whole being, and if I thought I was done in and could not raise even an eyebrow, Louise had other ideas and soon we were out there again, romping in the rains, in the mud and everything! Indeed My baby Louse is always a thrill to behold - all the taunting , all the teasing that she would be too much for me was coming to task now, the crunch had come. A completely new me had come about, I felt like a sort of Adonis and just felt confident that I was always at the ready, to take the call of the perfect she- goddess in my life. That was Louise!

"What now, Baby? I can't hang about now, I amt off to work on a very important new project!" "Nope!" she asserted, "That can be later, for now I am the project," and there she was, role play time again, and WOW!, didn't she look delicious in her 'soldier girl' outfit.

I had the feeling that a lot of basic training was about to happen. It was always exiting and thrilling to be basic with Louise, Minxy and now my Soldier Girl. My thrill of thrills! But what about my problem about not holding firm for longer than five minutes?

What problem?     


© Copyright 2008 Alex Carr

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