By Anna
(MMF, oral)

It was my birthday the other week. My boyfriend had been hinting that he was going to get me something that he knew I would like and had desired for a long time. When it came to the day however there were the normal gifts and nothing out of the ordinary. After a nice meal and some wine we were sitting on the sofa watching tv when there was knock on the door.

‘That will be the rest of your present’ he said and getting up he turned off the tv and told me to shut my eyes while he got it ready. Not knowing what would be delivered to the house so late in the evening I did as I was told and sat waiting in anticipation.

Listening carefully I realised someone else had come into the room quietly and that my boyfriend was whispering to them. I was told to put out my hands, keep my eyes shut and await my present. I did as I was told and heard shuffling. Suddenly a cock was placed in my left hand. As I touched it I started to open my eyes but was told sharply to keep them shut. As my boyfriend ordered me to keep still, another firm cock was placed in my other hand and I was told that I could continue with this birthday present or our visitor would leave and remain anonymous if I didn’t want to go ahead. I asked if I was allowed to open my eyes if I chose to go ahead and was told that would be fine.

My boyfriend knows me too well as this is the fantasy I always wished I had fulfilled before we’d got together. I couldn’t believe I was going to get to play and opening my eyes I looked his mate in the eyes and said that I wanted to have my gift. Stroking their hard cocks firmly I marvelled at how quickly they swelled and compared their size and weight in my hands.

My pussy was already wet and I was desperate for them both to touch me. ‘Take your top off’ I was told and immediately I pulled off my t-shirt and told my boyfriend to remove the rest. As my swelling breasts fell free each of them reached out and began to caress the breast closest to them. My boyfriend’s touch was familiar and firm, while his mate started off cautiously, not knowing what he could do, but as I pushed myself forward to their touch he became more confident and his cock swelled and jumped in my hand as he squeezed and pinched me.

As my nipples hardened even more I leaned forward and gently licked my boyfriends cock and resumed stroking his mate with my other hand. Suddenly reaching down my boyfriend pulled me to my feet and looking at his mate told him to take the rest of my clothes off. Slipping my skirt down, his mate pushed a finger into the top of my thong and stroked around my belly, teasing me with little touches before tugging them down and leaving me naked before them both. Looking me up and down he reached out and, checking this was okay with my boyfriend, started to caress my breasts again before taking my nipple in his mouth and slipping a hand between my legs. As he stroked my pussy I reached forward and grasping his huge cock in one hand I reached out to the side and found my boyfriends cock waiting for attention.

Wanting more I slipped onto my knees in front of them, and keeping one hand on his friend I took my boyfriends huge hard cock back into my mouth, taking it deeper this time, sucking more firmly. Stopping suddenly, I swapped over and looking up into his eyes I slowly slipped my mouth down as far as possible onto his friends juicy cock. He tasted different and I licked at him, taking my time to roll my tongue over the smooth head as I held his gaze.

My boyfriend knelt down behind me and started to caress my breasts as he pressed himself up to me. His cock was rigid against my back as he slipped a finger between my legs and into my dripping pussy. ‘You seem to like your present’ he laughed. Then pushing me forward slightly he ordered me to keep licking his friend’s cock as he slipped his now huge erection into me with one thrust.

As he began to fuck me his mate put his hand on my head and directed my rhythm, thrusting further into my mouth with each stroke. With cocks at both ends of me I was soon close to the edge and, feeling both of them tense, I let myself go as spunk flooded down my throat and my boyfriend shot his cum into me.

They’ve promised me I can keep opening the same present each year, but you know what it’s like, you always want more…..


© Copyright Anna November 2008

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