A New Life In France
By Paris Grey
(FF, Oral, MFF)

Sitting back, she assessed her surroundings. Le Chateau was breathtaking, it was a gamble she knew, but the minute that she and Ian had seen it she had known, quit the rat race…take the chance and go for it. It was a twelve bedroom chateau just north of Paris, perfect position, not too far from the town and near enough to the fantastic vintage French countryside. It even came with its own vineyard, what could be more perfect? Saskia wondered…

Ian had come up with the idea of moving to France about a year ago, she couldn’t have agreed with him more. They had nothing to keep them in the U.K., only work and work for someone else. They were both too long in the tooth for that.

The only cloud on the horizon she thought was their relationship. She loved Ian a great deal, but noticed how platonic their relationship was. She could not remember the last time they had any intimacy at all. It used to be so good between them. He could literally make her come by just kissing her. He was still a very attractive man. A little greying around the temples, but that was it... She often caught attractive women looking at him when they went out and she often wondered would he? If he was not interested in her, maybe he wanted to fuck someone else’s brain’s out…Not that she was short of offers herself, she was still a very attractive woman for her age, and had countless offers from toy boys who would often tell her she was sexy and they wanted to fuck her. She was flattered but that was it. She wanted Ian to fuck her, really hard, just like he used to.

She sighed, never mind, she thought maybe it would change in France, but for now she had the tedious task of interviewing chamber maids.

The first applicant, Nicole, could not speak a word of English, the second, Francine was rude, and the third, Yvette, was just hopeless. What could be so difficult in making beds and cleaning rooms? Saskia was getting concerned; they were going to open in a month and needed someone immediately. She looked up from her desk as the fourth and final applicant entered the room. This had to be too good to be true. Her C.V. read like a dream. Genevieve had worked for many of the main hotels in Paris and had glowing references to boot. She was well presented and Saskia could not fault her, apart from one aspect. Genevieve was breathtaking gorgeous. She had intense dark hair pulled back off her face, enhancing her high cheekbones; she had olive skin a very full rosebud mouth and a figure to die for... And she was young, fifteen years younger than Saskia. At 25, Genevieve could have any man she wanted and in a childish way Saskia was concerned about employing her.

She had heard about these goings on. French women were so much more open and erotic about sex. What if Ian wanted her? But the thing that really irked Saskia, was when she looked at Genevieve, she felt stirrings for her. Saskia had never been with a woman, but had thought about it many times. She knew it was Ian’s fantasy, but she has never really wanted to until know. She had this urge to go up to her, slowly undo her white lace blouse, undo her bra and suck her nipples. Genevieve had an amazing body and she was sure she would enjoy her. “For goodness sake,” she thought, “How unprofessional, you need help, not a lesbian lover!” Saskia gave her the job there and then, and put the erotic thoughts out of her head for now.

It wasn’t until Genevieve had been working for her and Ian for about four weeks that it happened. On reflection, Saskia was amazed that it had, it turned her on a great deal still thinking about it.


She had been laying down one afternoon and heard a gentle knock on the door. Genevieve had brought her some tea. She sat down on the bed and started talking to Saskia. How pretty she is, thought Saskia. I cannot believe she does not have a boyfriend/husband. She thought she would enquire as to why. “I am bisexual,” Genevieve said, “Any boyfriend of mine cannot handle it.” Saskia was taken aback but aroused at the same time. Genevieve was sitting on her bed and edged closer to her. “I find you very attractive, Saskia,” and reached out to touch her face. Saskia could not believe it, she responded by kissing her full on the mouth, their tongues intertwining. Saskia started to undo Genevieve’s white blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. She had the most amazing body, her large tits were firm in her bra, straining to get out, and Saskia unhooked her bra and began to suck on her erect nipples. Genevieve was moaning now, muttering in French…Saskia felt wetness in her panties, she really wanted this woman. Genevieve helped Saskia out of her own blouse and bra, the two women carried on kissing, tits rubbing together, it was really an arresting sight, and that’s what Ian thought as he entered the room.

They either did not hear him, or wanted him to watch, Ian suspected the latter, but the two women were so into each other they did not look up when he walked in. They carried on kissing passionately, Ian was so very aroused. He had always fantasised about this, had wanted to fuck two women desperately. Genevieve had marvellous tits he thought, full round and gorgeous jutting red nipples, her dark skin was an stark contrast to his wife, but as both their tits rubbed together it just made it all the more erotic. He gasped as his wife slowly undid Genevieve’s skirt, and pulled it down. The chambermaid was wearing sheer stockings and suspenders, and a tiny white g-string. He noticed the wetness seeping through in her panties. She was a fucking slut. Saskia fully undressed Genevieve and buried her head in Genevieve’s wet pussy. He saw his wife tongue licking her clit, he saw Genevieve moan and push her cunt further onto his wife’s mouth. Genevieve was moaning in French…

He wasted no time, no time at all, his cock was straining in his trousers, he walked over the two women, undid his fly and both of them began to suck and lick greedily on his dick…Saskia could not believe what she was doing sharing her husband with this slut, but she was so turned on she didn’t care. She wanted to show him she was still a sexy woman who knew how to turn her husband on, even if it included this slut. They both took turns in licking Ian’s shaft and balls, he loved it, it felt so good.

After a while, Ian moved away, he got hold of Genevieve and started noisily sucking her tits. Saskia could only watch in amazement she was so fucking aroused. She noticed how hard Ian was, she had never seen him have such a large erection. But she now wanted something for herself. She moved towards Ian and started stroking Genevieve’s back. Ian whispered something in the chambermaid’s ear, and Saskia moaned as the chambermaid swiftly undressed her. She wanted this slut to lick her cunt, she wanted her husband to watch, and she wanted to come on her face, fucking dirty little tart. Saskia felt Genevieve’s tongue in her cunt, gently licking her clit and then tongue fucking her pussy, deep, thrusting and hard. She was so wet, absolutely saturated. She saw Ian’s eyes glaze over. He was touching himself, smiling. She knew it; she could still turn her own husband on. Faster and faster the chambermaid’s tongue was fucking Saskia. She totally let herself go, totally, and then came all over Genevieve’s face, her juices running down the maid’s face.

Saskia moved out the way as Genevieve climbed on the bed and bent right over. Saskia took Ian’s large throbbing cock and slipped it inside Genevieve. It turned her on so much to see him fuck this little slut. As he fucked her hard, Saskia got in front, and positioned herself near Genevieve’s face “Lick me you little slut,” she said “Lick my clit, as my husband fucks you!” she ordered. Genevieve was a very good girl and did as she was told; she brought Saskia to another shuddering orgasm. Ian could not believe it, here he was thrusting his cock in Genevieve’s tight wet pussy and all the while his wife was having her cunt eaten out by this tart. His cock fitted the chambermaid’s cunt perfectly, and he enjoyed his wife watching him thrust deep and hard into Genevieve. Her pussy muscles were fantastic strong and they gripped his cock expertly. He had longed to fuck a younger woman for ages now, wanted a young tart, and Genevieve fitted his desires one hundred percent.

“Fuck her, you dirty bastard, go on – you know you love it,” said Saskia. “Come in her cunt, I want to hear you as you shoot your come in the little tart.”

Ian was so turned on to hear his wife condoning his actions his cock stiffened even more as he shafted the chambermaid really hard, thrusting in and out, and showing her no mercy whatsoever. His orgasm was intense; he felt loads of his come shoot deep inside the chambermaid. He held her buttocks still as he emptied his load inside her.

He sat back out of breath now, but stirred again as he watched Saskia licking his come juice out of Genevieve’s pussy, the lapping of his wife’s tongue in the chambermaid’s pussy was a great turn on…

It was funny, Ian and Saskia’s sex life returned to normal after that encounter. However, Genevieve handed in her notice, surprisingly enough.

But for now, the holiday season had commenced, “Time for some more interviews,” thought Saskia, maybe they would be as fortunate as last time. Good staff were hard to come by.


© Copyright July 2008 Paris Grey

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