Archive 5    
I Hate You (MF, job, oral) Her behaviour masks hidden feelings
Emergency Sitter (MF, oral) A different twist to the normal babysitter story
The Coffey Shop (MF, oral) Chance meeting in a coffee shop and one thing leads to another
Dream Come True (1st FF, oral, veg, MFF) Pete reads Sarahs diary and it leads to satisfaction all round
Fliss (the Deli Girl) (MF, oral) Matt thought he was sure he was only a "Ham, Turkey and Swiss on French"
Are You Serious? (MF, oral, cheat) It started with a bet....
You're Such a Good Girl (MF, mild d/s, oral) She loves to please her man
You're Joking Right? (MFF, Msolo, oral) Brad's adverture coninues.
Talking To Strangers (MF, cheat) Sometimes it's a good thing.
The Hunter & The Hunted (MF, cheat, oral) What Julie wants, Julie gets.
Michael's House (MF, oral, swing, creampie) He knows how to give his guests a good time.....
Sally (FF, oral, MF, swing) When Angelina met Sally the boys had fun too..
Conference (MF, job) Sometimes it's a good thing.
Maryam Ch. 1 (MF, interr, oral) A Englishman seduces a Asian girl
Finally Abbi (MF, rom) Some people will go to great lengths to have a beautiful woman
Beautiful Dawn (MFF, oral, FF, toys) A beautiful Dawn is a great way to start the day....
Sandra's Dad (MF) Beth stays on at the end of the holiday and gets to know her friends dad a little better.
The Apartment (MF, voy) Marie enjoys her new home....
546 Main Street (MF) Things just seem to ''happen'' there.
Spiritual Reading (FF) The Reader told her what would happen.
Katey (The moment) (MF, rom, 1st, oral) Years ago he shared a moment with Katey. Now he shares another.
Sandra's Dad Part II (MF, anal) After lunch they continue their adventure.
The Wedding Boy (MF, 1st, oral) To old to be a Bridesmaid she's bored and looking for distraction and she finds him
Ecstasy & Inspiration (MF, magic) Together for Eternity
Strawberry & Cream (MF, oral) Beth takes her new boyfriend for a beach picnic and finds he's up for new experiences.
The Car Journey (MdomF, oral) Boredom on a long journey leads to a stop for relaxation. Is it really against her will?
Sam I - Crossing The Road MF, rom) Life takes them apart but eventually they are re-united
The Audition (MF, oral) Auditioning for a place, but will it lead to the best job she ever had?
Black Men Have Big Cocks MF, cheat, interr, oral) It's not just the back yard where a job needs doing
Sitting On A Piece Of Paper (MF, oral) Unusual tale of a trip to the Doctors
Jessica's Problem (MF) Jessica has a problem, but Mike next door soon helps her out.
Sam II - Coming Home (MF, rom, oral) Leaving Sam evening was tough...
coming home to her was so awesome!



Last Update 1st August 2006