Naughty Outfits
By Gee
(MF, toys, oral)

I’ve been struggling to get home on time, but have found myself in a queue of Friday afternoon traffic that seems to be going nowhere….it’s so frustrating – knowing that you are at home aching for me to see you in the new naughty outfits that you have ordered from Ann Summers….you had phoned to say that you had a fashion show planned for me and DON’T BE LATE!

You didn’t tell me what you had ordered, but I know that when I get home, I’m in for a definite treat!

As I sit in the seemingly endless traffic, I’m daydreaming about you and beginning to feel very aroused….so much so, that I completely missed the change of traffic lights. An urgent beeping noise from the car behind brought me back to reality…and eased the strain on my zip….for the time being anyway…

I eventually arrive home a lot later than I’d hoped, tired, frustrated and more than a little bit horny. You’d left the hall light on for me, so that I would see your yellow Post-It note on the door saying ‘ Sorry honey, I‘m too horny to wait, so I’m starting without you . Come up and see me!! xx’

I didn’t waste any time in galloping up the stairs, taking them two at a time and in the process throwing off my jacket, tie and shoes….luckily I didn’t trip up in my haste to see you!

I pushed open the bedroom door and was met by the stunning sight of you lying sprawled out on the bed dressed only in a very sexy black basque, black stockings and high-heels. I hardly noticed the tiny matching knickers that you were almost wearing – you had pulled them to one side and my eyes were drawn to the silver pulsing vibrator that you were slowly sliding in and out of your soaking wet pussy. I stood transfixed, watching you push your hips up to meet the next stroke as you buried the vibrator deep inside yourself, with a delicious squelchy purring sound.

I've always known that you enjoy an occasional bit of playtime with various toys, but up until now you had kept that for when you were on your own, so this was the first time that I had actually seen you pleasure yourself in this way...I couldn't believe my luck!

You had one of your favourite CDs on, so I wasn’t sure if you had heard me come in – I had made enough noise, but you appeared to be completely lost in the moment – your eyes were tightly closed and you were making soft moaning noises as you eased the silver shaft ever deeper.

By now, my cock was aching to take the place of your vibrator. I eased off the rest of my clothes, trying not to make any noise, which might break the spell. I was standing there completely naked, with my cock already standing rigidly to attention.

When I looked back at you, it was obvious that you had heard me come in after all – you were giving me one of your secret smiles that melts my heart and makes my cock pulse all at the same time.

You asked me softly ‘Would you like to watch me some more?’ My mouth had gone dry, and all I could croak was ‘God…yessss!’

You moved position slightly to give me an even better view of your swollen, and by this time, very wet pussy. Using your fingers, you gently part your juicy lips and massage the head of your silver friend directly against your clit, causing you to gasp as the vibrations gave you a delicious shiver. Your boobs had spilled out of the top of your basque and your free hand was squeezing and tugging at your already stiff nipples, making them jut out all the more.

Switching to a more intense setting, you moved the vibrator away from your clit and once again pushed it deep inside yourself…you weren’t being so gentle now …you were really giving yourself a good fucking. You were obviously getting very close to climaxing…your high heels were digging into the mattress as your whole body began to tense.

Watching you was making me even hornier than I already was, if that was possible! I moved closer to where you were lying on the bed, my fingers already encircling my swollen cock and I started to stroke my hand up and down on my rigid shaft. You grinned at me and then groaned as you clamped your legs tightly together squeezing hard on the other rigid pulsing shaft that was inside you….making you cum….and cum…and cum….

This was all getting too much for me and I could feel my balls tighten as I was also on the verge of a very intense orgasm. I didn’t want to cum just yet, so I stopped stroking my cock for a few moments to bring me back from the brink, but only just…

You lay there still breathing hard and completely spent…what a wonderful sight…your skin glowing from the exertion and your pussy juices still flowing, soaking the sheet underneath you.

Flipping off your shoes, you then slip off your drenched silky knickers and ask me to kneel on the bed next to you. I didn’t need any second bidding! You reached out for me and wrapping the silky material around my cock, you began to rub it up and down my throbbing shaft. The delicious feeling of your wet panties and your hand firmly gripping my cock as you expertly wank me off, was bringing me very rapidly to the point of no return. You sensed that I was about to cum, so you slid your hand up and down even quicker, bringing me to an intense, shuddering climax, which seemed to last forever... I couldn't help letting out a low growl as climaxed, my cum jetting out and splashing all over your neck and boobs. As my spurts subsided you gently squeezed the last drops from the tip of my cock and watched as they slowly ran down your fingers. Making sure I was watching you, you slowly put your fingers in your mouth and licked them clean.

With the last few drops of my cum still on your lips and tongue you said ‘Well honey, I guess my first outfit definitely gets your approval…I’ll give you a little time to recover, then you can let me know what you think of the next one…..’  


© Copyright 2008 Gee

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