My First Foursome
By Natasha
(MMFF, swing, oral)

There was no doubt about it! I was nervous; me actually nervous about a night away with my own husband! I knew why. It was because I was anticipating something exciting and new happening. We were on our way to London, the car was hot, probably from the heat I was feeling between my legs. I'd worn a skirt, because he told me to and I nearly always did as I was told.

He was watching me with amusement as I was shifting up my skirt in an effort to get more air to myself. I smiled weakly, pretending not to notice that his cock was bulging out through the material of his jeans. "I wonder whether they'll share our sense of humour? Americans can be a bit weird can't they?", I asked him; talking about the American couple we were meeting for dinner that evening. "You don't have a sense of humour", he said and I retaliated by pinching his thigh. He returned the gesture in a way he knew would make me squirm; by twisting my nipple through my thin white top.

Deciding that I wanted to leave him in his horny state, I hid my growing excitement and decided to read my book. It was a cheap trashy woman’s book, but I figured it would pass the time!

The first chapter was about a couple of teachers getting hot together in the gym room after school hours and, when I got to the bit about "her long nails tormenting the sensitive flesh of his anus”, I felt a rush of juices soak the delicate fabric of my knickers. Oh well so much for distracting myself.

I put the book away and turned my attention to the growing need between my legs.

I suggested to Mark that we stop for a drink somewhere to cool us down, but, lets face it, I never had any intention of cooling down. Things were about to get very hot.

We stopped not long after, at the services. I suggested that we park further away from the other cars and climbed on to his lap with my legs spread around him. Before he had a chance to speak, I guided his hand to my pussy and he groaned when he realised I was sopping wet.

My need was urgent, so I quickly freed his now rock hard cock from his clothes and slid full force onto him. Then I rose up, so his cock was almost withdrawn completely, and plunged down, widening my legs, this time, to stretch myself open and accommodate more of him. I rubbed my now desperate clitoris as I rode him hard, fast and selfishly. I lost myself in my gasps of desperation and his groans. When he pulled my hair back and sank his teeth with no ferociousness, only hunger, into my neck, I orgasmed noisily, which, in turn, sent him into a climax of hot intensity.

We arrived at the hotel in good time and, after I’d showered, I chose to wear some new crisp white matching underwear. It seemed a little odd to be putting on white underneath a black dress, but white made my skin looked tanned and the idea of appearing virginal and innocent was quite a turn on, even if unlikely.

When I finished the look with some sexy black knee high boots, hidden beneath my dress, I felt like a contradiction, but as sexy as hell, all the same.

Mark was impressed with how delicious I looked and demonstrated this by forcing me face first onto the king size bed. Pulling up my dress, he groaned at the sight of my white knickers, then yanked them down so they hung on the top of my boots at my knees.

He spread my legs wide and, with a roughness that took my breath away, he forced some fingers inside me, which made me cry out in surprise and feigned submission. Then, holding me down with one hand, by the back of my neck, he spanked my bottom hard, then harder and harder, each time groaning. He asked me if I wanted more and, although I was already sore, I couldn’t help but beg him in a desperate voice to spank me until I cried. When I could no longer take anymore, I changed my position, so that he would know I’d had enough without me actually having to tell him, then I climbed from the bed and dropped to my knees in front of him. Looking up at him with a hunger in my eyes, I licked my lips and he undid his trousers, releasing his huge throbbing cock, which already glistened with juices at it’s tip.

Starting with my tongue, I licked the tip and then took him deep into my throat with hungry eager moans, spreading his ass cheeks with both hands. Then, using as much force as he’d previously used on me, I thrust a finger into his ass, enjoying the noise, which indicated a combination of discomfort and pleasure.

I sucked him hard and fast, until he began to rock himself. When my jaw started to ache and my efforts subsided, he grabbed my head and forced his cock into my throat, causing me to gag. Holding my head tightly in place with my hair, he fucked my mouth and thrust hard, until coming violently and plentiful.

We were almost late, so I didn’t have long to compose myself and, glancing in the mirror before we left, I could see written all over my face that we’d been up to something. I just hoped that it wasn’t going to be so obvious to everyone else.

We only had to go down to the hotel restaurant and neither of us were sure what to expect from the couple we were meeting, only that they were Dan and Rosalind - an American couple. Dan was mad about American football, which was how we came to be meeting him. Mark had been discussing their favourite sport online and they offered to take us out for a meal, when they came to England.

I suppose I imagined that they’d be large, what with the whole stereotypical American image, plus him being an American football fan.

I hoped that I wouldn’t find their accents irritating. I once met an American minister called Randy, whose voice had annoyed the hell out of me.

We’d agreed to meet at the bar and, when we saw the stunning tanned couple at bar, I didn’t think it was likely to be them. Then they recognised us from a picture we’d emailed them.

At first, I was surprisingly shy, which wasn’t like me at all - and it was only a meal we were sharing. If we didn’t get on well, it wouldn’t matter, would it!

We did get on, though. The conversation flowed well and, although I was worried that the evening would consist of constant boring chat about the NFL, it wasn’t like that. I was included in a wide variety of conversations, which were growing more daring as the alcohol and the evening went on.

They liked our English accents – well, mine anyway, because it has a posh edge to it. I found this amusing, considering how I’d been worried earlier about their accents.

As the evening continued, we talked about the differences between the English and the Americans and which were truth or myth.

Apparently, English women are filthier, or less prudish in bed, shall we say (with the exclusion of his Rosalind of course!). I felt quite smug about this and wished, not for the first time that night, that I could show them the truth for myself.

Mark must have read my mind, because he seemed to be getting rather horny and became more touchy feely with every minute that passed.

The hotel staff began closing down the restaurant around us, so we decided to take the hint and move to the bar across the lobby.

I was beginning to sway a bit and the Dan put his arm around my shoulders to steady me. I could see Mark watching, to see my reaction, but I hid it well, because, somehow, I didn’t imagine that he’d appreciate it!

It was time for yet another toilet break - you can always tell when you’ve drank too much as the toilet breaks become more and more frequent. This time Mark followed me out to the toilet. He whispered in my ear that he would like to watch me get fucked by Dan, also that he’d like to get his cock sucked by both myself and Rosalind.

At this stage it was just a fantasy.

When we returned to the bar, they were laughing together and somehow I knew that we weren’t the only ones that were thinking about extending the evening.

It was a little bit awkward, because all of us were unsure of how far to push the conversation.

Fortunately I have a big mouth when I’m drunk and, when the moment seemed as right as it ever could, I blurted out that we’d never had a foursome and that if we ever did have one, we’d like it to be a couple like them. Mark was mortified, but, left up to him, it would never have happened.

We’d had enough to drink, but it seemed like the right thing to suggest that we go back to one of our rooms for more drinks. What else are you going to say out loud - “Lets go back and get it on ha ha….”?

We arrived back at “our” room and, actually, I preferred that even though it wasn’t really our territory, it felt closer to it.

The action started immediately, “surprisingly” instigated by Rosalind. She started to kiss me softly at first, delicately playing with my long hair.

Unable to contain their obvious arousal at the two of us, Mark and Dan started to touch and encourage us. “That’s it girls.” said Dan, in his hoarse voice. They began to remove our clothes for us. We didn’t stop our kissing; it became frantic and the hair playing turned to hair pulling, as our tongues cried out to taste every inch of visible skin, our breaths hot on each other’s neck.

We were naked, now, and moved to the bed. We were lying side by side, breasts touching. Mark and Dan, now naked too, joined us on the bed and Mark buried his face between Rosalind’s legs.

I became so aroused, I had to take a closer look, so, as he hungrily sucked, licked and guzzled her pussy, I spread open her pussy lips wide for him and watched as his tongue circled her clitoris.

Dan’s hands arrived urgently between my legs from behind. He forced some fingers into my already dripping wet pussy and I grinded myself backwards onto his fingers, to feel them deeper. “You fucking horny bitch!”, he whispered. This almost tipped me over the edge. I spread my legs wider and begged him for more.

Luckily I was so wet, otherwise he could have done me some serious damage as he forced his hand into my pussy, stretching it painfully.

I could no longer concentrate on spreading Rosalind wide open for Mark - she seemed to be enjoying herself an awful lot, with Mark now finger fucking her pussy and her tight ass at the same time.

I winced at the attention to my pussy, but the pleasure of feeling myself full and tight around his hand was too much for me. I could do nothing except moan and whimper feverishly into the bedspread.

I don’t think I could have stopped him now, even if I had wanted to, as his hand was pushing as deep as my pussy would allow and I was pinned to the bed.

Dan pulled back my head by my hair and told me, “I’m going to fuck your ass.”. “Not yet,”, I said, “I want to feel your cock deep in my throat first.”.

He straddled my face, I opened my mouth around his thick cock. It was pretty much too big for my mouth, so I opened my lips as wide as I could, so not to hurt him with my teeth. Then I took it deep into my throat, almost swallowing it. He was watching me with a serious look on his face, like he’d never seen anyone suck cock before. I moaned hungrily, which pleased him, and my fingers found their way to his ass. I gently rubbed him, before easing my finger in.

Within minutes of his ass being finger fucked and his cock being sucked, he came and I swallowed his cum straight down my throat, without even tasting it.

I’d never in my life felt this horny before - my legs trembled, my skin was pink, my breathing more like panting, so, when Rosalind began to have an orgasm into Marks mouth and he practically buried his face into her, I knew I needed to come hard and soon.

I rolled onto my front and positioned myself with my bum raised in the air ready for whoever would take me!

Mark obliged. He thrust his cock so deep into my pussy that I winced with pain. Whilst I’m not into extreme pain, a certain amount makes me feel vulnerable and totally out of control.

Rosalind was watching beside us, feeling reasonably sated for now. Dan, knowing how desperate I was for anything that made me feel violated, spread my ass open wide and pushed two fingers into my tight ass. Mark didn’t seem to mind - I think he could feel the extra friction on his cock, as they both abused my pussy with as much effort as they could give.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”, I moaned, in a voice that no longer sounded like my own. I came hard from every place they filled, soaking Marks cock, which returned the favour immediately.

Some might be glad that I was still horny just after coming, but Mark and Dan looked exhausted!

Rosalind, however, was tweaking one of her nipples and rubbing her fingers around her clitoris.

I knew immediately what I wanted to do to her, but wasn’t sure she’d let me. I’d never fingered another woman’s pussy before, so I started gently. Her pussy was still wet and quite tight. With my thumb rolling her clitoris and two fingers inside her, pushing and twisting, she seemed to be enjoying herself. I removed my fingers and spread her legs wider. I sucked on my fingers, surprised by how delicious they tasted. Overwhelmed by how much I loved pussy, I forced my hand slowly into her pussy. It stretched to accommodate me and I fisted this American woman’s tight, wet pussy hard, right up to my wrist. She exploded and soaked me. I licked and sucked my hand, before collapsing in a heap, ready to take Dan’s and Mark’s cocks, which, by the look of it, were ready for more!

© Copyright Natasha October 2008

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