The Best Of Six
By Alex Carr
(MFFFFFF, oral)

I heard Gemma asking how she should approach me. She was the first contestant in the oral stakes, it seems applicants were in their hundreds, just shows you the power of TV. It is simply I had a lucky break in being chosen best singer of the year in the West, and after just a couple of TV appearances , I have been bombarded with propositions from all the girls one can imagine. Not to mention regular deliveries of parcels containing used thongs and panties. All ages, even Grans, you name it, Nice though, considering that before I was famous ,finding a girl was always a problem.

Now they thought I was the greatest, my voice had worked miracles, and now this.

I mean one would never think it was likely that girls would want to take part in such a competition as this, but they do you know, they go haywire to get their lips around you - so this is what the contest is all about, who could do it the best and I am the judge as well as the receiver of their most secret fantasies.

But I heard the contest was not just about the sucking, but the technique of oral sex, so my mind was boggled in anticipation of what was in store.

Gemma I could here outside before Jackie the host let her in. She appeared before me in awe, her breath held as she looked at me so sweetly. “Are you really him, I have seen you on TV but is it really Jim Hawk in the flesh, I have dreamed of you, wanted you, ached even for you, Jim - I so want to win this and spend the night with you, I need it, want it, you are all I have ever yearned for, you are so wonderful.”

All this as she nervously kneeled before me and sort of clinically unzipped me and gently explored, her fingers squeezing around me and pulling me out underneath the seam of my boxers, exposing my new erection, well and truly standing to attention now through the opening in my trouser zip.

All this coming so easily to her as if she was having a hot dinner or something, there she was down below, sniffing and opening her mouth, her whole dement focussed on the job in hand. Now I was feeling the first tangs of her suck, the sweet way she sort of sipped me, as if I was her favourite ice lolly, it was nice and good, I just relaxed, leaning against the wall and simply closed my eyes and enjoyed.

Gemma was only the first of six and already I was thinking how could anyone beat this. She gave me the most wonderful deep sensations and the way she teased me back to completely to nourish my glans was out of this world, and that certain indescribable feeling, the sensation as her lips teased around my P-hole and on top of that hearing her moans of joy.

Each contestant was given five minutes and Gemma certainly made the best of it. Completely in a world of her own she was, thank God I had the delayed ejaculation ring else I would have cum too early to be right for the five girls to follow. I could see already it was going to be the most difficult task to choose the winner, because already I was in the mind of having Gemma’s fuck full, package. She was dark, almost black eyes, had the most gorgeous afro Caribbean lips, a really turn on and a wonderful sucker. She could suck and ball me anytime.

Come to think of it the only time ever I had been taken orally was by a mature bird who hired my services for an evening. Well I was hard up, wasn’t I! I needed the cash so, seeing an advert in the lonely hearts column I went for it, she loaded me with money but sucked me dry, it wasn’t the most thrilling thing in the world, but this was, and now there was Susan entering the room, her wonderful smile already a winner with me, those green blue eyes, the blonde hair, her perfect figure looking so good in those very hugging jeans. Yes I wanted her, But then I wanted Gemma? Oh well, take it as it comes.

“So you are Susan?” I asked, You look good to me Susan.

“And you to me,” she smiled her eyes looking down at me. Well, I had managed to zip up but I knew I still had the bulge.

“Mmmm!” she muttered, her hand thrusting forward and bunching me through my trousers, she knew what she was about and no mistake.

Her lips met mine in a most warm and deep kiss, her tongue doing things with mine, and already I was imagining my tongue was my cock and how I soon would feel her tongue there.

She asked if I mind laying on the settee, so she could snuggle up beside me, her bending on all fours beside me, head down to my crutch as she was soon preoccupied in feeling me, guiding me inside her mouth as her fingers came behind and teased her pussy through her thong. It was beautiful to watch her as she sucked me, I felt the surge of her tongue lick my cock all the length along, and the surge of her suck take me to another place, like it was heaven. But watching her tease her self was an extra bonus, I said for her to let me do that, I heard her say “Oh Yes” releasing my cock for a second and I sure enjoyed the feel of her through her red thong, her fingers first teasing her thing aside prompting me to tease inside. I sniffed the scent of pussy, so good and so potent, I tinkered with my fingers around and around, remembering how one of my ex girl friends loved that, I say her hips sway as I did that, she was so enjoying and I felt now the strong suction of her mouth all around me there, sucking and moaning like nobody’s business, me writhing with the ecstasy of being enjoyed this way, and with four more to come too. By the time her five was up, she was well and truly wet, her pussy dripping and she had even reached an orgasm. “Thank you so much Jim, you have made my life worth while, you know that? I do hope we get the chance to meet again, that you will choose me as your bedtime mate for a night. Mmmm!”

By this time I had well and truly been mouth fucked, all the time wondering how it would be to fuck them all the way. Going by the way they enjoyed the oral, I was besotted with the idea of having both of them at once, seeing the beauty of Susan great ass prompted me into all sorts of imagining with two girls once, wonder what the competition rule makers would think of that.

Janice, next. She was short and sort of petite, but very, very outgoing..

“Been longing for this ever since I made the last six applicants,” she said. All those questions too on the application form, all I said was I wanted you, because you were the most beautiful guy I had seen, And if a girl goes for a guy like that she wants his all. And I mean his all,!”

She was good to look at too, She had a short skirts and black net stocking which were always a turn on with me. But not though she needed that, she had me interested as soon as she came through the door, I was still writhing after Susan and I could see Janice was all eyes, I must have been pulsing still. It had been so strong with Susan.

“I heard you were the tops and you have got a prick like a cucumber, so lets see it huh, bet it tasted so much better than cucumber!”

I couldn’t believe she was saying that. But her hands knew what she was about, that there was no time to spare she said for preliminaries, just go to it and enjoy - and she did, I saw her cheeks stretch and fill out with me as she took me first one side and then the other, she was so noisy with it, but this girl wanted the hole length in her mouth, I don’t know how she managed eight inches, but she did, and wow! Was she busy fingers doing wonders with my balls and, I am sure something else if she had not been beaten by the clock.

Each girl was different, unique. The choosing was gonna be even more harder now as Janice left the room, turning her head and throwing a kiss as she did so, saying:” I shall not clean my teeth for a week and the taste of you will be there forever.”

Fourth coming up, into the room now. My mind was swimming with desire from the previous three girls, perhaps I was distracted but clearly Siobhan lacked the 'special something' that the other had. I had barely settled into enjoying here efforts when for her it was time up.

I relaxed again on the sofa, my trousers had become quite wet with the workings of four girls, I was given just ten minutes between contestants, just time to clean up. Now the fifth girl would see me in boxers, and I just didn’t care if I was erect or not, the girls seemed to be impressed by that, so why not.

I so wanted to wank the lust off. I felt I could cum so strong with each contender. I guessed I would release it all with the last. Was she in for a good soaking!

Sandy entered the room, introduced by the contest organiser Jackie, who gave me a wink every time she popped her head through the door.

“Hiya, Sandy. Pleased to know you.”

“I used to be a Nun she chuckled, look at me now, wanting and lusting for my favourite celebrity, to the extent I want to oral you.”

“Well go for it, think of the delights you would have missed as a Nun I laughed. And she did too,

She looked a trifle awkward, I realised she was shy, that was nice, I liked that quality in a girl, and I liked the idea of a girl like her having me. “Let me help you, Baby” I said. “Look let me show you first then you can choose, remember you can still opt out if it is repulsive to you.”

I let my boxers down slowly, which seemed to grab her immediate attention, her eyes wide. I was already there for her, standing to attention, I just chilled and let it throb a little, let it move a little and waited her verdict. “Okay for you?! I asked.

She sort of looked deep into my eyes, which alone was enthralling, and then down at me. Her cheeks flushed and she looked like she wanted to.

“Go for it,” I urged. I really wanted this even more than I did from the others. There was something about her that appealed to me much more, I think already I knew the winning contestant, or would the last girl be better?

Sandy was absolutely delicious. The way she so slowly took my cock into her sweet mouth, her gorgeous lips stretching so wide to accommodate me, and then the soothing feeling of her mouth twisting me around inside, the feeling of ecstasy once more but even better seeing this shy girl take me that way. I shouldn’t have encouraged her in any way but I could not help squeezing her hand and directing it to my balls, wanting to feel her touch there, and how it would be with her, the beautiful sucking and balling given of this sweet shy girl who, I leaned afterwards, had never done oral before, who in fact had never even been fucked before. Tremendous!

It was no good, I could just not help it. This time I was too far gone and event the magic ring wasn’t enough to hold me back, I released it and waited for it too happen, and when it did the spurt was strong, I felt her gag a little, nested her head between my hands as she struggled to swallow, she did some but she was absolutely drenched in my cream. We both lay there exhausted and looking down at her she appeared like and angel, glistening in my juice and her expression told me how she loved it so.

She said simply goodbye as she left after thanking me, and her thanking me! I was the one should be thanking her for that bestest oral I had ever enjoyed.

Sixth now after a longer pause. I got Jackie to allow me fifteen minutes to restore my erection, How could a girl fairly compete with a drooped cock, well I ask you, Fair’s fair and I had to give each one an equal opportunity.

Mandy was Polish. She had one of two tattoos, Said an ex boyfriend wanted them more than she did and now she was stuck with them. She looked good anyway, all the contestants had been. She felt me there, “Want to feel the quality before I sample the goods “ she laughed.

“So do they come up with your expectations?” I asked

“Tell you after I have done this,” she returned, kneeling and going down to me, eagerly striping me of my boxers, grabbing my cock and stretching it like it was a rubber band or something.

“Yes, Baby, “ she said, “ You meet my expectations completely. This Gal loves hard cock and wants to taste it,” Many was the most verbal of the girls, said what she was thinking, said I had a great ass and how she would love to explore me if we had a night together. I bet!

She went for it and her suck was tight and wanting, rough and squeezing me at the base, then taking my balls, sucking each one at a time too, fingering my ass too as she went to it like a crazy kid with its favourite ice cream.

Well she got her cream and she sucked it up like a good’un. It was a good experience with Mandy and when she left I knew I had no more too give she had sucked me dry so jus as well she was the final contestant.

Now was the time to decode. Jackie and I discussed the preliminaries, this was the moment of decision.

The girls stood there in a line. All looking doubtful and yet hopeful. Each giving me that certain look with their eyes, except one that is, the shy one, Sandy. She looked apprehensive and obviously was aware of her shyness.

“Girls, Jim will now reveal who the winner is and who will have the opportunity of spending a night with him,” announced Jackie.

I had made the decision. It wasn’t as difficult as first I thought it would be. And I guess it has=d a lot to do with sexual attraction and not just performance, But to me this girl had it all..

“The winner of this contest is, …… and to whom I will be delighted and privileged to share a night with is ………….”



© Copyright 2008 Alex Carr

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