Tammy's Present
By Dave Clarke
(MMF, oral anal)

I was at home on my PC checking my emails when I spotted one from my best friend Kev, I opened it up believing it to be one of his jokes or something similar as if it were anything else he would have phoned me. I was amazed and my jaw must have hit the floor when I read it, it read " My wife Tammy is to be 30 this weekend and for her birthday wants a threesome, we had a long chat about it and the only person she was prepared to share our bed was you, this is not a wind up, ring me when you have thought it over." Kev.

I have always fancied Tammy since our schooldays as I have known her for over 20 years and before she met Kev we shared a few snogs but nothing further. Tammy is gorgeous and very very sexy, she is only about 5'1 tall and very slim but has great breasts which she loves to show off. Although she is to be 30 she still looks 18 and dresses to look young in short skirts low cut tops and high heels.

I took at least 3 days to mull this over and had a number of sms messages asking me if I had checked my emails from both Tammy and Kev, I said no on each occasion as I was giving this a great deal of thought as I have heard on a number of occasions that this sort of thing can end a relationship. I eventually asked to meet Kev for a pint and asked him his thoughts and if he was really serious.

Kev said he would do anything for Tammy and she him and that she was dead serious and had already selected the lingerie for the event and was getting hotter by the hour. I finally agreed and was told to go to there house at 8pm on Saturday and be prepared for a great night of sex.

Saturday arrived and I was really nervous, I purchased new boxers and a smart shirt for the night, I showered shaved and dressed and was ready around 7. I wore casual cream 3/4 length trousers over my new Calvin Klein boxers and my new black shirt which I wore outside my trousers and a pair of sandals.

I caught a taxi to Kev's house and was shaking and prepared to be let down if Tammy wanted to pull out, I was not to be disappointed though, Kev answered the door and invited me in, thanking me for agreeing to his request, I entered the lounge and saw Tammy who looked stunning in her blue Japanese dress with a huge side split that showed off her black stockings and suspender belt, she also wore black strappy stilettos. We had drinks and shared a light meal, afterwards we sat and chatted as if nothing was happening when out of the blue Tammy said OK who wants to be first then, Kev pointed to me at that Tammy took me by the hand and pulled me to my feet and started to escort me towards the stairs, I looked back at Kev and he gave me the thumbs up and then followed behind.

Once in the bedroom Tammy told me to strip and sit on the bed, Kev stripped as well so it felt slightly easier, but I still felt as though I was being set up for something , having sat on the edge of the bed Tammy dropped to her knees in front of me and took my now erect cock in her hand and said how I was much bigger then she expected me to be, she kissed the tip and licked the end before wrapping her lips round my cock and deep throating me for ages, as she did this Kev was wanking his cock as he watched his wife giving me a blow job. Kev then knelt behind Tammy ripped off her panties and entered her pussy from behind and started to give Tammy a good fucking. She was moaning and her sucking got faster and she wrapped her hand round my shaft and wanked me in time with her sucking I was getting close to coming and she knew that and just gave me a little wink as I finally emptied my balls down her throat as Kev emptied his load up her pussy, Kev pulled out and sprayed the rest of his load over her arse as Tammy sucked me dry.

I was now quite confident and not so nervous and pulled Tammy to her feet pulled off her dress leaving her in just her stockings and heels as she wore no bra, I could not help grabbing a handful of her gorgeous breasts and giving her a big kiss, I then got her to kneel on the bed and slipped my still erect cock straight into her wet pussy as Kev positioned himself in front of Tammy and pulled her head down onto his cock to get a blowjob, Tammy was happy to do anything we wanted and I was soon banging away with my balls slapping on her arse as I increased speed, I also inserted first one finger then two into her very wet anus hole and got no objections from Tammy or Kev who was still being blown by Tammy,I thought I would try my luck and arse fuck Tammy, Kev saw what I was doing and gave me a smile, I positioned my cock at the entrance to her hole and gently pushed and still had no objections as I entered her inch by inch and when I was fully in I picked up the speed and gave her arse a good hard fucking Tammy was moaning and really enjoying it. Kev now pulled out and wanked himself and finally came all over Tammy's face as I came inside Tammy's anus and collapsed totally worn out and slipped out of her arse. Tammy still covered in Kev's come then sucked on my cock again licking off my last few drops.

I got up and went to leave and was told to stay as we had to do this all over again after we had showered. I showered first as I thought Kev and Tammy might want to discuss the events, I slipped on my Shirt and boxers and sat on the sofa, Tammy was first to join me in just a black see through shift that showed off her gorgeous body, she said that Kev was OK with everything and that he would not be down for about an hour and then kissed me I responded and could not fondling her breasts again and freeing them from her shift, I soon had my lips round her nipples which were very big and very dark she slipped her hand into my boxers and wanked my cock back to a full erection her tits were wonderful and very sensitive and she was soon moaning again with pleasure and even had an orgasm with me just sucking and biting her tits. Having orgasmed she wanted to suck my cock again and although I had already come twice under her spell and technique I came into her mouth again in no time at all. We then sorted out our clothing and within about 20 minutes were joined by Kev.

I stayed overnight in the spare room and heard Kev and Tammy having sex in there room before falling asleep. In the morning there were no awkward moments and there has not been since and there have been no repeats. Kev is having a Threesome for his birthday and is still looking for the right lady.


Copyright Dave Clarke October 2008

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