Cinema Fun
By Surrey gent
(MF, Exhib, oral)

It was another dull day and I had some time to kill. I was in Peterborough for a few meetings and one had been cancelled, freeing up my early afternoon. The weather was lousy and I just didn't fancy a walk around the shops. I saw the cinema and noticed that there were a couple of films that I hadn't seen and thought I'd give one a watch.

I was standing at the counter ordering my popcorn when my attention was drawn to a beautiful woman at the Ice Cream counter. She was blonde and petite but she had a good figure and magnificent breasts were struggling to stay in a low cut top. She had a short-ish denim skirt on with nice heeled shoes. All of the young boys working in the Cinema were staring at her and why not, she looked very hot. She paid for her Ice Cream and blew a little kiss to the young spotty lad who served her. This was probably the best thing that had happened to him in years and she knew it.

She playfully dug her spoon in and out of the tub and whilst looking down. Her hair was up and her sumptuous neck was on full view. At that moment, I wished my lips were gently kissing the back of that neck. I was awoken from my fantasy when she looked up slyly and smiled at me. She moved off towards the screens and I prayed that I was in the same film. She walked into the ladies room and I realised that this was probably just a deluded fantasy. My bottle had gone. Like most men, I went to my screen and took up my seat near the back. There were 3 other people in the screen and they were near the front.

As I got comfortable, I saw a light at the bottom, made by somebody coming in. It was her! She surveyed the near empty scene and chose her seat. As she got closer, I was torn between lust and being a gentleman. I wanted to jump up and motion her over to me but just didn't have the courage. She stopped at the end of the row in front and looked over, just as the lights started to go down. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see her walking along the row and she stopped straight in front of me.

She sat down and paid me no heed at all. I was fixated by her neck and was paying no attention to the trailers on the screen. I could see that she was eating her Ice Cream, god, I'd never wanted to be a spoon so much in my life. Sliding in and out of her mouth and rubbing against those beautiful red lips. I noticed a slight shudder in her neck at almost regular intervals and some goose pimples had appeared. Under the ruse of dropping something on the floor, I lent forward to take a closer look. She was scooping out small amounts of Ice Cream and holding the spoon over her breasts. The shuddering was caused by the cold feeling on her skin when the Ice Cream landed. At this distance, I also noticed a small moan when the cold sensation hit her system.

A sudden moment of light on the screen also showed me that her nipples were hard and showed no signs of being held in by the flimsy top. As I tried to get closer, I became aware that the hardness held within my trousers was restricting my movements. This was quite a hard on. I had had a few in my life but this woman was taking it to a new level of achievement. She moaned again as the next amount of Ice Cream landed on her breasts. "Would you like some of my Ice Cream?" My concentration was broken by her words. I was stunned into silence but knew that I had to make a move. I left my seat and made my way down to the next row. Her eyes never left the screen.

I sat next to her and looked at the trails of Ice Cream on her heaving bosoms. She scooped up some more Ice Cream and dripped it onto her flesh. I was now building up my confidence and leaned towards her. I stroked her nipples through her top and lowered my mouth towards the slowly moving Ice Cream. I led with my tongue and placed it ahead of the Ice Creams path. I slowly moved it upwards and met the Ice Cream head on. I used my tongue to move it around her impressive breasts. As I went along I slowly mopped up all of the residual Ice Cream. I then removed her breasts from her top and started playing with her nipples. She moaned softly as I gently worked them around in my mouth, one at a time of course. I rose up slightly so that I could have access to her legs. They were smooth and very well maintained. I moved my finger tips along them and she shuddered under the feeling.

She opened her legs a little more to allow me in further and I didn't want to turn down an invitation. I moved my fingers upwards and raised my eyes to look at hers. She had beautiful deep eyes but I couldn't make out the colour. She was biting her bottom lip as my fingers got closer. Her thong was there, stopping me from reaching my goal. I took the initiative held her soft thighs up and opened them as wide as I could. I moved her thong out of the way and started using my thumb to rub her clit. She was completely shaved and felt very smooth. She was very wet and was clearly enjoying what I was doing to her. I kept my eyes on hers and watched for every reaction as I pushed and probed. Her shoulders shot forward as two fingers entered into her moist opening.

I worked them slowly in and out and her head went back. The film had now entered a day time scene and we were in full view of anyone who might be looking. That only spurred me on more. I am completely risk averse but this was too good to stop now. I withdrew my fingers and placed my head in between her legs. She started to moan more loudly as my tongue playfully rubbed against her clit. The time between moans was decreasing and they were becoming louder. I buried my face in deeper and pushed my tongue as far as it would go. This action was met with a shrill screech and I knew that time was short. I burrowed deeper and went for broke.

She was unable to maintain her control and pushed my head down as she reached an incredible orgasm. I could feel her juices running into my mouth as each wave of the orgasm hit. She was struggling to maintain control of her noise level and I expected to be accosted at any moment. After what seemed like hours rather than minutes, she released her grip and the orgasm subsided. I moved away and turned. I could see the other heads were looking at us. What a sight it must have been. A beautiful woman with legs akimbo breathing heavily from an earth shattering orgasm, and some bloke on his knees with juices all over his chin.

One figure made their way towards the doors. It wouldn't be long now before we were evicted. She moved her legs slowly down and recovered her composure. She smiled at me and lent forward. "That was incredible" she said. "Thank you, although I think we've only got a few minutes before we're thrown out". She laughed and dropped to her knees. With a very swift movement, she undid my trousers and released the colossal mound that was hiding below. She ran her hand up and down it and then lowered her head. I could feel the incredible sensation as her warm breath blew onto my exposed cock. That with the moisture of her saliva and the rush caused by the time we had left sent me into overdrive. I was moaning loudly myself now and then saw the light at the bottom of the auditorium as the door was opened. Someone was coming, as well as me. I watched as the person pointed up towards us and then I came. More than I had ever come before. I could hear her gagging as each spurt filled her mouth. I was helpless now, as the power of my orgasm had overwhelmed me. I could see someone getting closer and a torch light was now working its way towards us. As quickly as she had released me, she now put the tiger back in the cage and as the concierge reached us, she shot up from the floor. "Found it! I can't believe that I nearly lost my mobile phone". She got back in her seat and held my hand, whilst the concierge lectured us about appropriate behaviour. We both nodded and he went away to the bottom of the screen to keep his beady eye on us.

"So?", I said, "Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?"


Copyright 2008 Surrey gent

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