Clock Watch
By Natasha
(MF, job, oral)

“Good morning, Railtrack 125 House, How may I help you?” I answered the phone. Using my sweetest telephone voice.

Just then, the guy from the control room, Steve I “think” his name was, came into reception for yet another coffee.

They had their own facilities, but I guessed that the coffee machine in reception made better coffee as it was intended for visitors.

He gave me his usual cheeky wink, and closed the door as he went back to work.

“Mm” I thought “very sexy”.

I was really enjoying this temp job at Railtrack, as it consisted of very little, other than looking sweet, being sweet on the telephone, and being sweet, to visitors, I could do all of those things, the only downside was that I had to work Saturdays which were very quiet, and easy, but it was summer and I could think of so many things I’d rather be doing.

Today was Friday, lots of people were leaving early, apart from the control room staff, their jobs were crucial, Friday afternoon or not.

Steve, the sexy guy that seemed fond of my coffee machine, was back again, this time he stopped to talk to me.

We exchanged, pleasantries, he was very flirtatious! He told me that some of the guys in the control room, (himself included) thought I was hot, then he disappointed me by telling me that tomorrow “Saturday” was his last day.

He asked me, if I’d wear a short skirt for his last day, and although I normally, wore a suit and didn’t do short skirts, it was, the middle of summer, and tomorrow was Saturday, so there would be no visitors to greet.

I humoured him and said, “I’ll see”

Off he went back to the control room.

I left shortly after and had to walk the entire length of his office window, some of the guys waved as I went.

The next morning, feeling brave, I wore a thigh length summer dress and trainers to work.

When I arrived, I heard whistles and felt embarrassed that I’d gone through with it.

Once at my desk, it wasn’t long before Steve arrived for his usual, and he stopped to chat.

“I didn’t think you’d come through for me” he said

“Well seeing as it’s your last day and all” I replied.

“You’ve caused quite a stir with those legs of yours” he said, and I laughed nervously.

I wasn’t overly confident about my looks, although I received a lot of male attention, I was only 19, and I had issues I guess.

It wasn’t even half an hour before he was back again, braver than ever!

I commented on the amount of coffee, he drank and winked at him.

He said that I had brightened up his last few weeks at work, and that he wished today wasn’t his last day, after all.

We exchanged a glance, one which was to change things, and this time before he left reception, he told me he’d be back in exactly an hour, I looked up at the clock, and smiled.

Almost an hour passed, and I don’t know what gave me the courage, but I went to the ladies and removed my knickers, then I sat back on my stool, moving myself away from the desk.

I grinned when the door opened exactly on time.

As he approached the desk (no coffee, this time) I looked at him with my best “fuck me” eyes and open my legs ever so slightly.

Almost immediately his eyes glanced between my legs, I was unsure as to how much he could see.

Smiling at me he said

“You are a ‘very’ naughty girl”

“Am I?” I responded.

“You know you are”

I smiled.

“Open your legs wider” he asked me, and nervously I spread my legs wide revealing my bald pussy in it’s entirety, he gasped, and I felt wild under his intent gaze.

Taking some keys from his pocket, he unlocked some offices across reception, he held the door for me, I followed him.

Once inside, the door firmly closed he dropped to his knees in front of me.

Using both hands, and beginning at my ankles, he journeyed up my solid calves, my soft but toned thighs, and over my smooth round ass. He squeezed my cheeks before his hands retraced their path, so gently, creating a static sensation.

I watched him the whole time, the look of desire on his face exciting me. I could feel that my pussy was starting to get wet, and wondered whether he could smell my arousal.

He watched his fingers as this time they glided over my shiny shins, over my knees, and curved inwards to my inner thighs. I responded by parting my legs slightly.

Rubbing a finger over my pussy lips, dipping it in when he was central, he felt my wetness, and groaned when he discovered just how wet I was, my legs weakened under his touch.

Slowly he kissed my inner thighs, breathing in my scent.

He used the tip of his tongue and tasted me.

“Mm” he said,

“You taste, delicious”.

Then his mouth, was on my pussy, sucking my clit hard, his tongue darting into me, hungrily he guzzled.

“Holy fuck” I cried out, as my hands found his head and held him firmly in place.

I wouldn’t allow him to stop now, I could feel the familiar twitching inside of me, and began to cum hard into his mouth, my juices soaking him.

By now I was moving his head, helping him to extend my pleasure. His face, nose, and mouth, covered in my juices.

When I could take no more, he smiled up at me, and I steadied myself using his shoulders.

He rose to his feet, and said, “Meet me back here in exactly an hour” I could say nothing I just looked around for a clock to see what time it was.

He wanted, to meet me for the rest of the day, every hour.

I went straight to the ladies via reception, to sort my wetness out.

I was flushed pink and I gave myself my sexiest look in the mirror and went back to my desk.

I had plenty to occupy my mind, and before I knew it, he was back.

I followed him once again, checking first, that nobody was watching us.

When inside I reversed the roles, and dropped to my knees. I unbelted his trouser and let them fall to the floor.

I released his massive cock, and looking up at him with hungry eyes, took it deep into my mouth.

It was huge, and my mouth ached.

I tried hard not to catch him with my teeth, but my mouth wouldn’t open any wider.

He was hot and sticky, I kneaded his balls, enjoying their texture, and then my fingers found his ass.

It was tight and dry, so I moistened my finger, on my pussy juices, and returned my attention to his ass.

I wanted to finger his ass so badly, I wanted to violate him and I wanted him to enjoy it. At first, I was gentle, resisting my urges, but as his tightness gripped my finger. I was overwhelmed by it. His hands grabbed my hair, and he began fucking my mouth.

Sucking him harder, groaning around his cock, my finger pushed deeper. He started to cum, his muscles relaxed, and I finger fucked him, till he finished spurting into my hungry mouth.

We held each other for a few minutes, only one word spoken. “Wow”….

We checked the clock before we headed back to work.

An hour later, I was so turned on by the morning’s events so far, that I desperately needed to be fucked.

Steve had left the office unlocked, and I went inside and positioned myself over the desk in doggy style position.

He didn’t need telling, when he arrived.

He pulled his trousers down, and rammed his already hard cock into my desperate pussy.

I begged him “Fuck me hard” and he did.

He fucked me fast, and furious, pulling my dress right up over my head, and clawed at my back as he thrust into me, each time so hard that I felt my spine threaten to give way.

As I felt myself getting close, I cried out to him, not to stop, to never stop.

With that we both came simultaneously, and collapsed on the desk.

We continued to meet every hour until the day was over.

Each time fucking in a different position, with variations on theme.

Our last meeting was a little sad. He said it was the best working day of his life so far, and that he expected a white horse to arrive and carry me off.

We shared our first and last kiss, and said goodbye.

© Copyright Natasha

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