Archive 3    
Special Night (MF oral rom) The first night with her new lover
On The Beach (MF nc oral) She meets a new play mate
Just A Plain Fucking Story (MF oral) We were only friends....
Just Another Plain Fucking Story (MF oral rim anal) The next morning..
The Little Shop Of Whores (MFF oral) He tries his friends hairdressers
Exercise Affair (MF exhib oral) A exercise video proves to be fun
Sheryl and Elise (FF) Elise stays over after Sheryl's party
Amy - Fantasy Fuck (MF oral) James has a thing about Amy
Sorority Pledge (FF spank oral) Pledge indoctrination in the Sorority House
The Professor (MF coll oral) He takes his profession as an educator seriously
A Walk In The Park (MF oral) On a walk he meets a woman in need..
The Girl's Locker Room (Fsolo toys F+ nc oral) Being a phys-ed instructor is a demanding job
Homework - Part I (MF virg nosex) Jacob helps Anne with her project
Homework - Part II (MF virg oral) More work on their project..
Shower (MF oral) Interrupted in the shower
Morning (MF oral anal) Waking up to thoughts of last night
Tracey (MF oral anal) Two colleagues have fun after work
Library (Fsolo exhib voy Msolo oral) Work at the Library leads to a fun encounter
A Spot Of Tea (MF oral) "this dinner and a movie thing seems to have a lot going for it"
Coming Upon Celeste (Fsolo exhib MF oral) Danny slips into her bedroom
Rendezvous (MF rom oral anal) Danny has a visitor
The Horse You rode In on (MF oral anal) Different perspectives...
Occasionally Three is *Not* a Crowd (MF oral MFF FF) Trevor, Alison & Monique...
Wet Dreams (MF job cheat oral) A Wet Dream Cums True
Mystery Woman (MFF bd oral swing) Who is she, and what is happening to him?
Butt Experience (MF anal) He satisfies her darkest desires..
Canadian Delight (MF oral) She keeps him warm in the cool North.
Under The Table (MF FF oral) Eating out with a difference



Last Update 1st January 2006