Lucky Thirteen
By Photurinae
(M+F, oral, anal)

I've always fantasised about stripping off for other men, turning them on and watching them masturbate at the sight of my body, of being fucked while a queue of men wait for their chance. I've talked about this with friends, but I never expected my fantasy to come true.

My friend Shona is getting married soon, and last weekend was her fiancé David's stag party. I was sat at home on the Saturday night, watching TV when the phone rang. It was Dave. The stripper for his party hadn't shown, and would I be interested in standing in? He said I only had to do the stripping part - it was a great chance to fulfil my stripping fantasy. I was getting quite warmed up to the idea. "Doesn't the guy getting married always get something special?" I asked. "Can't I just suck your cock?" Dave laughed, and said he was sure I knew how to behave myself.

I slipped into a classy black dress. The slit up the side was long enough to show the tops of my sheer black stockings, and I put on high patent black heels and enough makeup to add a hint of sluttiness. I drove myself over to Dave's place and rang the doorbell. He let me in and groped my ass for a second, then led the way down the hallway to the living room.

There were six guys in the room; Dave was the only one I'd met before. They went silent when I walked in. I moved slowly round the guys, getting them to sit down to watch. When they were all seated, I turned my back to them and slowly slid the dress zipper down, then worked the dress down over my curves. I was wearing a black, strapless bra with cups that just supported my breasts, leaving the nipples exposed. While the guys were taking this in, I worked the dress lower showing my lacy black suspender belt. As the dress slipped to the floor they could see that I was wearing black lacy knickers to match the rest of my underwear. Two of the guys were rubbing themselves through their trousers and it was incredibly exciting to know that they were hard for me. I turned my back to them again and slid my knickers to the floor, legs slightly apart and bent double with my ass held high so they could see my folds, then turned back to face them. I shivered with excitement as they admired the neatly trimmed patch of dark hair between my legs.

I walked over to Dave and whispered in his ear that I was feeling incredibly hot and could I suck his cock? He didn't need asking twice and started to undo his jeans, helped by my nimble fingers. His cock was already quite hard and I leant forward and took it in my mouth, moistening the whole length until it slid easily between my lips. I glanced around the room and all the other guys were taking their trousers off too. I moved back to Dave's cock, licking down the shaft and then his balls, then back up the shaft, gripping its base with one hand. My other hand was between my legs. As I was kneeling in front of Dave everyone was able to see me stroking myself and sliding my fingers into my sopping hole. I could taste Dave's precum in my mouth and looked up to tell him I knew he was close, then shoved him back in. Dave asked me to slow down but I didn't listen and it wasn't long before grabbed my head, then he arched his back and started fucking my mouth. I gagged a little as he pushed in an out, but it wasn't long before he filled my mouth with his cum.

I swallowed most of it but some dripped out of my mouth. I stood up and moved to the next guy on the couch, and kissed him, knowing that he could taste Dave's cum in my mouth was such a turn-on. He caressed my erect nipples and I moved his hand down to my crotch, knowing that the other five guys would be wanting to touch me too. He kept kissing me; lightly stroking my pussy with his fingers, then moved down to his knees and placed his face between my legs. He licked and sucked at my pussy while keeping two fingers slipping in and out until my muscles tightened and my body bucked with an orgasm. I glanced around the room and everyone had an erection, even Dave was already hard again.

The guy who had gone down on me kissed me deeply again, his hand still caressing my inner thighs. Then he knelt in front of me and I pulled my legs back, knees a little higher. He laid a hand on my belly, then eased forwards and slipped into my wet pussy, slowly working his cock in to the hilt. I moaned with pleasure, and pulled the nearest guy close to me. While one guy was fucking me, the other was kissing me and playing with my tits, watching the view between my thighs as a hard cock pumped in and out of me. The guy fucking me pulled me towards him slightly so my ass was just off the couch then pushed my legs back further so he could get into me as deeply as possible. He started to fuck me harder and faster, slapping against my thighs and ass. I was moaning too much for the other guy to keep kissing me, so he kissed my ears, neck and nipples. It wasn't long before I was sharing an orgasm with the guy fucking me as he filled me with his cum.

The guy who had been kissing me asked if I wanted to keep going and I said that he'd earned his turn, he should fuck me like a complete slut. He knelt between my legs and I reached forwards to guide his cock into my cum filled pussy. Another guy came to hold me, kiss me and play with my tits whilst another cock was fucking me. I knew that having had two orgasms I could continue for some time. After just a few strokes of the cock inside me I came again, this time it was louder and longer. The feeling of my walls tightening around him meant that he squirted his load pretty quickly, but the next guy was ready to take his place straightaway, and I started to lose count of how many times I was coming. When that guy had finished the next one took his place between my legs and fucked me really hard, as hard as anyone ever has, while one guy sucked on my nipples and another rubbed on my clit, bringing me to a shuddering climax as I eagerly felt the fifth lot of cum explode into my pussy.

Once the other five had taken their turn, the only one who hadn't fucked me was Dave, and he said it was his turn. He kissed me, first on the mouth and then on my tits, lingering over my nipples before slowly kissing his way down my tummy. He inhaled the scent of my cum filled pussy then knelt between my legs and looked at me. I could feel that the insides of my thighs were smeared with cum where it was slowly dripping out of me, and my pubic hair was matted with it. He kissed my thighs and nudged closer to my pussy, then rubbed his face through my sticky pubic hair. He told me that watching me be fucked and knowing that I was full of cum increased his desire for me. He kissed my pussy lips and then put his tongue inside me, then sucked on my clit and flicked it with his tongue, then slid two fingers from one hand into my pussy and a finger from the other into my ass. I moaned and rocked with another orgasm, and then Dave told me that he had to come.

I was still perched on the edge of the sofa and in perfect position to receive his cock. He put his cock in me slowly and I could feel the cum inside me being pushed out and dripping down my buttocks as he thrust into me. I wrapped my legs around him and he plunged in faster and deeper with each stroke. He leant down to kiss me, and said he was close to coming. I told him to hold on as long as he could, I was nearly coming myself. I concentrated on my next orgasm, when it came Dave thrust deep into me and sprayed my insides with his cum.

I looked around the room and two of the guys were already hard again. One of them moved forward to take Dave's place but I told him to lie down on the floor instead. I put my fingers into my sopping pussy and smeared cum over my ass, then positioned myself over his cock, my back to him. I slowly slid down onto him, impaling my ass on his cock, moaning as it went in. I paused when I was sitting fully on him, his cock buried inside me, breathing hard. Then I started to slowly and carefully move up and down, grunting with each thrust. After a little while I was more relaxed, and leaned back. I looked at the other guy who was hard and told him to climb on. He asked what I meant and I told him I wanted my pussy filled as well. I'd only done this once before and it was fantastic so I really wanted to try it again. He moved between my legs and positioned himself, then slowly slid into my pussy. I gasped, loving the feeling of having both holes full of cock, and let out a long low moan. The guys were a little awkward at first but soon got a good rhythm going. I was moaning and getting close and the guy in my ass said that he was ready, so I told him to cum in my ass. He let go almost straight away and came hard into me, pumping my ass full of cum, making me tighten around him as I had another shattering orgasm. The guy in my pussy let out a gasp and then he started coming also. My body spasmed violently as I came again.

The guy in my pussy pulled out and I climbed off the guy on the floor. I asked if there were any more takers and was offered three hard cocks. My ass was a little tender from the pounding it had just taken but I wanted to please them all, and here was a chance to try something I'd fantasised about - I told them I wanted two in my pussy and one in my mouth. One of the guys immediately lay down and I climbed onto his cock. He was the biggest of them, and I was already feeling full with just him inside me, but I was well lubricated from my juices and all of the man cum inside me. I closed my eyes as I buried him completely inside me, and then slowly rocked my hips back and forth while he played with my tits.

Another guy moved behind me and pushed my head down so that my ass came up, so I kissed the guy beneath me. Then I felt the tip of a second cock push against my pussy. I was so wet that the head went in easily. I gasped as he slid in and felt an enormous orgasm building inside me as he pushed his cock into me, stretching me. I could hardly move, but the two guys did the thrusting for me, and I reached out for the third cock and took it into my mouth, my tongue flicking the tip and then swirling around it.

The feeling of two cocks pumping into me soon tipped me over the edge into a massive orgasm that had me screaming. I was coming for what what felt like ages until one of the guys in my pussy came, followed by the other one not far behind. I came again feeling the warmth of two men filling my pussy with hot cum at the same time.

The guy at my face still hadn't come yet, I got off the other two guys and knelt on all fours and told him to take whatever hole he wanted. He didn't need a second offer, he knelt behind me and pressed against my ass, he slid in easily I was so relaxed and wet with cum, and before long he was coming into me.

I was feeling done for by now but Dave was hard again and said he wanted to have all three holes as his special wedding gift, so I stayed where I was while he fucked my ass. His hand reached for my pussy and he played with my clit while he thrust into me, and soon we were both coming again. Even though he'd already come twice for me, he still shot a huge load into my ass as I tightened around him and milked every last drop I could from him.

I'd finally satisfied them all. I'd taken one load in my mouth, three up my ass and nine in my pussy - two of them at the same time. I looked at the clock - it was nearly two and a half hours since I'd arrived. I was dripping cum from my pussy and my ass was full of it too. I gathered my clothes and gave each of the guys a kiss before getting dressed, then made my way home to bed. Thirteen loads of cum was sure lucky for me!


© Copyright Photurinae December 2008

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