Missing U
By SandieQ
(Fsolo, toy, rom)

Day 1


You're going away again but you leave me a parting gift, not to be opened til I really miss you. It's not even one night before I do and I eagerly rip the wrapping away.

Surprise. It's a... oh my... *blush* ...a vibrator. Not lil nor discrete but a full blown, bigger and harder than you'll ever be, pink dildo of a model.


There's a note. Precious sweet one, it scrawls in your handwriting, this isn't to replace me and I hope it never will. But I don't want you to miss out, and want you only to use it if you feel the need. Don't think of me when you do, just think of yourself. Pleasure yourself like you've never been pleasured before. Play... explore... thrill... and then we can share your experience when I get back.

I'm blushing. It's sweet and evoking, but slightly strange there's a newcomer in our bed.

Bedtime. I put on a short soft nighty and slip under the sheets, the vibe on the pillow. I look at it. God it's big. And does it never lose that pink rubbery hardness? No. I smile... what a hot thought. Long, long minutes, mebbe even hours? Wooo... I think I'm blushing.

I fumble with the dial base and it throbs into life with a low growl. Oh my, it's so noisy! It's past midnight and it sounds almost like a plane coming into land. I stuff it under the sheets, between my legs, and a muffled buzz, like a trapped angry bee, still tears the awkward silence. I turn it off.

I lay back but still keep the bed light on, as if scared to be in the dark with this mechanical intruder. I find the dial and it growls again. A slight twist and it buzzes into a soprano, tingles and vibrates in my palm, sounding like a Ladyshave on tabs.

I tease it over the nervous lips tween my thighs and gasp at its power. It's not exactly erotic... I feel like I'm being made love to... no not even that, shagged... by a chainsaw. The high-pitched buzzing and tingling jars thru my lower tum. As I fumble to turn it off it goes into low, and the deeper softer throbbing... well, it's actually nice. Reminds me of long motorbike rides I had with a boyfriend on hot summer days a few years back. This I could like...

Just think of yourself...

The sun and the bike melt away in my mind. I slide the long thick pink thing a bit deeper. My tum and thighs throb and jiggle as it penetrates under my guidance. I realise I have total control, can move it up and down, side to side, round and round... movements impossible for you. And suddenly I'm empowered with something amazing. Like a gear stick I slide it into different positions. Pull the base up and the end inside dips down, slowly push it down and... god! G spot! OH MY G.... All a sudden I'm open-eyed, open-mouthed, gasping for air, drowning in a sea of oh-my-fucking-god-wow pain pleasure and my thighs clench shut, trapping Mr. Buzz-saw until after long seconds of not-knowing-what I jump up on my knees and grab at the base, plucking it damply away.

Fuck! Fuckfuckfuck... was that good or was it bad? Does he know what's he's unleashed? Damn, gasping to get my breath back, I stare at the damp glistening pink thing. If I didn't know better, I think the end tip was smirking...

Where do I go from here?



Day 2


Another day, another night. I get in from work weary and missing you more. You sent me a naughty text asking if I'd missed you and what I did to get through it. Another with more suggestive ideas for what you'd do to me when you get back. Then another that leaves no imagination. There's a growing tingle in my panties that needs attention. An itch that desperately needs scratching.

I slip out of my smart jacket and skirt, take off the neat blouse, and flop on my bed in stockings and full slip. On your pillow still, defiant impostor, is the vibe. Looking at me. I need to scratch, and I feel only it is long enough to reach. Should I? It was your gift, but now I'm giving. Back under the sheets, still in my undies, I lay back and spread my thighs with feet pressed sole to sole. Turn the vibe on low and tease myself through the thin sheer panties. It shivers through the nylon. Meh.

I slip them off and let the cold rubbery vibrating tip run up and down between my thighs. Push it in slightly, let the juddery head coax its way. I explore how I can angle it again, new sensations buzzing through my tum.

I allow myself to squeeze on it, and gasp at how hard, how amazingly satisfyingly stiff and thick it is, as my soft wet grip takes me to a sudden breathless, wondrous new level of arousal.

I grab the other pillow and lay its gentle weight on my tum, the end under my feet, pressing the vibe in me. I hump my thighs up into it, and it rocks sensually into me. Suddenly my aching needy twat is hands free, and I run them erotically up and down my body while having this weird battery-powered pillow fuck. They end up on my nips, and I play with their pert tingling sensitivity, sending back-arching shivers through my skin. I love the weight of your hips pushing forcefully down on me but the light press of cotton on my mound and thighs is erotic in ways you can't compare.

I grind lazily around the buzzing shaft for long minutes, its vibrations spreading up my body and down my legs. Need a change... find the base with my fingertips and turn it up hi... clench it again with slippery hotness. Writhing and smiling I find myself gripping the vibe and pounding it with violent abandon, driving by naked wild lust. The once cold toy now seems shockingly alive, powerful, eternally hard and ever-ready. I hold it, push it, thrust it with both hands until I'm raw inside with growing tenseness.

I push down and in, pulling it up, and my g spot explodes with a lip gnawing, scream sighing splash of flashing colours that blind me. Muttering obscene things, ramming the vibe deeper and stronger, I'm filled with my deepest, darkest, dirtiest desires. I want, need to bring my knees up and thighs together but leave the throbbing shaft in me to hold them apart, until my spasms subside, leaving me exhausted and dizzily mindlessly satisfied.



Day 3

I've gone from unwilling vibe user to wildly driven by your absent urges and erotic messages. Gone to using it from cold indifference, to a hotly quivering insensibility of needing to be filled by you, full of your seed, fulfilled.

My hands and knees are trembling as I lay back on the sofa, thinking of your words, fantasising you're there. Usually when I turn the hard dial of the vibe and place it on the soft juicy (as I luv you to call it) peach of my sex, there's an 'oooh!' of slight surprise but now there's a teeth-gritting gasp of satisfaction, desire, need...

It can never replace you but now it does a reasonable job of letting me dream it's you inside me, throbbing, long, hard, thick. Slickly wet with growing, groaning anticipation. I can imagine you slowly penetrating, lingering deliberate thrusts that give me plunging pleasure, as I softly squeeze around you, sensations soaring for both.

I don't even have to move the vibe, it's so rigidly powerful I just leave it buzzing there, and ripple myself round it. Leaving my hands free to press the low soft curve of my tum onto it, brushing up my shaking body. I swing the straps of my nighty down my bare shoulders and let my breasts fall free, cupping them and caressing them, my fingers and touch becoming yours.

Deep shuddering quick breaths part my lips as I feel my thighs, knees, tum trembling, prelude to orgasm. Tears of bliss slowly trickle down the side of my up-turned face. Gasping quickly, panting, I hold the vibe base and stir it round one last time. A short sighing scream, fading to soft moans. I feel I'm grasping the solid shivering shaft with every muscle I have, touching each nerve, electrifying... deeply, wildly, soul-searingly satisfying.

Switch it off. Lay there breathless like a fish without water, quaking dizzily in mindless, unknowing but fulfilled contentment. Senses return with a cosy lazy smile, feeling like I've been massaged all over, outside and in.




Day 4

I've missed you so soooo much and hope you've missed me. But time heals and I feel ready for intimacy again... needing the thought of you, the tender - and sometimes not so gentle - togetherness we share.

Tween my thighs is a pent-up wildness, a fortnight barely-tamed passion needing to be unleashed. I want, need, something new but fall back on the familiar and comforting mixed with the new. I get the wild idea of stacking some cushions on the sofa, blanket on top, and plan to sit on my vibe... letting it drive up deep, imagining I'm straddling your lap, embracing and kissing you wildly as your huge hot wondrously stiff and sticky cock impales me, pounds me, excites me.

I turn the vibe on, a noisy buzzing penetrating the early Sunday still, and settle on it with slow, gasping deliberateness, letting it shiver and shake my sex into quivering tingles that quake through my tum and ripple out inside me.

I'm kneeling into the back of the sofa, and the vibrating naughtiness revives my dormant drives, a reassuring wildness and heat returning as I fantasise you grinning up at me as your hips separate my thighs... your gentle strength injecting me with vitality and passion.

Your vibrating cock double is now fully inside, its base muffled in the blanket covered cushions to a low hum from my tum. I bounce slowly on it but it is stuffed so penetratingly high, so deeply driven up, it only moves a lil so I clench with all my soul on the shivering shaft... a powerful deliberate rhythm. My fave filthy fantasy takes over and as I push on the cushions so they move out I imagine you behind me, dogging me, my arms crossed on the back of the sofa so my hands cup the blossom of my breasts, caress my over-sensitive nips as you do... rubbing gentle but strong fingers round them, over them, pinching them.

Teeth clenched, eyes closed, head tossed back, my rhythm rocks against the ever-erect vibe and my thighs twitch and clench, squeezing down but spreading gainst the flattening cushions as my insides ripple and quiver. My hands palm into my breast, as my imaginary 'you' grasps and massages them with passionate wildness... god why aren't you here? My tum hums and drums while my needy driven insides squelchily suck and squeeze on the shivering stiffness that nearly tears me apart. My bounces reach a feverish pitch, the sofa must be creaking as noisily as the unsheathed vibe but I'm deaf to it, hearing only you muttering dirtily suggestive reassurances in my ear, and my choked gasps and cries I try not to utter but do...

Suddenly there's a release, a powerful physicalness as the whole of my trembling wet vagina seems to match the vibe's terrifying tingles, shiveringly rippling in explosive shudders of pleasure. I'm sure I'm crying out lip-bitten gasps and moans but aroused insanity blinds me in colour, deafens me in sensual silence, my mind goes off the scale of ecstasy into a tidal wave of bliss, a flower opening in bloom of desire, satisfied in moments of fulfilled rapture... sated with a untamed breathless orgasm while wishing of you.


Copyright SandieQ June 2009

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