Best Friend
By Sarah Anderson
(FF, oral)

Lucy was applying the rest of the fake tan to her legs while Rachel was applying her make up in front of her. She couldn't help noticing how amazing her ass look in those black shorts, the black heels lengthening her legs, the way she could just see her cheeks popping out the shorts looking touchable. "Do i look hot" came the soft voice, Lucy managed to say "great" before looking away. She could feel her pussy get wet, she never felt like this about Rachel before but there was something about her tonight, something about those long legs on show, those black shorts teamed with a white vest top, her tits large and firm stretching the top, her black hair flowing down her back....... stop, she had to stop those thoughts.

They left Lucy's flat and headed for the nightclub, while there they danced into the small hours of the morning, Rachel's body grinding up against Lucy, her nipples hard against her back, that ass rubbing against her. All the time Lucy felt a mixture of guilt for thinking thoughts of her close friend but her pussy was begging to be touched, to be lick, to have Rachel's fingers fuck her. She wanted to be biting on those hard nipples. "You look tired Lucy, shall we head home?" Lucy nodded her head and they left the club, arms linked, giggling away as they walked the 10minute walk back to Lucy's flat.

Lucy put the key in the door and quickly pushed the door open, they both feel through the door and onto the sofa. Lucy put her hand on Rachel's thighs and noticed her large breasts moving up and down with every breath she took. Rachel noticed her looking and without saying a word she leaned over moved Lucy's dark hair from her face and kissed her pink soft lips. That soft kiss made Lucy's nipples harder than ever, her clit pulsed, she pulled Rachel on top of her and there tongues teased each other.

Lucy ran her fingers up the back on Rachel's thighs and dug her nails into those tight arse cheeks and Rachel let out a little moan. She pulled her lips away from Lucy's and gave her a very cheeky little smile before slowly lifting the her top off over her head. Rachel placed the softest of kisses all over Lucy's breasts before licking her nipples while slowly taking off her skirt and knickers."Lick my clit now" Lucy whispered as her pussy dripped begging to be licked. Rachel was happy to do what she was told and moved down to her throbbing clit, her pink lips wet, ready to fucked. She teased Lucy's clit by gently flicking and then ran her tongue from her clit all the back round her ass hole, back over those pink juicy lips and back to suck hard on her clit. As she sucked harder and faster she slid two fingers deep into her wet pussy, Lucy's back arched slightly as she reached her orgasm, cumming hard, her legs shaking. She could feel her clit pulsing away as Rachel held it gently between her teeth, her eyes meeting Lucy before slowly letting go and gently removing her fingers, "my turn now babe" followed by that cheeky smile Lucy loved seeing.

Rachel stood up from where she was kneeling, Lucy started to finger herself as she watched Rachel strip her clothes, as she pulled her pants down Lucy removed her fingers from her wet pussy and pulled Rachel close to her, spread her legs and buried her head into her pussy. Lucy stuck her tongue deep into Rachel's pussy and heard her moan as she came. Rachel pulled hard on her nipples, her head titled back, her hair flowing down her back, as Lucy sucked hard on her clit, not stopping, loving the taste, the movements, loving having Rachel grind her pussy into her face, her juice over her lips, in her mouth, dripping on her chin. She sucks harder and harder and sticksher fingers deep intothe pinkpussy, Rachel comes as she screams out. They both stop for a moment and catch there breath........."i never knew you could suck pussy like that Lucy," "neither did I Rach." Rachel pulled Lucy up of the sofa, took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, there high heels clicking laminate flooring, the bedroom door closes shut followed by giggles and moans.


Copyright Sarah Anderson August 2009

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